My name is Mireia Carré. I was born in Barcelona in 1994. Since I learned to use a pencil I have been drawing. At 6 years old I had my first computer. I learned to use paint and office tools. At 11, I was interested in learning and creating stories. Furthermore, in those days I started to use Photoshop and Sony Vegas. When I was 13, I started to introduce myself in the videogame world. I took part in some projects as 2D Designer and Environmental Artist in Hammer editor. At 15, I made a course about Graphic Design and I learned programs such as Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign. Moreover I took part in projects in Creating Worlds. I also took part in other projects such as Warcelona. Later I started with the UDK world and then I wanted to redirect my career in order to specialize me in 3D modelling. Nowadays I am in some projects as 3D modeler. My biggest dream is take part in the videogame industry, and I am going to achieve it.

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AshleyLesnie Aug 9 2012, 11:16am replied:

Nop, it is the public beta version.

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AshleyLesnie Jul 17 2012, 4:49pm replied:

Until we fix the bugs and we're satisfied with the result :P we want to do the best possible to make the map something cool ^^

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AshleyLesnie Jul 8 2012, 2:10pm replied:

Yep, you're right :P We've modified the tagline. You can see the updated version in this same post ^^ (If you don't see it, press Ctrl + F5)

Many thanks!!

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AshleyLesnie Jul 6 2012, 5:11pm replied:

Yes, they're big custom sprites :P

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AshleyLesnie Jul 10 2011, 10:53am says:

Very good job! I want to see more! :)

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AshleyLesnie Apr 12 2011, 3:58pm replied:

The "system of weapons" of the future, not the system of "weapons of the future" :)

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