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{{)ark}_}{ue Jul 30 2012, 2:23pm says:

"It will be released this thursday! Get ready for it!"

Preparing to be unable to sleep for the next week or so after this Thursday then o_0

+2 votes   media: Cry of Fear - Memories Cinematic Trailer
{{)ark}_}{ue Feb 7 2012, 6:05pm says:

Looks pretty decent, your thermal scope is pretty useless tho, with the fog and all :P

+2 votes   media: Dynamic Zombie Sandbox with 50cals
{{)ark}_}{ue Dec 19 2011, 5:51pm replied:

I can honestly say that I have used the melee charge and it helps a little, only a little though, melee damage is in need of a definite boost.

+2 votes   article: MOTY 2011 and Beyond
{{)ark}_}{ue Sep 5 2011, 1:25pm says:

So what exactly would you use this for? Are you changing the config to give yourself god mode or something?

+1 vote   mod: =]KK[= BO Config Tool
{{)ark}_}{ue Jul 21 2011, 12:37am says:

I like quite a few of the changes, especially the greater number of infected. However, the 15 second revive time seems a bit excessive to me, 10 or 11 seconds sounds better. It's still long, but not as (in my own opinion) ridiculous as 15 seconds.

+2 votes   media: Left 4 Dead Reborn V1 Gameplay Footage
{{)ark}_}{ue Jun 6 2011, 12:14pm says:

Creepy, I like it!

+1 vote   media: SC-0581 [LABS]
{{)ark}_}{ue Apr 22 2011, 12:30pm says:

Amazing trailer! I'm going to download the mod right now! Also what is that music? So beautiful!

+4 votes   media: Vikingr video
{{)ark}_}{ue Jul 9 2010, 1:30am says:

That is awesome!

+2 votes   media: Boromirs attire by Justb
{{)ark}_}{ue Apr 3 2010, 5:23pm says:

Looks to be a very good campaign, L4D2 needs a campaign where you cant see too good (besides hard rain, very laggy).

+1 vote   mod: Welcome to the Jungle
{{)ark}_}{ue Jan 2 2010, 11:53am says:

Edana has a dock!

+1 vote   media: Town of Edana
{{)ark}_}{ue Jan 2 2010, 11:51am says:

Beautiful mountain background, *chuckle* there's that old guy's hut.

+1 vote   media: Thornlands
{{)ark}_}{ue Jan 2 2010, 11:52am says:

I am definitely being evil.

+1 vote   media: Town of Edana
{{)ark}_}{ue Jan 1 2010, 4:13pm says:

Sword looks great, but I don't think rusty is the word for it. In my opinion it looks rusty but more like an inexperienced blacksmith made it. So more like Shoddy Short Sword? (This is in no way insulting the way you guys modeled the sword, it looks great!)

+1 vote   media: Rusty Short Sword
{{)ark}_}{ue Jan 1 2010, 4:05pm says:

That is a BEAUTIFUL weapon.

+1 vote   media: Arozen Sword
{{)ark}_}{ue Jan 1 2010, 4:02pm replied:

For me it would be "Uhmm, nice doggies."

+2 votes   media: Wolf Monster
{{)ark}_}{ue Jan 1 2010, 2:32pm replied:

Do you (XenonFORT) or anyone else have a guess when this update will be released??

+1 vote   media: Tomb warrior lineup
{{)ark}_}{ue May 23 2009, 2:46pm says:

I can not wait for Master Sword: Source to come out! By the way, Edana looks pretty darn good

+2 votes   mod: Master Sword: Source
{{)ark}_}{ue Nov 4 2007, 8:43pm says:

THIS MOD ROX!!!!! i played thru 1st chapter but encountered a problem in chapter 2 Unknown Enemies i opened a portal that let barney and a few elites thru went up to them Barney said well is he here? then said Goron come on so i went up to him all he did was back away and now i'm stuck on the 2nd chapter plz help ASAP

+1 vote   mod: Mistake Of Pythagoras
{{)ark}_}{ue Aug 29 2007, 10:20pm says:

Okay i found the place that requires the keycard hadda do sum noclipping 1st tho =D now i am also at that 2 plugs 3 plug outlet puzzle :'(

+1 vote   mod: School Adventures
{{)ark}_}{ue Aug 29 2007, 10:03pm says:

But now what on earth does this keycard goto? plz reply or e-mail me at ASAP (easier 2 e-mail me i check my e-mail every day)

+1 vote   mod: School Adventures
{{)ark}_}{ue Aug 29 2007, 10:00pm says:

I found that blasted keycard on his DESK didnt realize it said security until i looked closely rly looked liek a tape holder fer 1 of those tapes u put into a radio XD

+1 vote   mod: School Adventures
{{)ark}_}{ue Aug 29 2007, 9:53pm says:

This mod rox my sox but i'm stuck wandering around the school wondering where to go? And what is this key card u guys r talkign about? Cant goto office with poison zombie cuz i didnt pickup a card. Can any1 help me find my way in this school/maze?

+1 vote   mod: School Adventures
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