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So I've wanted to upload a particular dubstep remix to ModDB but the uploader wasn't working for this particular one. I finally decided to just show it in the blog.

What do you guys think?

Oh yeah, forgot about the three hundred character limit thingy. Well, here you go :P

Title says it all I suppose. Hope you all have happy holidays, and a very merry Christmas.

Now to fill up the extra word count!

Well, not really. You see, I can ramble, rather easily. I'm especially prone to rambling in papers, which is not good. On the other hand, I don't work well with outlines. I need a vague structure of the paper, say, a couple of ideas, and I'll make the paper from there. However, it doesn't always mean it's easy to write the paper. Trust me, I'm mostly scrambling at the last moment.

And look at that, I rambled! And filled up the wordcount. That makes me happy. It means I can post this.

Merry Christmas!
Best wishes this holiday season,


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Title says it all I suppose. School is finished, and so are all of my many projects (well, not really, some of them are just postponed). I've had some fun building on my Globe Theater map. My intent is to create a full city, but that will take a while.

Anyway, I've found a sudden influx of awesome music. If you've noticed that from the beginning of my selection of trance/dance music, none of the songs have had lyrics. That will change. Mainly because I can widen my posting selection and secondly because, well, I have a lot more good songs with lyrics than good songs without lyrics. It makes it easier for me. So, I should have another video song thingy or two up within the week.

Till then,

Once again I had the opportunity to recreate a building from history using Platinum Arts Sandbox Free 3D Game Maker. And this time, I think I nailed it.

It took well over forty hours to build, but it was definitely worth it. The presentation went well, and my classmates enjoyed it. Tell me what you guys think!

Well, none of you knew this, but at the beginning of November started one of the craziest things every: NaNoWriMo. That is, National November Writing Month (although I believe it's technically International at this point). The goal is to write a novel of fifty thousand words in one month. Yup, 50k.

Being a writer, and having a storyline stuck in my head since summer, I eagerly signed up, knowing full well I would be booked solid (no pun intended) for the entire month and not believing I'd make it. And for the first week, that is the way it seemed. I only wrote maybe three thousand words which is pitiful considering that I need 1667 per day in order to finish on time (if you do the math you'll see it). So I was woefully behind, until I kicked my own rear into gear and decided to get serious. So starting every morning from that first week, I dedicated the first couple hours of my day to writing. And you know what? It worked. Using a program called "Write or Die" I was able to crank out nearly 22 THOUSAND words in one week. Twenty two thousand. Nearly half my desired quota. But that was only to get me back up to speed. I was still struggling to keep on par between the upcoming holidays and school. And so I fell behind again, this time mainly due to my procrastination. Once again, I squared my shoulders and marched in the field of battle in which my fingers fought against time in order to reach the quota I needed. And by golly I did it. I've nearly finished the 50k challenge, having reached over 47 thousand words tonight. And there, I shall say farewell, for I'm tired and it's almost midnight.


Now that I have your attention, I must regretfully say that I do not have bacon nor a cookie (although I am eating bacon tonight (EAT IT)). However, I'll attempt to make it up to you by bringing back my YoN series (Yay or Nay). It'll mainly comprise my musical tastes but will include requests from you, my faithful watcher (kinda sounds stalk-ish :P ). So, please take a look at the first one, tell me what you think, and submit a request! I'll listen to it, and upload it. So in a sense, this is my musical journey, and hopefully it'll introduce you all to some new artists! I hope you enjoy it,


Welcome everyone,

Arcon Entertainment Studios is now looking for mappers. Skill level must be better than "Okay". Submit pictures of your work to Sand-Fly and I'll check them out. If you get a position, you'll need to download Platinum Arts Sandbox v2.7 (which will be released soon). It will also require you to keep in touch with Sand-Fly and allow him to preview the work. This is just so development will stay on schedule.

There are two projects to work on:
Dark Tunnels
Episode One

Dark Tunnels would mainly consist of general mapping (in accordance to the preview images you may have seen on DT's game page). Development would move faster, and would increase productivity having another mapper to share ideas with. This would allow a move from pre-Alpha to Alpha, and allow a small group of testers to participate in development as well.

Episode One is currently in pre-Alpha stages and is rather simple in mapping. It will be easy to achieve larger amounts of progress with this, and would soon reach Alpha testing phase with more than one mapper working on it. Also, the storyline is episodic meaning instead of working on a full game, this is developed step-by-step, and therefore you need only focus on the episode at hand for mapping. Further info will be released later as more work is done.

If you are interested, please contact me (Sand-Fly) here on ModDB by PM (with a preview of your work), or on Steam (username: Sand-Fly) also with a preview of your work.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask.
Thanks for your time,

Sand-Fly - Lead Developer for AES

Amazingly when I started on ModDB, I found several groups that really interested me. Besides that, there were the many people who I "friended" and those who "friended" me. Between all of them, and me, I've finally done it.

Breached the top 200 people on ModDB (199th) to be exact. This is out of over 130,000 people. I'm amazed quite frankly. I didn't expect to get this far this fast. So thanks guys for the help. I'm not leaving for a while, especially since my games just got more interesting. That's all, just a random update.

In the long run, it really has been slow, partly due to school starting again, and a total burn up on my end.


The last update showed the WECU chambers, and the detailing that went into them. I had started them without the realization that I could not, in a sane condition, recreate them 3 more times from scratch. That meant I needed to find a way to copy and paste each one in proportion to the plans I had in mind. That took several mapping sessions just to get the 4 square right. Then I realized on the scale I needed it to be on, there should have been 3 other 4 squares (yes you read that right). I ended up increasing the mapsize and copying and pasting over a quarter of the map for each WECU square. That also took a lot of work. So unfortunately I didn't get a whole lot of detailing done, but I did complete the majority of the level.After that, it was mainly to give the level a more "scientific feel". Catwalks, big doors, and unadorned supports. This started out fine, with a main catwalk along each wall, two story's high. From there I planned on branching the catwalks throughout the facility. However, after completing a portion of the catwalks, and in an attempt to save my work, the engine crashed. Unfortunately it erased my catwalk work, with all the detailing I had put into it (railings, texturing, etc). That was tough as I had wanted to finish the level really bad (although I knew my expectations were unrealistic). So I just had to step back.


I haven't really given an update on the storyline, and that's why I'm doing so now. At the time of the mapping, I (thought I) had the storyline watertight. Not true. I've now learned that storylines can be revised many times before you're satisfied with them. While the plot still revolves around the Energy Resource Initiative, it's why the ERI facility was truly set up that I need clarification on. So I'll continue working on that in the upcoming weeks.The Added Bonus
This week I got back into contact with Slayer (who had done our early concept for the Dark Tunnels logo). He had taken a serious interest into 3d modeling, and so I was able to get his help for some props. Hopefully we can work out some more ideas and props together that will give the game an authentic feel.

Also, I'm very sorry that I couldn't give any screenshots this time around. Hopefully by the time the next monthly update rolls around there will be a lot more work done, and we can showcase it. For now, thanks for tracking, and if you have any ideas, please share them!

Sandfly - Lead Dev

Free Engines

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Well, I'm Sandfly, you all know that. I'm an indie game developer, which most of you know as well. The engine I use is Platinum Arts Sandbox. This is my observations and comparisons between the "tried and true" engines such as Unity, Source, Unreal, and PAS.

I'm just gonna say up front, that I have relatively (okay, zip) experience with commercial engine licensing and all that... But what I'm going to say, is (hopefully) true with most indie devs.

Many indie developers already have AND use great engines such as Unity, Unreal, Source, and while they are free, there are license's needed to publish a game (commercially). Those engines are vastly more robust than Sandbox and therefore most developers looking to publish a commercial game can get commercial licenses. I'm not saying that Sandbox' early development is a bad thing!! But simply that in a category (free engines) many engines outweigh Sandbox in versatility. Now, Sandbox is in it's early stages, and I'm greatly impressed by how far it's come, and look forward to more great work in the future! But for engines that are already complete, and made full time by professional developers, it will be hard to get indie developers to come to an engine, that's still being updated (even though it's potential is great) while other, more "tried and proven" engines are out there. With engines that have a showcase that include some of the most famous games in gaming history, it's hard to follow that with a still in development engine like PAS. That's part of my goal as an indie developer, to showcase PAS' easy use with games like Dark Tunnels, and Jumper: The Way of Life.

Those are just my thoughts, and like I prefaced this with, I don't know much about commercial products the in the game industry. These are merely my observations from the past 2 years in research on Unity, and other well known engines.

The reason for this blog was because a fellow Sandbox user is creating a "middleware" and it's commercial. Now if you read and followed my above section, you'll sort of understand why I would hold off making this engine commercial in part, until it's vastly more developed. I would like to hear you're thoughts as well on the use of a proven engine vs. a relatively new engine. Thanks for reading,