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Argoon May 3 2015, 7:19pm replied:

You are confusing Lenin with Stalin, Lenin was a true marxist communist, Stalin was a fascist using the excuse of communism to subjugate its people.

+9 votes   media: In the Dead City...
Argoon Apr 14 2015, 6:02pm says:

Congrats on the near release but IMO the trailer ends too abruptly and do not show us anything about the gameplay.

+1 vote   media: Pre-release Trailer
Argoon Apr 11 2015, 9:05pm says:

Fantastic animation.

+1 vote   news: Saurian: First Playable Dinosaur Revealed
Argoon Apr 7 2015, 8:49pm says:

Looks fantastic, nice work this game is a hidden gem and the engine was very powerful for its time, i'm glad you are keeping it alive.

+1 vote   media: Freedom for Mars - Episode 1 - Rebel base
Argoon Apr 5 2015, 8:32pm says:

Nice mock up and graphically is also very well made, but IMO The old "to much stuff on screen" syndrome is here (i know the red text is just dev indications). It also doesn't help the gameplay at all, for the contrary, it doesn't make you more accurate, it doesn't make you more aware of the danger and is not even realistic. On a real battle a real soldier would never want stuff cluttering his vision of the battlefield, IMO something like this would be stuff that a soldier would be able to turn on and off on a need basis (like real soldiers do with the night vision goggles and binoculars), or even like the Interstellar Marines game, able to open the visor when unobstructed view is necessary or desired.

+1 vote   media: Crylo Hud
Argoon Mar 23 2015, 2:02pm says:

Very nice work, some advice bring the walk sounds down they are to high and distracting after some time.

Second put a invisible ramp on the stairs so the character controller do not jump so noticeable when going up or down stairs, that is how professional developers like Remedy and others solved that problem.

Again nice work and don't give up.

+1 vote   news: Banned Game Project WIP Showcase
Argoon Mar 20 2015, 12:54pm says:

I get a virus warning from Avast and he puts the .exe on the quarantine, so i can't play the game, do i need to worry about it or is it a false positive?

+1 vote   game: Wolfram
Argoon Mar 17 2015, 3:16pm replied:

First time playing a pc game? On consoles the weapon is near the screen, that is because you seat far away from the TV, but it looks huge on a pc monitor.

+1 vote   media: hostile
Argoon Mar 3 2015, 9:07pm says:

Nice :)

+2 votes   media: testmap
Argoon Mar 3 2015, 9:05pm says:

congrats on this man will download it right away. :)

+5 votes   download: BladeYautjaSABasePack
Argoon Feb 19 2015, 7:24pm says:

Fantastic atmosphere and SotaPoika said exactly what i though. Maybe you guys should think making some small single player horror based game ala Penumbra? It could be the break you are waiting for and can be made with a small team like yours.

+1 vote   media: OverDose Atmosphere Test
Argoon Feb 18 2015, 12:57am says:

Glad you are still working on this mod, i still have Mafia installed waiting for it, btw has a AMD user my experience has been very nice, i have no drivers problems, so is surprising to me that you add that many issues, what AMD GPU do you add? Just curious.

+1 vote   news: Status update
Argoon Feb 18 2015, 12:35am says:

Has always fantastic level of detail.

+1 vote   media: Bunker 6
Argoon Feb 7 2015, 5:21pm says:

Very nice guys i like it.

+2 votes   news: Mars City Security WIP Update 14
Argoon Feb 7 2015, 5:07pm says:

Looks very good as always.

+3 votes   media: Bunker 5
Argoon Jan 21 2015, 10:31pm replied:

Just click on the installer it will install automatically, if that for some reason does not work then just unzip the exe and copy the folder to the HL2 mod's folder, then just restart steam.

+1 vote   mod: Silent Hill: Alchemilla
Argoon Jan 19 2015, 9:10pm says:

Sad to fatal is gone but i loved Onirica and i didn't knew it was yours, congrats.

+3 votes   news: Fatal is canceled
Argoon Jan 13 2015, 6:38pm replied:

sorry for the extremely late reply but i was very busy and then forgot about this, did what you said and the performance jump was considerable so yes the "pretty water" is to blame here.

+1 vote   news: Katharsis Alpha 0.1 is out. Get it!
Argoon Dec 23 2014, 10:17am says:

merry xmas and happy new year to you to.

+2 votes   news: Merry Christmas and a happy 2015!
Argoon Dec 14 2014, 9:49pm says:

Fantastic!!! A true Silent Hill trailer

+3 votes   media: Alchemilla Trailer
Argoon Dec 3 2014, 3:42pm replied:

yes but in real life shadows are not pitch black they have bounced light from the environment so a real night vision mode does make shadows less dark, you could apply a extra ambient light to the level to make shadows less black when the goggles are on and hide it when they are off, don't know if this is doable on the stalker engine tho. You could also if possible use a post process shader that mimics the photoshop levels.

+1 vote   media: New IR & Infrared PPE effects
Argoon Dec 2 2014, 6:21pm says:

Looks cool but what purpose does they have? None of the visions really helped you much (in the video) a shadow was still pitch black no matter what vision mode you used.

+1 vote   media: New IR & Infrared PPE effects
Argoon Dec 2 2014, 2:00pm says:

Nice i'm really not a fan of the post processing effects that make your vision narrower but is nice to know you can disable them all, about the rest is just fantastic i like the world you are producing there.

+6 votes   media: V2 progress... it's coming, God willing
Argoon Nov 12 2014, 7:41pm says:


+2 votes   game: Scrap Mechanic
Argoon Nov 7 2014, 8:50pm says:

Very nice continue doing a excelent job, you have a fan in me.

+1 vote   media: Inflitrator
Argoon Nov 5 2014, 7:36pm says:

I do add two crashes on level change but you guys already knew that.

+4 votes   news: About the game problems
Argoon Oct 23 2014, 5:01pm replied:

By browsing the forum link that you gave me for AMD and darkplaces problems something came to my attention, it seems the water maybe the culprit here, in the forum they say the "pretty water" on darkplaces rapes AMD cards. And you have a small water pool in the exact place that is causing the extremely bad performance for me.

+2 votes   news: Katharsis Alpha 0.1 is out. Get it!
Argoon Oct 22 2014, 10:26pm replied:

Hum, Thanks for the suggestion but even with crossfire disabled performance is still very bad, do you have a Nvidia GPU, what is your fps's when looking to the center of the room? It could certainly be a combination of an AMD OpengL driver problem with your game, plus the fact that you have, imo, to many shadow casting lights, visible at the same time when we look to the center of the room, i counted a total of 6 that is overkill, for example when i look to the corners where you have a single light, performance jumps considerably from 8 fps's to more than 40 fps's. Please don't take this wrong but you should not have more than 4 shadow casting lights visible per frame, you should also be careful with overlapping light volumes, i know this because i'm modding the idtech 4 engine and this engine is very similar, if you enable the r_showoverdraw command and look to the center you will see what i mean.

+2 votes   news: Katharsis Alpha 0.1 is out. Get it!
Argoon Oct 21 2014, 8:32pm says:

Nice waiting patiently. :)

+2 votes   news: News about Halloween release date
Argoon Oct 21 2014, 8:30pm says:

Looks very nice good job, i just hope to see some real gameplay someday. ;)

+1 vote   media: Leaked OverDose Early Alpha Gameplay Sort Of Stuff
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