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I'm tired of everyone who thinks they live in a 'bad' area of a nice town thinks they live in the hood. It's annoying. Living in Michigan, where Detroit was America's most dangerous city for awhile (It's now number 4) It gets annoying when people on the internet are like "I LIEK LIVEZ INZ DA HOOD HOMIE!" My response is normally "Where do you live?" And their response is normally like "I live in Maine" Or some other state that doesn't have very big cities. Listen kids, just because you play Grand Theft Auto 4, and live in a middle class neighborhood where most of your area is upper class, doesn't mean you live in the Ghetto.

-From the basement Of Assassin Alex18

No, I don't really want to be a Jedi. I guess it would be cool, but I'm not a ubertastic star wars loving nerd. But you know who is? Those people buying the Blu-Rays. Yes you. Well, I'm back, because I kinda liked blogging. Not that any of you read my day to day articles. But I looked back at the numbers I got on my blogs, and I figured, if that many people read them, and I like doing it, I should start doing it again! So the following steps will help me get back on track.
1. Write
2. Hit Save blog
3. ??????
4. Profit
Makes sense right? No? Sad face. Well nothing interesting happened over my summer break from blogging. Well I did go to the U2 concert, which was cool. I started school again, and now I'm programing =D. But other then that, nothing amazingly amazing happened. What did you do? *Stares awkwardly into the camera for thirty seconds* Very Good! You did well!

Oh! and on last note, Minecon starts the day of my birthday. Epic no?

-From the Basement of AssassinAlex18

As you may or may not know, I signed on Lone Walrus Productions about a month ago (Before it had a name) as the trainee modeler/animator. Witch explains all the demo work pictures you can see of 3D models. Currently, LWP is working on Zombie Apocalypse: Source (Forums here and Mod Db page here).

-From the Basement of AssassinAlex18

6 am

AssassinAlex18 Blog

At 6:00 am Friday, April 1st, 2011, a alarm will go off. This Alarm will be from my iPod Touch that I accidentally left in my locker. Good thing I can say it was a April's fool day joke. This is all my Spanish Teachers fault. While asking if I could go to my locker in Spanish, my iPod was being stupid and went off. So I had to go put it in my locker. Boy, do I hope the batteries run out over night.

For the love of god this hotel needs better wifi. I can browse the web just fine, but cydia refuses to download anything. This makes me unhappy. Other then the duchy Internet, it's not so bad here in Florida. So yeah. Very amazing. I'll post more later this week when I can use a laptop.

-From the iPod Touch of AssassinAlex18

Ok so to clear some things up, I've given up on the 12 week desktop picture project. Mostly because wrestling has kept me tied up. I'll still try to do a blog update on Friday or Saturday though.
Life overall has been busy. School work, Sports, and sleeping are very tiring things. As for my musical adventures, that has come to a halt. Or any other adventures. But once March is over, Wrestling is over. And then I can do more projects.

Speaking of Music, My friend of the interwebs xxxcrimsonxxx has made the 8-bit music. You should go check it out when he shares the files with the public.

I also happen to pick up Dragon Age: Origins. Awesome game. I don't know how far I'm into it. But it's awesome. As for iPhone gaming I got Game Dev Story, Stick wars (Classic game) and Robot Unicorn Attack. There all awesome games.

Always I want to be with you and make believe with you and live in Harmony Harmony!

-From the Basement of AssassinAlex18


AssassinAlex18 Blog

"Alex! Why is this blog post a day early?!?!?!?!" Well curious reader, It's Snowmageddon! For those of you who don't live in the U.S.A. or live under a rock in the U.S.A., about half the country got a major snowstorm. Since I live in the grand old state of Michigan, it's only natural that my town got hit too. So school has been canceled the past two days.

Ok. So news. Egypt is still rioting. There has been some violent protesting caused by President Mubarak 'Supporters'. While everyone opposing Mubarak is still peacefully rioting, that could very soon change. Oh, and Egypt got their Interwebs back.

Yesterday (February 2nd 2011) Jack and Meg White announced that The White Stripes broke up. Not because of any health problems or musical differences, but because they wanted to preserve the band for what it is. In my opinion, Jack White is crazy, or is really about the music. While The Raconteurs and The Dead Weather are good, they don't have the same feel as The White Stripes. For those of you not similar with The White Stripes, look up the song, Seven Nation Army. They also were in The Simpsons episode Jazzy and the Pussycats, were Bart learns to play the drums.

Oh. And we might run out of IP addresses.

-From the basement of AssassinAlex18


AssassinAlex18 Blog

YEAH! GET SOME! The Sims 3 is steam! And so is the ultimate pack! Although it's like $80 something. And that's just half off..... I think I'll wait for the major 75% off sale.

Anyways. What's been up with you peoples? Nothing you says? Well this is the internet.... We're too lazy to do something productive. So Quake con 2011 was announced for September something. It's going to Quake con 2010 again! But 2011 style! When's E3 this year? That's the only thing I really care for.

Speaking of E3, what are your predictions for game announcements? I predict, a new halo/and or Bungie game. MAYBE GTA V for all you Grand theft auto lovers? Skyrim won't be announced (It already has. Durrrrrr) , but I'll be shocked if they don't talk about it. I bet E3 2012 will be Fallout 4 for Bethesda. That would be awesome.

World of Starcraft! It's a mod! It looks so cool, Blizzard was scared that it wasn't made in their own engine! Then they were like, "No!" And then they were like "Yes!" So everything is happy.

-From the basement of AssassinAlex18

Ghost n Stuff

AssassinAlex18 Blog

So recently, I got some deadmau5 albums. I got For lack of a better name and Random Album Title. They're pretty sexy. I've taken up Wrestling. The pain! I lost a toenail today. It sucked. Good thing I didn't have my glasses on to see how much blood there was.
So yeah. Has anything importantly new happen recently? I don't keep up with the news. Why should I? I shouldn't. Anyways, me and my friend are making a HL2 Mod. More about that latter. OH and I played Little Acorns by The White Stripes on the Piano today in class. Sexy.
-From the Basement of AssassinAlex18

Gmod Party!

AssassinAlex18 Blog

While messing around in Gmod, I find a glitch. I found the music fitting.

-From The Basement of AssassinAlex18

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