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0 comments by Arcones on Apr 20th, 2011

When I first got Steam to download Alien Swarm (which ironically I saw on ModDB) I was pretty psyched. It looked great, Steam and the game. Well, since then I've recieved and bought many games, and have thoroughly enjoyed my time with Steam.

While playing around in Platinum Arts Sandbox (an SDK), I found out I could browse the web while in-game. Needless to say this excited me more than getting a Red Rider BB Gun for Christmas. Anywhozzle, I posted on the PASF and checked ModDB, but I didn't log in. Then it hit me, what if I posted a blog about using ModDB/Desura on the Steam in-game web browser!

So here I am, fully able to post this blog in a web browser while building my cathedral. I find it ironic that I'm posting a Desura blog in Steam and therefore I think I fell in love with Steam. Again. Sorry Desura, I'm still a big fan of Steam, and probably will be for a while now. But hey! I get the best mods from you, so I'll see you later!

From my in-game Steam Web Browser

Report abuse I've been booked... And kinda lazy

0 comments by Arcones on Mar 30th, 2011

So I said a while back I'd post some more YoN's (if you don't know what that is, here's the Glitch Mob YoN) but due to prior engagements, notedly, school and school and, oh yeah, school plus, being slightly lazy on taking the time to research, nothing has come out.

I'll try to get on top of it soon, but I also have a 40 hr. project for school which you'll probably see more of than any YoN's (due to the project being for anything I want, therefore game creation). If there's anything you ABSOLUTELY positively want done, I can do it ;D


Report abuse Friend or Foe: Pt. 1

0 comments by Arcones on Mar 22nd, 2011

Gazing out the compartment window of the desert hovercraft, James thought, "This planet is just one massive dust ball."James Talis was Marshal, Second Rank in the Global United Federation or GUF for short. His latest mission had been to discover the whereabouts of the desert bandits on planet Terak in the Pluto Ring. The bandits were razing villages, robbing citizens, and destroying this developing intergalactic planet. James was en route to Hezon, capital city of Terak and GUF's planetary headquarters. In his possession was the exact location of the desert bandits but also Intel that suggested possible ties to the GUF. Wearily, James pushed his medium brown hair from his steel blue eyes. James was relieved to be heading back to HQ's, mission accomplished, for a much needed rest.

     Suddenly, a bright flash outside the window caught his attention. There was a low rumble, almost like thunder and James felt something strike the aft of the transport. He stumbled and caught himself on his bunk. James looked once again out the window as a couple dozen two-man bandit speeders rapidly approached the slowing transport. He surmised the engines had been hit. James rummaged through his belongings for a Blue Tablet computer. With quick, hurried motions, he sent an SOS message to HQ. Grabbing his weapon, he ran into the hallway and towards the bridge. He could hear fighting up ahead. The bandits had stormed the transport but the crew was putting up a fight. Cautiously, James moved towards them in frustration. The dim-witted bandits were going to rob and destroy again. James had no further time for thought because two men stalked around the corner carrying rifles. James bolted through the command bridge. He could hear the sound of his pursuers behind him. Jumping a low wall, James exploded through a door labeled Cargo Bay. With a final burst of speed, James sprinted around one of the large cargo boxes and crouched. He was just in time. A moment later, two bandits ran into the Cargo Bay with rifles raised. Holding his breath, James waited. He heard one of the men say, "We were instructed not to leave until we locate and eliminate him. Let's split up." In that moment, James realized that the bandits weren't after the cargo or the transport, they were after him! There was a muffled sound and James listened as the sound of boots came closer, and closer. Eying his pursuer, James leapt forward and landed a solid punch to the man's face, dropping him. As the man fell backwards, James carefully grabbed the front of his vest, and taking great heed not to make any sound, laid him gently on the ground. James hurried towards the Cargo door, but stopped as he realized that by this time the transport was probably swarming with bandits. Taking a brief look around, James headed towards an escape ladder bolted to the side of the wall.

Report abuse Official AES Logo

0 comments by Arcones on Mar 17th, 2011

Many thanks to Cork279's fabulous work. Arcon Entertainment Studios now has a logo! 

Official AES Logo
You can now check it out under my images (click view original).

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0 comments by Arcones on Mar 10th, 2011

So just as the title says, I will be taking requests for YoN (Yay or Nay), so if you guys have a group, or a game, or anything else, just send me a PM (or post below) and I'll endeavor to do it.

The easier ones I'll probably do first, as I'm still in the midst of school, but just by sending requests in, I have more material for a YoN Blog.

Plus, if you really like the band, game, whatnot, this would spread the word a little and enlighten others to the awesome bass of an electronic band, or an up and coming video game!

So by all means, send in the requests!

Report abuse The Glitch Mob: Yay or Nay?

0 comments by Arcones on Mar 8th, 2011

A couple weeks ago I talked about Dead Island, an up and coming zombie FPS. Moddb.com

Well, today we're talking about The Glitch Mob. The Glitch Mob rates among the best of the best for electronic/dubstep. Some of their work include profanity which I don't care for, so I tend to stay away from those songs. They do have, one stellar piece of work called, Drive it Like you Stole It.

Particularly amazing because of the slow, heavy bass, which increases in tempo about half way through, this song has also been remixed by Go Periscope (I'll be doing a YoN blog on them in the future) and while the lyrics seem to overshadow the rest of the song itself, it is nonetheless an amazing remix.

So, what do you think? Yay, or nay?

Report abuse Mandalorian Chant

4 comments by Arcones on Mar 4th, 2011

Mhi dralshy'a, mhi hettyc drali, mhi iviin'yc, mhi kandosii.

Cuun aru'e trattok'o. Mhi darasuum Mando.

Try being the first person to translate it! If you do, you get karma points!
Re'turcye mhi!

Report abuse Yay or Nay?

0 comments by Arcones on Mar 3rd, 2011

So from now on, I'll be doing "Yay or Nay?" blogs for just about anything. Video games, music, latest Apple products, etc. I'll post a link to the site, say my two cents, and you all can pitch in with your four cents.

Upcoming YoN's:
The Glitch Mob
iPad 2
Daft Punk

I've already done a YoN on Dead Island. Check it out in my blog section!

Report abuse Dead Island: Yay or Nay?

0 comments by Arcones on Feb 28th, 2011

I saw this trailer the other day. A zombie shooter trailer. Woo hoo, I commented enthusiastically, Another Zombie shooter. But as I watched the trailer, I realized it wasn't just another zombie fix, it was different. What do you think? Yay, or nay?


Personally, I think it's a unique twist to the standard shoot-'em-up zombie FPS' out there. If it amounts to something, I hope it's because of the storyline, and not because we zombie fanatics bought it to shoot zombies. Heck, that's what Left 4 Dead 2 is for!

Report abuse Music anyone?

10 comments by Arcones on Feb 26th, 2011

Seriously, favorite genres, artists, albums, etc. Show the comments some love and tell 'em what music you like. I personally enjoy electronic music (techno, dance, hardcore included).

Some of my favorite artists are Go Periscope, Daft Punk, Glitch Mob and others.

And no, it doesn't have to be electronic.