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Mod Review on Feb 7th, 2011

One of the better Half-Life mods out there. It has everything a Half-Life mod should: A Good plot, long-lasting objectives and puzzles that require a lot of thought rather than straight-forward running, killing and jumping all the time.

The only thing that annoyed me about this mod was that it had several boring parts during the game-play, having to run through really long hall-ways, tunnels and vents every two minutes without there being any enemies or surprises along the way really killed Azure Sheep for me; I actually stopped playing it for a while because all I found myself doing was running through long corridors with nothing interesting happening, but once you get to action, it's definitely a fun mod.
The new weapons and enemies were a nice touch too, but the Special Forces Pistol and Assault Rifle didn't have very unique abilities, they were basically the same weapons as their counterparts but with less ammo in a clip and a different look and shooting sound, but it was a nice addition non-the-less.

The map designs were all good, aside from the already mentioned long corridors and tunnels etc. It wouldn't of hurt to add a few additional enemies in those areas, even if they're just head-crabs.
I liked how the story linked with Opposing Force and the Original Half-Life, but it would of been better if Blue-Shift was also taken into account, which it wasn't as you can tell from some of the maps and level designs.

Finally, the creature that you fight towards the end wasn't much of a challenge, it takes no more than 2 C4 Charges to kill it and you're able to avoid taking any damage from it simply by hiding behind one of the many pillars in the room.

Overall: Azure Sheep is definitely worth playing for any Half-Life fan, especially because it's long unlike many other Half-Life mods that are around. If there was a bit more to do whilst running through really long corridors all the time, then it would of scored a perfect 10/10.

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