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Auxor Aug 23 2014, 12:12pm says:

So who are you going to play first guys? I'm going to play as the Seleukid Empire on very hard to see if its any different than EB1.

+2 votes   mod: Europa Barbarorum 2
Auxor Sep 9 2012, 11:52am says:

I've been looking forward to this for a VERY long time. If the Halo map editor wasn't so unfriendly I would definitely have got into it a long time ago (I map for Source instead) so its nice to see that some people are actually trying to do good with it.

+2 votes   article: 7 days and counting
Auxor Aug 30 2012, 6:45am says:

Uh... while I loved this mod, i'm curious to know why its suddenly become so popular on Moddb again.

+3 votes   mod: Hidden Source
Auxor Jul 30 2012, 6:23pm says:

This is the greatest video of all time.

+1 vote   article: A video update from the Narrator
Auxor Jul 30 2012, 6:18pm says:

So god damn awesome. What weapon has that Elite got near the end of the video?

+1 vote   article: Tonight is the Night
Auxor Jul 29 2012, 6:12am says:

Absolutely amazing. I've been looking forward to this for years. Your mod is on par with greats like MINERVA, Research and Development and Precursor. Can't wait to play through the full thing.

+8 votes   article: Mission Improbable released!
Auxor Jul 22 2012, 12:24pm says:

VERY nice music. Maybe a bit too Matrix-y though.

+1 vote   mod: Portal 2: Easyway
Auxor Jul 17 2012, 7:57pm says:

Looks great.

+3 votes   mod: Half-Life 2: Breen's Brainswash
Auxor Jul 13 2012, 3:54am says:

Could you explain what Sector Push is?

+3 votes   article: Road to Forgotten Hope 2.45: Part 3
Auxor Jul 4 2012, 1:31pm says:

Looking forward to this immeasurably.

+1 vote   article: July Update
Auxor Jul 1 2012, 9:00pm says:

In all honesty i'd prefer to play as an actual eagle.

+7 votes   article: The Eagle Has Landed
Auxor Jun 29 2012, 7:41am says:

God damn I loved that game. Some of the later levels in that game were just ridiculous when I was a kid.

+2 votes   article: Map Update #7: Baroonda
Auxor Jun 25 2012, 4:15am says:

What a foolish mistake.

+2 votes   article: HaloRTS: The Final Update.
Auxor Jun 14 2012, 3:11pm says:

Awesome. I love the Irish A.I. Sounds so... nonthreatening.

+1 vote   article: We're about to go Gold!
Auxor Jun 11 2012, 3:16pm says:

Is it possible for me to decompile one of your maps to try to convert it to Overwatch gameplay? I loved the multiplayer in this mod and the museum map seems perfect for RTS gameplay.

+1 vote   mod: Human Error
Auxor Jun 10 2012, 2:49pm says:

All this mod really needs is more custom maps, it has amazing potential but few people have exploited it by creating their own levels for it (which is easily do-able due to the fgd release)

+1 vote   mod: Overwatch
Auxor Apr 8 2012, 9:51am says:

What the.. this came out of nowhere! I thought Vietnam wasn't going to be ready for ages. Oh well, a welcome surprise nonetheless.

+2 votes   article: Project Reality: BF2 Vietnam Released!
Auxor Apr 3 2012, 1:22pm says:

Are there any pictures of the faction towns? I'd like to see the Arabian part of the campaign map.

+1 vote   article: Preview: Arabian (Part 2)
Auxor Apr 3 2012, 1:19pm says:

Sweet baby Jesus, finally another faction preview!

+1 vote   article: Preview: Arabian (Part 1)
Auxor Mar 28 2012, 3:10pm says:

If any part of this DLC is as good as the section at the end of 1187 where the Portal opens, i'm sold.

+1 vote   article: 1187 - Rogue Train : Reaching Final Destination
Auxor Mar 21 2012, 7:27pm says:

Something about the glass looks... off, to me.

+1 vote   media: Boxes N' Lasers
Auxor Aug 23 2011, 5:07am buried:


It's probably because Minecraft is a pathetically unfinished game which we spent good money on, he should spend more time actually adding gameplay depth to it instead of working on crappy games.

-15 votes   article: Prelude of the Chambered
Auxor Aug 22 2011, 1:16pm replied:

I thought the French community faction was nearing completion? What do you mean it'll never be put in the mod?

+2 votes   mod: Project Reality: Battlefield 2
Auxor Aug 21 2011, 12:21pm replied:

No mods, therefore no point.

+9 votes   article: ARMA 2 Free2Play released
Auxor Aug 18 2011, 12:48pm says:

Looks epic.

+4 votes   game: INFRA
Auxor Aug 18 2011, 12:47pm says:

Cave Johnson wasn't alive in 1910. And the test chambers have to be the underground old style.

+4 votes   mod: Portal : Advanced Logic
Auxor Aug 17 2011, 7:39am says:

Wow, this came out of nowhere. How many maps?

+2 votes   mod: Aperture Ireland
Auxor Aug 8 2011, 5:44pm says:

I take it you don't have a ruler.

+1 vote   media: Possible Mine Shaft
Auxor Aug 6 2011, 4:27am replied:


+1 vote   mod: Alive & Kicking
Auxor Aug 6 2011, 4:25am says:

God damn, I love your BTS areas, i'm trying to create some for a coop mappack i'm making. How do you get the fog to work?

+1 vote   article: More new Screenshots and decayed chambers
Auxor Jul 31 2011, 5:45am says:

The walls definitely need to be redone, they're very blocky and boring as of now, i'd try to make it in the style of the industrial factory levels with yellow/blue fog everywhere and broken up test chambers.

Otherwise, pretty cool.

+1 vote   media: Promotional screenshot 1
Auxor Jul 30 2011, 2:47pm replied:

Once you delete the clientregistry.blob file you have to reinstall Steam completely. I did it on my laptop the other week and it screwed up my login.

+1 vote   article: Temporarly on hold
Auxor Jul 8 2011, 7:24am says:

Nice, although you've gone a bit overboard with the vines, Valve made sure to never have them in a place that would disrupt the visuals of the map and the puzzles, only to complement them. Also the lighting seems a bit... off somehow.

+1 vote   media: Testchamber 4 example
Auxor Jun 30 2011, 3:01am says:

Nice, this is what I was hoping to get from City 17: Episode 1 before it became Black Mesa Source 2.0

+4 votes   article: Continuum of Decay Teaser Update
Auxor Jun 27 2011, 11:21am says:

Discouragement Fields have eyes?

+1 vote   media: It's watching you...
Auxor Jun 21 2011, 2:08am says:

Looks good, but why are you using the crappy Portal 1 textures?

+2 votes   article: Welcome to Tier 3
Auxor Jun 4 2011, 10:45am replied:

Are you a tard? It's people like you whining about karma that make people realise how useful it is for trolling. Please kindly stfu.

Cool GUI.

-1 votes   media: New menu
Auxor May 20 2011, 3:55am says:

35... new maps... and only a 0.1 added to the end? My God man..

+17 votes   article: Major Release BF 1918 3.1
Auxor May 17 2011, 2:23am replied:

North Africa. Nowhere in France looks like this I don't think. And the Italian flag couldn't make it more obvious.

+4 votes   article: Behind the Lines
Auxor May 9 2011, 4:01pm says:

I came.

-1 votes   media: First batch of concept
Auxor Mar 16 2011, 4:07am says:

Hot damn, beautiful level design.

+8 votes   article: Nearing completion & some media
Auxor Feb 2 2011, 1:00pm says:

I came.

+6 votes   article: Off Limits - closing in on beta!
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