Just a random guy with a passion for video games and music. If you want to contact me, I'm on Xfire and Steam often enough. If you want a custom header, background or avatar (or all three!) for personal use or for your group(s), let me know ;) Space and words of all sorts will fill this space, never to be seen again. On top of that I am going to update my profile so that you cannot see these words. Instead, a cool looking picture shall go on top with some html links for various sites of mine. I still have five hundred characters to go. Drat. Whilst writing that I lessened the character amount. I now have three hundred and sixty one. Wow, that actually worked. But it doesn't matter, because you will never see this again. Well, maybe if you're lucky you will, but I'm not so sure. Anyway, I'm going to attempt to. I need to max out the text. Horribly annoying at times, let me tell you. Still quite a few characters to go, but only in the double digits. Fortunately that ate a bit up. Single.

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It was an awesome day. I couldn't believe my luck ("In my experience, there is no such thing as luck." Name that quote in the comments!).

My favorite server is never active whenever I'm on, so I've been playing mostly TDM whenever I get on. The map was Crossfire and I was using a M10 shotgun with a grip and the perks UAV Jammer and Dead Silence. I had sprinted down one side of the map, and no enemy was in sight. They were all on the opposite side of the map. My goal was to reach the very back and camp (yeah, no rules about camping on this server. I love it). The UAV showed one enemy sniping, and knowing the HUD layout for sniping, they wouldn't be able to see (or hear me) if they had their scope up. I ran up and shot once, getting the kill. I knew however, that since spawn time is immediate the sniper would come back to his spot to look for me. I ran up the stairs and crouched at the top, watching the bottom. Within ten seconds the guy was back and received another shell to the face. I pulled in a UAV (I already had a kill before those two) and waited as I watched it reveal the two incoming enemies. Chances were they were snipers so I wasn't afraid. Most aren't that good on the server (only 2-3 total that are fantastic). I waited a few more seconds and ran down the stairs. I turned the corner and received a shot from a pistol. Now if it had been HC, then I would have died, but it wasn't, so I knifed him, only to see another body right behind his, which I knifed immediately as well. Things were looking good. I couldn't pull in the Airstrike just yet, and ran into another building. A guy was up in the rafters sniping, so I took him out and proceeded to kill another guy from around the corner. Helicopter. Nice. I was caught by surprise and my streak ended, but it was pretty good. The four games I played I had a streak of 7+ in each, with three different weapons (AK-74u, M10 + Knife, G3).

If anyone wants to play with my each Saturday (in the afternoon/evening) you can find me on Steam under Arcones (there's one other Arcones I think, but I have a J as my profile pic).

I am Seven.

That's my name, or at least, that's what they said is my name. I don't know what Seven stands for. It may be something. It may be nothing. I know that seven is a number, but what's that? They showed me a table once. It had numbers from one all the way to one hundred printed on it. That is the first day I remember. I can't remember anything before that except waking up. I was small then. The stark white-paneled walls seemed to rise up forever. My bed was white too. Only the numbers were black.

I was in that room for a long time. How long is long, you ask? Well, I don't know. I grew a lot and they fed me a lot. I don't know where the food came from except when I woke up, food would be by my bed. But I was alone. I was taught things in that room. How to read, how to write. It's funny though, I never saw anyone. I've never seen myself either. There were only screens which taught me words. And the voice doesn't count, it's too fake. But there must be others. There have to be others. I cannot be here alone.

The fake voice started a count down one day. It was a slow count down, beginning at ten and after every sleep it went down one number. It hit one. And that was when I heard a new voice...

So I did finally get around to writing this, but it didn't come out in April like I promised (one day off, I know, such a slacker). But to get down to business!

As the title says, this blog will be about a couple of things but first, a contest! The idea was given to me by Salsa_Shark when I asked people to post their desktops. Basically we all would post what we see from our windowsills (whichever windowsill you like I guess). I think it's a pretty cool idea and if you guys want to we can organize that. However another idea along the same lines popped up. What about a worldwide scavenger hunt? It may seem a little crazy but I think it would work. A for instance would be something like this: A list of places/things to find is given to the participants and during their regular life if they find it, they take a picture of it and upload it, either to their profile or just to send it to the organizer. Whoever "finds" all of the places/things on the list first, wins. Now if there's a prize, I don't know what it would be and as I'm not made of cash it unfortunately wouldn't be some sort of game! But who knows, we may come up with something.

Next is the pictures. Several people wanted some custom desktop backgrounds and I'm sorry to say that I haven't had time to work on them (once again, I'm a slacker haha). That doesn't mean I won't work on them, but I've had to prioritize things to do recently as my summer became a bit more packed than anticipated. I should be able to get some work done on them soon though, so stay tuned!

And the last part. And more! is a bit vague, so I'll explain. I've wanted to get back to writing short stories, partly because I love to write and also because I actually have stories that would work on a short story scale. If you guys would be interested in reading and critiquing them then it would really push me to write more often and better! If not, well, I'll probably post them anyways, hehe.

So that's all for now! But if you read this far, please leave a comment on what you think and also, since I believe most of you don't receive blog updates, let me know if the picture update system worked and if so, I'll continue to use that.

As always, here's your friendly ModDB-aholic,


Unfortunately my favorite CoD4 server has been hit with lots of lag over the past few months, causing me to switch games for the moment until they fix the problem. Hence this Tales From the Battlefield!

It's been a while since I played L4D2, but I can say it really is satisfying to smash a zombies head off with a frying pan, or simply lay into a running group of 20 or more zombies with the AK-47.

This time around I was playing with my brother and a couple of friends. None of us had played within recent memory so we were all a tad rusty. To add to the fun, we set the difficulty on advanced. That was dumb. Surprisingly we did well for the first four-ish chapters (the campaign was The Parish). What started to kill us however, were the special infected that started spawning (tanks, witches, etc). During a specific part, when the other three guys were using all melee weapons, I was using the Combat Shotgun (semi-automatic if I remember correctly).

We were up on a second story floor and while the rest of my team was inside bashing zombie brains I was on the second story porch (I don't know what else to call it). Over the noise of spilling guts and crunching bones, I heard a sort of "crying" noise. I immediately recognized this as the tell-tale sign of a witch. As of yet, I couldn't see where she was, but it was daytime, so she would be standing and wandering around. I fortunately remembered to wait for my friends before heading down to find her. Now the bright side to my friends weaponry was that they wouldn't have a stray shot that just might startle the witch (after all, they were using melee weapons). I however, was using a shotgun and I immediately remembered that one shot to the back of a witch SHOULD kill her immediately. As we moved on from the porch and across the top of a bus, the witch grew louder. We were getting close. I stayed to the back and simply waited for my friends to kill the zombies ahead while I tried to locate the witch. I did. In a walkthrough shed, she was standing. I walked behind her and put three blasts into her back. AND SHE DIED. I don't think I even needed the other two shells, but I've been on the wrong end of that exchange before and I didn't want it to happen again. When the Witch-Hunter screen came around in the safe-house, I had dealt over 800 damage by myself while my friends had dealt 0.

Arcones: 1
Witch: 0

Top 100?

Arcones Blog 16 comments

I checked where I am rank wise among the ModDB members.... And found I'm in the top 100.

I finally got there. That's crazy. I think it deserves some sort of picture (forthcoming :D ).

Anyway... Yeah... Very narcissistic of me I know, but still, how often does that actually happen?

So thanks guys for tracking and commenting and being an overall awesome community!

New Music?

Arcones Blog 6 comments

A quick blog about some new music. Being a big music lover myself, I always try and find new artists to listen to and therefore have several channels that I've subscribed to in order to do so. Most of the music I listen to can be categorized as EDM (Electronic Dance Music) although I do enjoy some alternative stuff occasionally. That said, I would prefer EDM over alternative any day (and as you can see by my video list). If there's an artist you really like or you think I haven't heard of, let me know! I'm always looking to expand my horizons (just make sure it's good stuff :P ).

So if you guys have suggestions, I would love to hear 'em!

I've thought about doing it before, but I've never taken the time. Essentially those who participate will take a screen capture of their desktop background and post it on their profile.

It's a chance to show off your desktop and whatever other programs you run in the background (Rainmeter, Fences, etc). The goal is to give your desktop some internet time and have fun with it.

Post a link to your profile below if you want to do this and I'll definitely check it out. You'll be seeing mine soon! Cheers!


Let me first say that although this seems like quite a long poem, if you condencesd it, you would first, lose the cadence, and secondly it really isn't that long. This was written for a school assignment, but I thought I'd throw it up here for you guys to read and for me to receive your input. This story line isn't original as I rewrote in narrative poem form the ending to the classic book, Beowulf. Please read it all the way through and leave a comment as to what you thought about it. Thanks!

The King’s Foe

Once upon a time

In a land far away
Where the beaches were rocky
And the skyline was grey
There lived an old king
Who in long ago days
Had killed the very monster
Who had threatened his ways.

He lived now in peace

For he had not any woes
As a triumphant young king
He had defeated his foes.
The land was prosperous
And under his rule
The nation was flourishing
For the king was not cruel.

He strove to protect them

As a shepherd to his flock
But the wizened old king
Was near the end of his clock.
His days were now numbered
And his time on earth short
Yet he had one act to give
One last act of great report.

Over the rivers,

Rocks and dales
Came the sad tale
To the king old and hale
Of a ravaging beast
From it’s rest disturbed
Who took it’s revenge
On the people it burned.

The king knew his time

Had come to an end
But for one last battle
His land to defend
The king set forth
With comrades and friends
The king set forth
This creature to attend.

The company traveled

To the cave of the worm
And their lord said to them,
“My resolve is yet firm.
I shall battle this foe
Yet you must wait without
And watch for the outcome
For I have not a doubt.”

“Either I should perish

Or defeat this great foe
Yet whoever shall win
This I truly know.
I have fought for mine own
And the glory in winning
But I am an old king
And I see death grinning.”

Drawing up his sword
Armed in mail and helm
Upon his arm a shield
He to defend his realm
Marched resolutely forth
All alone in his fight
Old but still hale
In his sword-arm, might.

The hoard-guard, the dragon,

Sensing the advance
Rose forth to meet him
And took a battle stance.
Then the king broke out
In a mighty storm of anger
He challenged the dragon
Heedless of his danger.

From the gaping dragon jaws

Came torrents of fire
The serpent was angered
He released all his ire.
The king raised his shield
The flaming breath to avoid.
The foe closed his jaws
While with the king he toyed.

As the two fought within

The companions without
The fierce battle they heard
Their hearts filled with doubt.
They ran from the cave
They fled from their king
All save the youngest
Who faced danger with his king.

Then king and companion
Stood behind the shield
As for a second time
The fire sought to make them yield.
Then out swept the sword
The great and old Naegling
And the king, standing tall
Made for a strong swing.
Smiting him on the snout
His blade failed him then
The heirloom weapon
Failed in the dragons den.
Naegling was snapped
On the scales of the foe
Bereft of his sword
He could deal no blow.

Then the great dragon

Reached out with his jaws
And clamped them on the king
His body to gnaw.
But the kings companion
Soldier and friend
Struck out with his weapon
His lord to defend.

The blade was an heirloom

And mighty in make
And striking not the head
Smote the belly of the snake.
The worm was weakened
And in that very hour
The king took his knife
And revealed all his power.

The keen-edged blade struck
And the dragon felt it’s bite
The worm let go of the king
It would no longer take flight.
The kinsmen victorious
Yet one mortally wounded
Saw the dragon dead
And the treasure that abounded.

Then the dear king

As he lay dying on his foe
Asked his companion
The treasure to show
So that he might be glad
And dying happy know
The dragon had provided
For the land he loved so.

In case you were wondering, my avatar change is merely to test an avatar someone requested I help them with. It is a .gif file which works fine on both of our computers (meaning it works in our picture folders) but it doesn't seem to work on ModDB...

EDIT: I should clarify that it doesn't work as an avatar. MHstudios put it as a picture in his images section and it worked great:

Which is confusing because others have .gif avatars which are working. Unless there is something I'm missing, there shouldn't be a problem whatsoever with the avatar in question. If any of you guys have any tips, I'd appreciate it!

Oh and it's temporary. And it doesn't seem to work on my profile either... So I either go back to the "LOLWUT" pear, or another avatar. Which would you guys like to see?

So I guess that's two questions actually...

EDIT: I really need to change my avatar, it's getting confusing already. If you guys have any ideas, let me know (for both questions)!

Tales From the Battlefield: Call of Duty 4 Part 3

Also entitled, "Shotgun? Heck yes!"

My favorite Headquarters server was down the other day, forcing me to do something I've never really done before: play Team Death Match. Let me tell you, I became twice the player I already was simply by playing on a TDM server. True, 16 v 16 can be hectic and there are so many nades that you usually don't get kill streaks, but regardless I did my best to help my team.

At first, I did horrible. I had taken off the martyrdom perk, which could have easily given me ten more kills that round if it had been on. The reason behind this was I wanted to move away from my reliance on the belief that it didn't matter if I died because then the enemy would most likely die as well. This I realized, made me a worse player. Then as the round progressed and I realized how my shotgun worked, I got better. I knew where the majority of the enemies would be and therefore knew exactly how far I could sprint, where I needed to throw a grenade, where I should prone and where to bottleneck the enemy. As soon as I got these concepts down, my score drastically increased.

In particular, I remember one life, where I proned by a garbage can, away from where nearly all of the nades fell. There, I had the perfect cover from people coming through the alley. Most looked straight ahead to where people usually camped and had their ironsights trained there the moment they entered the ally. Instead, I was to the bottom right of their vision (if they even saw me at all before I killed them). No sooner had I gotten into position but three enemies came around the corner. I got two with my shotgun before my teammates killed the other. There was a bit of delay while we waited and I tossed a stun nade and a frag, bouncing it off the wall and into the doorway. Getting another kill from that, I pulled in the 3 kill streak UAV. Almost immediately, more enemies came around the corner. I killed both and achieved the 5 kill streak airstrike which I threw down immediately. I don't remember if I killed anyone or not, but regardless, it gave me ten points. By this time, the enemy started to realize that I was somewhere to the right, but they still didn't know where. As they came around the corner, they spread out, most of them coming towards me. I pumped all four shells into the enemy, gaining a 10 kill streak, before the martyrdom of one dead enemy killed me. Over all, it was quite a satisfying run and from then on, I was much more proficient with my shotgun.

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