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2 comments by AUG_DUDE on Feb 10th, 2010

okay, let's get started;D
if you want to be someone sucessfull in moddb, you'll need to follow all of this ten steps(or not) or else you will be like douches who receive only bad comments and spamming stuff

#1: don't make your account private!if you make your account private, you'll never get friends, groups and most importantly: WONT BE POPULAR

#2:(MOST IMPORTANT) Be popular! do something that's your best! Like, cristcism, images, being famous, ect

#3:don't be a douche or troll: if you are someone angry and with short patience, i suggest you leaving this place.

#3.1: don't bitch about the comments of the people.
or else you'll get bad comments, cos' many people here in moddb like to offend someone.

#4: play source games! Valve games and source games are the most popular games in moddb. SO, playing those games, and posting images and stuff on those games pages will grant big popularity and level.

#5:Make mods!(only if you want)

#6:don't make a mod like this:

#7: Don't spam! Don't try to copy Eli-wallce's SPAMERIFIC! AND don't do the VERY NICE :D comment on every image you see.

#8: Don't be like Ronjack

#9: Don't post pirate stuff like K3Yg3n$, Serials and dat xit

#10: follow all the rules of moddb!

oh yeah and i almost forgot
#11: Don't spam me :D
REGARDS. AUGdatarealms


3 comments by AUG_DUDE on Nov 8th, 2009

some wazzup video (gmod 10 FTW)


Report abuse the gmod diot box 7 from DasBoSchitt

0 comments by AUG_DUDE on Nov 8th, 2009

here is the gmod idiot box 7 from DasBoSchitt watch and enjoy
don't even think that i made this ok? this video is not mine