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Armageddon104 Oct 10 2014, 4:42am says:

I love the idea, I love the aesthetic, I love the look of it all. Can't wait to play!

I'm curious what are your programming this with?

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Armageddon104 Aug 9 2014, 4:53am says:

I'd like a full Unity license so I can make my next game proper. Sucks there are no dynamic shadows and screen shaders in the current free version. $2,000 is unaffordable. Maybe Unity 5 will be cheaper?

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Armageddon104 Aug 2 2014, 9:45pm says:

Why this is only the most handsome mod to be released in ages if I do say!

+4 votes     download: Double Action: Boogaloo (Windows self-installer)
Armageddon104 Jul 20 2014, 6:04am says:

How do you sleep at night?

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Armageddon104 Jul 5 2014, 7:30pm replied:

Nope you just need the Source SDK Base 2013 Singleplayer installed. It comes with any of the Source Engine Half-Life games iirc.

+6 votes     article: Keys is Released
Armageddon104 Jun 28 2014, 3:43pm replied:

Yes they are.

Thanks for playing.

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Armageddon104 Jun 21 2014, 5:19am says:

Clean your bathroom.

+3 votes     media: Dirty Bathroom
Armageddon104 May 25 2014, 5:31am says:

Great post, really looking forward to this game.

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Armageddon104 May 22 2014, 12:08am says:

I loved it, and once found out you did Outpost 16 I know why. I think it was all really good. Two points, the rooftop section atop the comms tower after you blow it up, I wish there were more enemies, maybe a hunter drops in or something. There were just like 6-9 metropolice and a few manhacks. It wasn't as challenging as I was hoping it would be, also maybe some alarm lights/sounds there along with a music track would work well.

The second thing is the elevator after that section down to the mine area with the railroad track. I'd make a whole section around that, like a combine area with a hole in the ground opening up to the mine area, maybe have some platforming to get down. An elevator straight to a dirt filled cavern didn't work for me. The log section after it was really cool looking but the body of water didn't seem big enough for it, it reminded me of a similar scene in the Insomnia remake.

The citizens at the end running through the swamp with zombies, they stopped to shoot even though the guy was yelling to run, I had to wait about 30-60 seconds at the end gate for him to come around and open the gate and then it just ended, kind of took away from the momentum. Maybe add some poison slime there so the player has to watch his step and maneuverer around the area so it slows him down a bit.

At the start was really great. I felt I was a little rushed along the camp though, it would be cool if a few people talked to you or asked you to do something before going straight through the alley. Like a "pick up that can" moment.

Once you polish up the art this'll be one of the best HL2 campaigns in awhile.

+2 votes     article: "The Masked Prisoner" is up and running!
Armageddon104 Apr 23 2014, 4:59pm says:

What font is this?

+1 vote     media: Title
Armageddon104 Apr 2 2014, 10:23pm says:

Very awesome news. But will there be a Random Quest 2 after this?

+4 votes     mod: The Citizen Returns
Armageddon104 Mar 10 2014, 6:11pm says:

I play tested this about two years ago. I still go back to it every few months. It's just a well made mod. I hope you finally release it.

+3 votes     mod: Rabbit Hole
Armageddon104 Feb 22 2014, 9:50pm says:

Looks so much better. Good work.

+2 votes     article: tgats - visual upgrade
Armageddon104 Feb 14 2014, 12:04am says:

Amazing work. Love the art and the voice acting was excellent.

+4 votes     media: The Old City - Trailer
Armageddon104 Feb 10 2014, 2:53pm says:

You guys are doing some great marketing. Giving us a slow drip of content weekly leaving us wanting more. I love the art style and I have a lot of hope in this especially with how good your previous games were. I hope this will be a little more complex and polished than the previous ones though and so far it's looking like it will be.

Keep up the good work.

+3 votes     article: The Arx Rubra Hotel
Armageddon104 Feb 4 2014, 9:35pm says:

Love it, reminds me of Matthew Lyons art style.

+4 votes     media: Rubra Room
Armageddon104 Jan 13 2014, 12:30am says:

Is this just the cutout filter or is it a shader that makes everything look this way?

+2 votes     media: Estranged: Act I
Armageddon104 Jan 11 2014, 9:29pm says:

Green is not a creative color.

+1 vote     media: OpenKatana
Armageddon104 Jan 6 2014, 3:17am says:

How are you doing the grass, it looks nice.

+3 votes     media: Canals - In the Beginning...
Armageddon104 Dec 30 2013, 9:46am says:

How do you get a Source license, especially with something that has content from other mods.

+2 votes     article: We've moved, to some extent!
Armageddon104 Dec 29 2013, 8:41pm says:

I admire you for not beating around the bush that it is indeed another zombie mod.

+1 vote     article: New Team Members + Progress
Armageddon104 Dec 24 2013, 3:00am says:

Thanks for the feedback mate, I like your work.

+2 votes     member: Crypt
Armageddon104 Dec 18 2013, 10:43pm says:

My kind of game.

+1 vote     article: Armourgeddon Launch Day!
Armageddon104 Dec 11 2013, 10:34pm says:

Could you PM me the info too?

+1 vote     media: The window
Armageddon104 Dec 2 2013, 4:47am says:

Sort of ironic that a Doom remake is made with Unreal 3.

+1 vote     game: Doom 2 Remake
Armageddon104 Nov 28 2013, 12:04am says:

It is Fakefactory. Also thee edits now lunge them further into the uncanny valley.

Pretty creepy stuff.

+3 votes     article: Changing of the tides and seasons... and characters
Armageddon104 Nov 21 2013, 10:28am says:

Lovely. Any reason the new shots have the same camera angle?

+1 vote     media: First look on the alpha demo level
Armageddon104 Nov 4 2013, 8:30pm says:

How do those plants photosynthesize?

+1 vote     media: Screenshot
Armageddon104 Oct 31 2013, 1:50am says:

AAA quality indeed.

+3 votes     media: aaa
Armageddon104 Oct 20 2013, 4:44am says:

Not really possible without the narrator.

+4 votes     article: The Stanley Parable Available Now on Steam
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