[My avatar is Milla the Hound from Freedom Planet- The artwork is not my own, but I am the official voice actress for her. Follow Freedom Planet on IndieDb!] Hey there! I’m Aimee, Aka ATheatricalSongBird, and I’m a semi-professional voice actress. I’m a 20 year old who lives in Australia, and I’m currently in my 3rd year studying a Bachelor of Primary Education. I’ve always loved musical theatre, but in October 2011 I decided to take up something in another acting avenue that wasn’t as time consuming as performing at my local theatre while undertaking demanding subjects. Well, I got the voice acting bug. I joined IndieDb so I could follow some projects I’m voicing in, including Freedom Planet, Princess Battles, Planet Explorers, and Folk Tale! Be sure to send me a message should you require a female voice for your next project! Thanks for checking this out, and if you’re interested, check out these projects! :)

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Helloooooo fellow IndieDB-ers!
My first blog here. I feel bad I’ve neglected this site; will have to try to make more of an appearance on here! For now, I’ll have to copy-and-paste (with the occasional modification) what I wrote from my Newgrounds page. Enjoy.

The Birthday

In short, last month I turned 21... Wheeeee! Thank you for some of the lovely messages I'd recieved, made the week extra special! So I hope this explains the delay when it has come to sending in my voice work and responding to emails. Things are much better now though, and I'm raging full speed ahead! So shoot me a message should you need a voice actress!

Newgrounds News: Right after the release of PokeGenXY (In which I'd voiced Hilda), Pokeball CL (developed by the always incredible Kel-chan) was given a daily feature on NGs! She always produces such amazing work, I can't wait to see what she's got in store next! I voiced Hilda (again!) and Misty in this pokemon parody- I guess if anyone else is after a Hilda; feel free to get in contact with me! Next up, I can honestly say I've been waiting months for Crystal Story II by Lan14n to come to NGs! In less than 48 hours I got to the Dargon King (And have lost, miserably, several times). But the point is; it's addictive, colourful, and well-designed, and all that awesome stuff that makes for an awesome game. I voice for Lina (Including the opening narration) and Rita in this impressive RPG. Some incredible voice actors contributed to this game; including Suezo (Jason Lord) and Pickle131 (Tina Kim)! The game recieved a daily feature and a weekly third place award- Play it noooooow!

Other Project News:
It's fairly recent news, but I can finally announce that I will be voicing alongside Miss Kira Buckland, Amber Lee Connors and Tina Kim (again!) as Icari Isidolde in Sunrider (A beautiful space rpg/visual novel)- See it's ultimately successful kickstarter campaign HERE! It has also just been announced that the game has been Greenlit and therefore will be on Steam! Yaaaaay, happy days!

Another game I provide voices for in the woodworks is Agent Egypt by WhatPixelYouOn- a quirky pixel game that currently has a playable windows demo that requires testing! For more information about becoming a tester (and a watch-through of the demo)- follow the link here to their youtube video. She doesn't appear in the demo, but I voice the Israeli mysterious traveller, Shayna! Keep an eye out for her upon the game's release!

Thanks for reading, I hope you're all doing well and don't hesitate to contact me should you need a voice actress! Til next time xx

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