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♠Atroxyph Jun 18 2013, 2:02pm replied:

Well, I just finished the game with this mod pack. I tried my "artifact experiments" again, but no result. Guess it's just some kind of bug I got in the playthrough or something, because if I start a new game, I'm sure it'll work again.

Anyway, I'm not really the type to freeplay and all, since it's not much to do after I finish the storyline. Also it's just boring to travel all the way from Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant to the Bar or to the Army Warehouses. I got to Pripyat, but still...it's just not worth it. Maybe it's not such a good thing for a game not to have an ending. So I guess I'll jump to Priboi Story soon. I hope I'll manage to be a "detective" there.

But still, you made a great mod, so I'll play it again sometime, and maybe download the new version once you release it, because I don't have the guts to try a BETA. If there was a reviews tab here, I'd give a 10/10.

Keep on the great work!

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♠Atroxyph Jun 17 2013, 1:01pm replied:

Well I just got ****** again because of these transmutations since I tried to transform 2 scales and 2 titan koloboks but once I threw them into a fruit punch they didn't do anything.

Either way, I'll finish the game soon so once I do, I need an advise: should I get Priboi Story, OGSE or AMK? I'd choose Priboi Story since I heard lots of good things of it. AMK...well I just wouldn't like "false alarms". Y'know, things that actually don't happen but are posted. And OGSE..I heard it has lots of bugs.

So I'm a bit confused on choosing a mod.

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♠Atroxyph Jun 17 2013, 8:15am replied:

So I'll just delay the ending of this task until you find the fix, right? Also I've seen there are two other guys that are having this problem: they posted the same thing in the beggining of comment page #4.

Well, it's not such a big deal since now I can use the Bulldog 6 to blow up Monolith dudes to bits once I get into the Red Forest.

Also, there's one more thing I forgot to mention. I found a Fire Dummy recently and had the Bright Dummy (or whatever its name is) recipe and I decided to transform the Fire Dummy into that Bright one. So I went to the electro anomalies in that tunnel/cavern in the Freedom Base and threw the artifact in it. White flash, then I waited 5 hours. Then the message "Transmutation completed: Bright Dummy" so I went there and found it. Though, once I picked it up, a Fire Dummy appeared in my inventory, not a Bright one. I tried again: same result.

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♠Atroxyph Jun 16 2013, 3:10pm says:

Hi, boredgunner.

Sadly, I've spotted another problem, which seems to be bigger than the others. It's just that everytime I try to give the Bulldog 6 to General Voronin (the one I got from the village, not armory), I keep crashing to desktop. I tried to give it to him three times in a row and it still kept crashing. The mission-completed dialog popped up and then a short freeze then crash.

Here's the crash log, if it helps with anything:


[error]Expression : fatal error
[error]Function : CInifile::r_section
[error]File : E:\stalker\sources\trunk\xrCore\Xr_ini.cpp
[error]Line : 342
[error]Description : <no expression>
[error]Arguments : Can't open section 'wpm_akm_sk1'

stack trace:

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♠Atroxyph Jun 15 2013, 9:18am replied:

I bet it'll be released at the end of this year. Maybe at Christmas. It'd be a great reason to celebrate then.

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♠Atroxyph Jun 15 2013, 9:15am says:

Looks awesome!

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♠Atroxyph Jun 15 2013, 9:13am says:

Happy birthday!

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♠Atroxyph Jun 15 2013, 9:09am replied:

There is one more thing. I once looted some FN P90s and then went to Sidorovich to sell them. But as far as I remember, I sold them with like 25k RU, like the same price that was mentioned in my inventory. The problem is, shouldn't I be able to sell an item with like 1/10 of its true price to a trader or something?

I sold one to the barkeep also and he gave me like 5k RU for it. It's just that I find it a bit unrealistic that Sidorovich gives so much for the FN P90. Of course, I kept the money but still it should be a bug or something right?

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♠Atroxyph Jun 14 2013, 11:55am says:

Hello, boredgunner.

I've been playing STALKER with this mod and so far I spotted some issues... First off, the weapons that any NPC holds - well actually only the pistols, I believe - are like a bit higher than they should be in their hands. Another thing would be that once I switch to 3rd person and draw my AK-74, an AK-47 skin appears.

And last thing is that, like in OL 2.2, that guard at 100 Rads who welcomes everyone dies after a blowout. Probably from the radiation he got during the blowout. Because he doesn't die exactly after it's finished, he dies like after a few in-game hours. It's just that it's a bit sad, since I liked to see that guy out there, saying "hi" to everyone.

Otherwise, it's a great mod.

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