Just a random guy with a passion for video games and music. If you want to contact me, I'm on Xfire and Steam often enough. If you want a custom header, background or avatar (or all three!) for personal use or for your group(s), let me know ;) Space and words of all sorts will fill this space, never to be seen again. On top of that I am going to update my profile so that you cannot see these words. Instead, a cool looking picture shall go on top with some html links for various sites of mine. I still have five hundred characters to go. Drat. Whilst writing that I lessened the character amount. I now have three hundred and sixty one. Wow, that actually worked. But it doesn't matter, because you will never see this again. Well, maybe if you're lucky you will, but I'm not so sure. Anyway, I'm going to attempt to. I need to max out the text. Horribly annoying at times, let me tell you. Still quite a few characters to go, but only in the double digits. Fortunately that ate a bit up. Single.

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0 comments by Arcones on Feb 16th, 2011

AES has recently had the help of cork279 in the construction of logos (actually it was all cork :P) so without further ado you can check out his work here: AES Logos

So what do you think? Voting is going on over at the PAS forum. Please vote and tell us which logo is your favorite!

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0 comments by Arcones on Feb 10th, 2011

AES recently changed over from Arc Studios, due to another company that used the same name. Personally, I believe it's an improvement! Not only does it make sense, but the acronym AES looks good as well (instead of AS). 

AES is working with the Platinum Arts Sandbox Engine (PAS; which can be found on Moddb) and is developing three games. Dark Tunnels (name subject to change), Mini-Games, and a project in it's infant stage which will be based off the world wide acclaimed series of Redwall. Hopefully AES will be able to accomplish creating a persistent, 3D rendition of the popular world of Mossflower (the location for Redwall). The world itself will include iconic locations and vistas, like Redwall, Salamandastron, various Shrew and Otter homes as well as multiple castles of villians from several of the Redwall books.

Prepare yourselves for a world of adventure, excitement, and exploration!

Arcones Head of AES

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0 comments by Arcones on Feb 9th, 2011

Apparently, there's a blog... very interesting! I suppose I'll have to use this at some point... I'll be around for the long haul so you may (or may not) see some sort of modding come from me. Call me Arc, if you want. Most people do. You might see me playing a Half-Life 2 mod or something else, but I'm also a big Left 4 Dead 2 fan so maybe not.

Fun things may happen here so stick around!