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0 comments by asureka on Dec 1st, 2011

Hello my fiends,
I have to anounce that I have completed my panthers skin pack.

Download link:In this page

And as always my friends, have a nice day!

Report abuse 2011/10/10

3 comments by asureka on Oct 10th, 2011

Hello my friends, today I have prepared some pictures of upcoming panthers skin pack.
Here you can see 6 Re-skins of PzKpfw V Ausf G "panther" tank.
(note that these screens prepared for release, currently showing 6/30 panthers)

Ok my friends, see you next time and as always, have a nice day!

Report abuse 2011/09/24 Hey fellas

0 comments by asureka on Sep 24th, 2011

Hey fellas,

Many modders, most of them beginners asking me to help them with skins.This blog page is about my current working projects, pictures of my newest creations and news with them :)

What I can do in modding? Well,Best I can do so is to Re-skin Vehicles In Men of War series.Also I even had skins requests to reskins to Company of heroes Series mod Company Of Heroes: Afrika
by Aidas2.
Also I have created Men of War Assault Squad Library in DMS forums, where you can download skins created by me or by other modders.Also, I'm working on something bigger, like Map for Totaler Krieg mod by good modder Heer-sturmfurher (sorry if I typed it wrong). Also , vehicle reskin job for Mighty Divisions, and first time in my career , I'm working on Humanskins in American Civil War mod.

I also Have plans to recover my BBWWII or in full name Biggest Battles in World War II to Assault squad, but only after I complete these jobs which I'm on. To recover my mod, I will need a Big team, because it should be A big mod.Hell yeah.

If you guys want to add you men of war: assault squad skins to Men of War Assault Squad Library in DMS forums, write comments. Also if you want to see some skins in future which I can create and upload in Library in my free time, write in comments below and Maybe I will create one for you sometime!.

Ok my friends, have A nice day!

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