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Blog RSS Feed Report abuse Supreme Commander + Forged Alliance on Humble Bundle!!

0 comments by AtlasTasume on Oct 3rd, 2013

Soo... Me and my good friend Coredeath was playing a round of Supreme Commander Forged Alliance on a 4v4 game the other day. And guess what, our game got casted (Commentated replay)! You can watch it here:

And guess what more?! Supreme Commander, Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance, as well as number of other games are avaible at the Humble Bundle for ONE US-dollar THIS WEEK! Go buy it here and join us in the greatest multiplayer RTS ever created:

Report abuse Should you preorder games?

4 comments by AtlasTasume on Feb 13th, 2013

Should you? Famous StarCraft II caster and YouTuber TotalBiscuit deals with this subject here: I _highly_ recommend people to watch the video, this guy knows what he is talking about.

Whats my own opinion? (Note, I did not watch the video yet, typing this as it buffers)
I would like to say that preordering is a downright silly idea. Why would you pay for something you have no clue what so ever what it is? Seriously guys, a few trailers does not show what the game is like. Is that extra pre-order skin/gun/etc worth throwing 50-60€ at a product you have NO idea what quality it will be like? It's insanity.

What do you think?

Report abuse Stop ACTA! It's getting hairy now!

0 comments by AtlasTasume on Jan 27th, 2012

In short, just email anything inbetween TV-stations, newspapers ANYTHING among those lines that have failed to bring light onto this, and tell them why this is all HORRIBLY wrong and DANGEROUS! This is NOT democracy, this is something you do in China and North Korea, NOT The United Kingdom, Swede, the United States or any other so-called democratic country.

ACTA is NOT for just Europe, NOT for just the Americas, its for EVERYONE!

And the quickest thing you can do is to sign this petition: 
Now before you say "But I dont want to give away my adress/name/etc, you do NOT have to! you can just sign it with your email, and then your firstname (Or even online-name!) and leave the postal-adress empty, it still works!

AND, this does not affect the website-owners anymore, this directly affects ANY and ALL end-users, and an end-user, that is YOU. This is NOT democracy, this is corruption!

Report abuse Merry Christmas!

0 comments by AtlasTasume on Dec 24th, 2011

Merry Christmas everybody!

No its not because I am in a different timezone than you, it IS the 24th December here, and that, for us Scandinavians and Germans, means Christmas!
So I hope you all will have a God Jul (Swedish for Merry Christmas), and more snow than we have currently!

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