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Mod review

Tombstone Engine

Engine review - 1 agree

If you want Cryengine 5 and Unreal Engine 4 style graphics, Tombstone is not for you, but if you want a engine that renders graphics good enough and is rock solid stable, praised by its well written c++ code, then Tombstone is a very good pick.

Contrary to the jerseymike review, I will try to do mine based on the engine merits not on, if i'm ****** off at the engine developer.

First, Yes this is essencially the C4 engine with some nice updates, like the fantastic landscape tool and a new name.
I knew older C4 engines users would feel cheated and the jerseymike review shows that, but even tho I simpatize with his feelings, I don't agree on his review points, the engine deserves more than 3 points, plus the developer never said it would be a totally new engine written from scratch with totally new tools.

Eric Lengyel, the engine developer, killed the C4 engine because of lack of money to support it, he only revived it, with a new name, because by his claim on twitter, many older C4 users asked him to come back to the engine biz, and (here i'm speculating) he knew the old engine name would be a problem, killing it made some users very unhappy, Eric i assume, decided that a start from fresh with a new name would be better, for the future and success of the new engine. But of course you can't run from your past.

Why the 8 points then and not 10... because, one, even tho is the C4 engine with a new name, it was and still is (if you have it) a very good engine, a professional level engine, used for example in, Fat Princess Adventures for PlayStation 4.

Two the engine code is still one of the most well written and stable around, better than some AAA engines, anyone using this engine will be certain that every feature on it is written to be rock solid.

Three, Eric even tho is a fantastic coder, unfortunately is slow at implementing new features (not a killing bugs tho), and that imo is not good for a game engine trying to survive on this new age of "free" AAA game engines and specially when major teams are now making and using their own.

Four, Eric got in his head, that his engines will not have any third party software, no PhysX, no Havok, no Umbra or speed tree, etc, everything would be made and optimized by him, so in a sense he loves to reinvent the wheel, this is certainly fantastic for the stability of the engine but the problem is, is only him working on it, because of that the engine has fallen a little behind, not only from AAA engines but even some indie engines.

Five, The tools even tho very powerful, there's a node based scripting tool and node based material making tool, just like Unreal Engine 4 and others, they IMO are just old looking (they are essencially made on the engine own GUI system) and more importantly a little confusing to use, specially for Artist's, this is certainly a team based engine not a engine for the lone wolf.



Mod review

There's the seed here of a very good mod if the maker continues pushing him self i'm sure he will produce a fan story or TC of high quality.

I also need to give congrats to whoever made the voice acting to this mod, was top quality.


Arx - End of Sun

Mod review

Fantastic work for a idtech4 mod, i never thought this mod would be so similar to the real Arx, everything is there, the mouse gesture magic casting, the Arx inventory system and journal, everything, the level design is also very faithful to the Arx world, but obviously with real time lighting and normal mapping. I can only give praises to anyone that worked on this and hope you guys keep on improving it.


Nuclear Cataclysm

Mod review - 5 agree

Fantastic mod level design and gameplay quality is AAA, this could have been a original Crysis DLC from Crytek. Petty the voice acting for some characters was to different from the original characters but the voice actors did a fantastic job nonetheless.



Game review

Level design is very good, puzzles make sense, detective kind gameplay as great potencial, in all a very nice demo, only problem, to short even for a free game so in all honesty i can't give it more then 7, but the developer has potencial.



Game review

My review


Very nice level design, among the best i saw in Source.
Puzzles very well integrated into the levels and not very hard.
Perfect length for what it gives in gameplay.
The levels "story" that means the felling they convey to you is very nice.


There's no real action on this game, there's some spots with some urgency and the potential for you to die but they are few and between, the majority of the game is walking around solving harmless puzzles, taking useless pictures, reading papers, hearing voice overs from the main character and phone conversations between him and his boss.

About pictures the camera unfortunately serves no real purpose, it has no real connection with the gameplay it fells has if it was implemented at last minute and the game was not made around it.

The story to me was average and the voice acting from the lead character didn't really helped to make it more enticing, has a non native English speaker sometimes it was hard to comprehend him because of the accent.

The save system is very simplistic and has the unfortunate potential to make you die in a infinite loop, it happened to me.


Mars City Security

Mod review - 5 agree - 1 disagree

Fantastic and fun multiplayer mod with coop and all normal multiplayer modes, on a game that add almost no multiplayer at all, and a very basic net code, is to prove that talent is the more important aspect on the quality of a game/mod not the game or engine where you make it.


Silent Hill: Alchemilla

Mod review - 1 agree

This mod shows that was made by Silent Hill Fans that did understand the feeling and mood of the original games, the level design is truly fantastic, AAA and true to the original games, the story is as well very Silent Hill like. But why don't i give this mod a 10 or even a nine you ask, it will come as a surprise but is not because of the lack of combat and monsters. I don't give more than 8 because i feel the developers let a big opportunity pass, a opportunity to use more psychological horror, you don't need monsters or combat to scare people, penumbra and Amnesia have shown that, sound could have been used to much more effect to scare, screams on the distance, footsteps below or above, chains rattling, doors opening by themselves, whispers in the distance, stuff changing place without notice, etc, etc, they tried a little with the mannequins moving but was too little and too few, i know the silent hill setting is a tad limiting in the kind of scares they could produce, but they could have made a new game inspired by silent hill but with aspects of other new horror games like the frictional games ones.


Dead Cyborg

Game review

Made on the blender engine using blender and free. Fantastic graphics and inspired art direction, the first episode was fantastic this one didn't disappointed.

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