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{{)ark}_}{ue Mar 27 2013, 8:43pm says:

Is this the same as the Warband HD - High Definition Textures addon here on ModDB?

+1 vote   download: Visual Expansion Pack.
{{)ark}_}{ue Jan 20 2013, 10:16am says:

plus TWO HUNDRED percent XP?!?!? I'ma comin' back!

+4 votes   news: JAN2013a Patch
{{)ark}_}{ue Dec 13 2012, 10:18pm says:


+5 votes   media: First Major Content Update to Chivalry: Medieval W
{{)ark}_}{ue Oct 20 2012, 10:20pm replied:

Kill people with the previous weapon in the line...Example: Want the next sword in the Knight's primary area? Kill some dudes with the first sword that you have (weapons carry over from game to game so no need to unlock them again after the first time)

+3 votes   game: Chivalry: Medieval Warfare
{{)ark}_}{ue Oct 20 2012, 10:18pm replied:

Agreed with KimJong...And the armors are "fantasy" armors how exactly?

+4 votes   game: Chivalry: Medieval Warfare
{{)ark}_}{ue Sep 15 2012, 10:55am replied:

@Henley After reading your comment and trying various other ways to get the files working I still have to ask...How do you install it?

+4 votes   download: Black Mesa Part
{{)ark}_}{ue Sep 15 2012, 10:40am says:

Downloaded both parts and part 1 is a .001 file and part 2 is a .002 file...Both are already and respectively so, explain exactly what it is that we have to rename/format since it seems that it is already renamed/formatted?

+3 votes   mod: Black Mesa
{{)ark}_}{ue Sep 15 2012, 10:23am replied:

Downloaded both parts and part 1 is a .001 file and part 2 is a .002 file...Both are already and respectively so, explain exactly what it is that we have to rename/format since it seems that it is already renamed/formatted?

+4 votes   download: Black Mesa Part
{{)ark}_}{ue Sep 15 2012, 10:05am replied:

downloading it as I am typing this from and it seems that it has already been renamed

+5 votes   download: Black Mesa Part
{{)ark}_}{ue Sep 8 2012, 8:32am says:

Not a big fan of the side to side headbobbing... when I am running my head bobs up and down and goes side to side a little bit, but this guy looks like he is >tilting< his head left and right rather than his head just moving left and right.

+5 votes   media: Inquietude - Gameplay Teaser
{{)ark}_}{ue Sep 3 2012, 3:00pm says:

+1 Tracker

+6 votes   mod: Inquietude
{{)ark}_}{ue Aug 20 2012, 10:47pm says:

I can only imagine that there were most likely a TON of bugs to squash in getting this to work the way it did in the video. Can't wait to play through any sneaky levels you guys have created!

+5 votes   media: Underhell Chapter One : Sneak Demonstration
{{)ark}_}{ue Aug 5 2012, 11:42am says:

Are we going to be able to deploy the bi-pod and steady the gun? I don't think anything like that has been implemented in to a HL2 modification before.

0 votes   media: HK417 Concept
{{)ark}_}{ue Aug 1 2012, 11:12pm says:

Uhmm, we can already stomp the zombies' heads when they're on the ground?

0 votes   media: Character selection
{{)ark}_}{ue Aug 1 2012, 4:29pm says:

v better than v 1.7?

+2 votes   mod: DayZ
{{)ark}_}{ue Jul 31 2012, 11:41pm replied:

If you've just DLed the mod then it will take a while, there have been a few patches adding donators, fixing bugs/glitches/exploits, and the later patches add maps and a new gamemode for multiplayer. What is your average DL speed btw? A slow internet connection can be a killer when you're DLing anything.

+2 votes   game: Cry of Fear
{{)ark}_}{ue Jul 31 2012, 6:47pm says:

destructible walls will most likely make generic combat situations at least a good bit more intense as your cover gets blown away.

+2 votes   media: Destruction Demo
{{)ark}_}{ue Jul 31 2012, 6:45pm says:

cool sketch...can't wait to see it modeled in 3D.

+2 votes   media: Glock 17 Concept
{{)ark}_}{ue Jul 30 2012, 2:23pm says:

"It will be released this thursday! Get ready for it!"

Preparing to be unable to sleep for the next week or so after this Thursday then o_0

+2 votes   media: Cry of Fear - Memories Cinematic Trailer
{{)ark}_}{ue Jul 30 2012, 11:48am replied:

Gotta tell you aidas2, Hellsevil22 is right, most of the troops we have over in the Mid-East in RL are Marines and National Guard.

+2 votes   mod: Company of Heroes: Modern Combat
{{)ark}_}{ue Jul 27 2012, 11:08pm says:


+3 votes   media: War of The Servers - Official Soundtrack
{{)ark}_}{ue Jul 25 2012, 10:59am replied:

Portal also runs on a different version of the source engine...right?

+1 vote   tutorial: Multiple Render Targets, Higher Resolution Monitors
{{)ark}_}{ue Jul 18 2012, 11:53am says:

"do us and your fingers a favour and >don't say nothing< at all."

"Don't say nothing" is a double negative and translates in to saying "do say something." What you should have said is "don't say anything at all."

+1 vote   news: Just to point something out..
{{)ark}_}{ue Jul 17 2012, 12:56am says:

Good god that is awesome, the amount of detail is incredible! Now just imagine how it will be when they finish it!

+2 votes   media: Edoras stables
{{)ark}_}{ue Jul 15 2012, 3:19am replied:

Pretty sure that if you have a Guardsman with a plasmagun in the tabletop game and you get a bad roll, he fries himself....Only going off of a vague memory of what a friend told me, it is likely that I did not remember that correctly.

+2 votes   media: Mechanicus meme
{{)ark}_}{ue Jul 7 2012, 3:22pm says:

Watched the War of the Servers video, then found this.....*hits track mod button*
EDIT: Where is this mod at right now by the way in terms of progress?

+3 votes   mod: War of The Servers
{{)ark}_}{ue Jul 5 2012, 8:58am says:

I think my lower jaw just landed in Moria somewhere.

+12 votes   media: Halifirien Beacon
{{)ark}_}{ue Jul 2 2012, 5:19pm says:

I just noticed this and all I have to say is: HELL YEAH!!! Tracking.

+4 votes   mod: MERP | Middle Earth Roleplaying Project
{{)ark}_}{ue Jul 1 2012, 10:52pm says:

Silliest mod you will ever play. I find it hard to think that someone wouldn't love this mod for the humor!
Also, where did the download go?

+3 votes   mod: DayHard
{{)ark}_}{ue Jun 20 2012, 7:32pm says:

This video didn't simply cause my lower jaw to caused my lower jaw to fall off.

However I do hope that a good number if those animations aren't final...such as the animation with the marine firing the heavy bolter.

+2 votes   media: The Lord Inquisitor Trailer [HD]
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