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Argoon Apr 23 2012, 5:26pm says:

Fantastic scenes just the looks give me shivers. :D

+4 votes     media: Media Update: April
Argoon Apr 15 2012, 6:00pm says:

This one looks better imo but nice work on your game, i'm also of the opinion that 20€ is to much.

+2 votes     article: Bridge Constructor Released on Desura
Argoon Apr 13 2012, 3:09pm says:

Now i must ask have you guys access to the HL1 engine source or what?

+1 vote     media: Water Reflections
Argoon Mar 31 2012, 12:51pm says:

I still think CryEngine 2 is the best engine for PC games because it was custom made especially for a PC only game, Cryengine 3 was optimized (nerfed) to run on console hardware and that shows on any forest scene that i see from it imo they look worse. The tools on Cryengine 3 are another story they are really fantastic.

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Argoon Mar 29 2012, 2:19pm says:

Fantastic modeling skills.

+1 vote     article: Titanic - 100th year anniversary
Argoon Mar 18 2012, 5:06pm replied:

Bingo you got there they can't be compared i totally agree, ;) about this character of yours has i said to me is not Max Payne and will be treated like so by me if i play your mod one day, also you said that what you are doing is cool, a bet it is to you, but this is certainly not cool to me you are forcing people to play this character has Max, even going to lengths of giving it the best moveset, imo a very questionable tactic, if your concern is to be different from other mods then just give the option of changing models for your Max character, if we want to play has the original max we can if we want to experience this new look of Max we can, everybody tastes are provided everybody is happy.
Having said that i congratulate you on your work, for sticking to this game and engine and i hope to see it finished some day.

+1 vote     media: Dojo Max
Argoon Mar 18 2012, 3:43pm replied:

So you are saying that we will be forced to play with this model if we want to play has Max Payne in your mod? If true that is really not cool but is your mod and you do what you want to do but imo you should give users the option to play with the original model. Btw personally I really dislike this new Bruce Willis looking Max Payne, i will never get used to it has you said because to me that is not Max Payne at all period, is like changing batman for the watchman Nite Owl and saying "get used to it they look alike".

+1 vote     media: Dojo Max
Argoon Mar 13 2012, 10:24am says:

I did it! i followed the white rabbit and i could see a glimpse of the Real world!! ;)

+1 vote     media: Follow the white rabbit...
Argoon Mar 9 2012, 8:40pm replied:

The problem is that way you guys will get the game at less money then us euro users, 15 USD's IS NOT equal 15€ it is more or less 11€ so to be really fair if you guys pay 15USD's then we would pay 11€, if we pay 15€ you guys pay 20USD's and that's it everyone is happy because we payed equal amounts. I'm totally feed up of steam using the same amount in USD and in euros so we European users pay much more then US users for steam games and that is not fair one bit.
BTW why do you think indie games don't deserve more then 20USD's (15€)? If they make a very fun and polished game they deserve the same kind of money that a AAA company asks imo.

+4 votes     article: Big changes - new outlook
Argoon Mar 8 2012, 11:51pm replied:

I don't know how you are making the models for this or what the engine supports or not, but you shouldn't need 90.000x90.000 textures (is not even possible btw GPU's can only render till 8192x8192), if you can give different materials to surfaces is totally possible to bake shadows on the models without sacrificing resolution, if you can't then the only other way i know is using a second uv channel to drive the lightmapps but the engine need to support that.

+1 vote     media: Reading and Writing Room Ingame Diffrence BETA
Argoon Mar 7 2012, 5:12pm says:

You need to bake lightmaps in your 3d tool because right now the lack of shadows makes it look very flat.

+1 vote     media: Reading and Writing Room Ingame Diffrence BETA
Argoon Feb 24 2012, 11:26pm says:

Will this mod work with HL source ? Thats the only one that i have.

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Argoon Feb 24 2012, 9:39am says:

Quem diria pt-pt :) sempre que vejo traduções para português é sempre pt-br, como disse o conterrâneo acima é bom para quem não sabe Inglês, bom trabalho.

+2 votes     download: Portuguese Translation (PT-PT)
Argoon Feb 23 2012, 9:46am says:

The best way to disable Catalyst AI is use RadeonPro is also a fantastic tool to make game profiles.

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Argoon Feb 23 2012, 8:11am says:

looks very good.

+7 votes     media: Deep Black: Reloaded Pre-launch trailer
Argoon Feb 6 2012, 7:54pm replied:

You need to tweak the mod options the default ones don't work the same for all, for example to me it made the game dark for others they made the game bright, just spend some time on the mod menu changing values and you will be surprised.

0 votes     media: Random - RoE
Argoon Feb 3 2012, 9:27am replied:

Sorry but invisible barriers does hurt the experience it did to me, if you are concerned about performance then try to plan the paths and terrain in a way that doesn't make the player feel like they can go other way, use more obvious paths, prevent the player from going astray with rock/wood/plants barriers (you can disable collisions on the visible barriers to save on calculations and then use a simple invisible barrier in front and very near to the complex visible one to prevent the player for going trough ), don't use non important visual cues, like for example house models in the distance because that attracts attention and the player will want to go see what is inside.

+3 votes     article: Triptych - Chapter I is finished.
Argoon Feb 2 2012, 9:04pm says:

Looks fantastic.

+6 votes     media: NS2 Gorilla Gameplay Trailer
Argoon Feb 1 2012, 11:55am replied:

Looks good

+2 votes     article: Depth Hunter Released on Desura
Argoon Feb 1 2012, 11:48am says:

looks very good, i'm tracking. :)

+3 votes     game: Deep Black : Reloaded
Argoon Jan 25 2012, 4:50pm replied:

You are not forced to donate so why are you complaining? If you don't donate you will still play the mod for free, on DLC's if you don't pay you don't play, and if you donate at least you will have some recognition on the mod for your help. I don't see nothing bad with this for the contrary and is a way for modders to have a incentive to better the mod and then self's.

p.s -You guys also need to realize that you are not buying the mod (game) nor the promise of its completion (but it will sure make the mod team think twice before calling quits), so imo think of this donations more has a small risk investment.

+7 votes     article: Donations
Argoon Jan 25 2012, 4:31pm says:

Very good news :)

+1 vote     article: Arx Fatalis for Linux !!
Argoon Jan 18 2012, 10:17am says:

Fantastic, Robert and you guys deserve all the praise you can get.

0 votes     media: Dear Esther Official Trailer
Argoon Jan 3 2012, 7:43pm says:

Portuguese BR or PT?

+3 votes     download: Portuguese Translation
Argoon Dec 30 2011, 4:55pm says:

Nice looks much better indeed. :)

+2 votes     media: New UI (Coming Soon)
Argoon Dec 30 2011, 4:53pm says:

It looks fantastic. :)

+1 vote     media: Beach Assault - OverDose WIP 8
Argoon Dec 25 2011, 9:52pm says:

Looks fantastic. :)

+1 vote     media: Call of Pripyat Reloaded - 0.8 Trailer
Argoon Dec 23 2011, 12:23pm replied:

Totally congrats. :)

+3 votes     mod: Canvas
Argoon Dec 23 2011, 12:05pm says:

I just hope the reply is favorable. But to tell you the truth i don't think it will, if they wanted to release the SDK they would have done that before and not wait for people to reverse engineer the game files and make a somewhat working 3rd party level editor.
The game industry has now completely changed, lawyers and CO's have their say in everything and they are there for the profit not for the enjoyment, look to id software one of the game teams most open to moding that released their SDK's at the same time has their games, after being bought has now encrypted their pack files (they were simple zip files before) locked their cmd svars (they were totally opened before) and ripped the in engine level editor from their game (in doom3 just bring the console and type editor).

+2 votes     media: Letter to 2K Czech
Argoon Dec 20 2011, 12:16pm says:

Looks fantastic!

+2 votes     media: Smoking room Completed
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