Welcome to ArmouredBoar games, I enjoy creating great and interesting games that interest me for a variety of platforms, if you enjoy the games I make please feel free to comment or make a suggestion. I’m currently developing a few different games as well as updating Hero Defender with more content. You can find more information at our website for games and updates.

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Hero Defender
Hero Defender

1. Hero Defender

1 year ago Released Dec 2, 2013 Single Player Arcade

Hero Defender is a free game that will have you defending against waves of enemy’s from medieval armies to demons and wizards. You are equipped with...

Monster Shuffle
Monster Shuffle

2. Monster Shuffle

1 year ago Released Apr 17, 2013 Single Player Arcade

Monster Shuffle is a completely free Action/Arcade game with different modes of play giving you a selection of character to choose from each with different...

Hero Keeper
Hero Keeper

3. Hero Keeper

2 weeks ago Released Apr 13, 2015 Single Player Real Time Strategy

Hero Keeper is a real time strategy game that will have you constructing a kingdom to attract heroes who will explore, fight, shop and quest in your realm...

Micro Minis
Micro Minis

4. Micro Minis

6 months ago TBD Single Player Virtual Life

Micro Mini's is a tamagotchi game that allows you to raise your very own monster and fight your friends! There are over 32 variants of monsters to evolve...

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