Hi, I'm an independent Free Software/Open Source programmer, mostly interested in educational technology and developing serious video games (games used beyond simple entertainment...), my favourite game engine is Quake, it's community is amazing and the code even that is old has some interesting design and tools. Another graphic engine I recommend to consider if your making a game is Irrlicht it's lightweight and not more complicated to use than necessary :)

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atphalix Feb 14 2013, 6:34am replied:

Yes you can use OpenQuartz content to make a standalone without the need to own original Quake data.

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atphalix Jan 19 2013, 1:43pm says:

Nice tutorial, in fact it is not much different of Quake engines way to add a door so we can "convert" our old knowledge to new engine :)

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atphalix Dec 26 2012, 3:25pm says:

I put the source code on github if anyone want to continue working on the project github.com/atphalix/quake1-portal in addition is is no longer necessary to have original Quake1 data to play as I replaced everything with free content.

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atphalix Sep 28 2012, 2:17pm says:

Please release the source code so I can help you with coding.

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atphalix Mar 17 2012, 10:33am says:

You can browse source code here :

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atphalix Mar 16 2012, 7:52pm replied:

fixed, everything work now in the new release 1.1 :)

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atphalix Mar 15 2012, 7:54am replied:

I'm doing the dev under Linux maybe on windows there is a bug as it should begin with main map "start" without typing "map start".
level1 was not for playing it's just a small level for experimenting..

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atphalix Mar 9 2012, 5:26pm replied:

Thanks for pointing that, actually those pictures are just concept art and displayed in wireframes to show how they are modeled, but they are not shown in that way inside the game... I'll upload more screenshots

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atphalix Feb 8 2012, 3:10pm replied:

Good idea, I didn't know about War Child International, but I prefer to advance more in the project and write a more detailed game design document to convince them. There is also MAG, HALO Trust humanitarian landmine clearance agency

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atphalix Feb 7 2012, 12:10pm says:

Trying to develop more serious and educational game as there is too many "just for fun" game out there...

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atphalix Feb 7 2012, 11:53am says:

Project Features:

* Evit Toys is a non violent game based on a heavily modified version of Quake 1 First Person shooter En.wikipedia.org
* The game has been designed to work on old computers commonly found in third world countries which are the most affected by landmines. So don't expect a lot of fancy graphics effects or other "distractions" as the game is designed to do one thing and do it well.
* Don't need latest graphic card to play, in fact it can work even without one, like on the One Laptop per Child XO laptop (tested on model version 1 and 1.5).
* All images, 3D models, tools and game source code will be released acoording to terms of GPL 2.0 license along with documentation on how to modify/adapt the game to your needs.
* The game will be free of charge and available for download for Linux, OLPC laptop and windows.

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atphalix May 3 2007, 7:15am says:

hi hallo2,
you can download the mod at this website:
have fun :)

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