Just a random guy with a passion for video games and music. If you want to contact me, I'm on Xfire and Steam often enough. If you want a custom header, background or avatar (or all three!) for personal use or for your group(s), let me know ;) Space and words of all sorts will fill this space, never to be seen again. On top of that I am going to update my profile so that you cannot see these words. Instead, a cool looking picture shall go on top with some html links for various sites of mine. I still have five hundred characters to go. Drat. Whilst writing that I lessened the character amount. I now have three hundred and sixty one. Wow, that actually worked. But it doesn't matter, because you will never see this again. Well, maybe if you're lucky you will, but I'm not so sure. Anyway, I'm going to attempt to. I need to max out the text. Horribly annoying at times, let me tell you. Still quite a few characters to go, but only in the double digits. Fortunately that ate a bit up. Single.

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Because I'm not really certain how else to show 'em, I'll just post them here :P

First off is this one: Twitter.com

Along with his NY special: Twitter.com

That one I particularly like because of the bell tower :D

So I just read an article on Polygon, a website dedicated to all things gaming, and they featured our very own Scott and Dave (Intense! and Henley) in the interview. You can read the entire thing here.

It's awesome that Polygon did this feature and that ModDB is getting more press. And if you didn't know the backstory of ModDB (I knew some of it, but the article showed me a few things I hadn't known) it's a great read to learn about how ModDB came to be!

If you have the time, I'd recommend reading it :)

I took some time yesterday to research some VPN programs that were better than Hamachi. My goal was to find one that allowed more than 5 people to join a Virtual Private Network (VPN) at one time. (lets put it this way, those who commented on my Minecraft picture who wanted to play equaled 5 in total. That means there's automatically one person who's bumped from playing)

What I came up with was Evolve. I edited my last blog post with some of this info but I decided it'd just be easier to make a new blog post. Why not Tunngle? you may ask. Why not? Because Tunngle doesn't seem to want to work across oceans. Simple as that. Saber and I tried to get it to work, but it didn't. Plus, the UI is incredibly busy, not clear at all. It's the opposite for Evolve.

Evolve is a VPN that allows a rather large number of users to join together, much like Hamachi, but the difference is Evolve does not have a player limit (at least, so far as the game and/or Evolve itself is concerned). The current party that I created allowed 15 people to join my Minecraft world.

I would recommend downloading it immediately: Evolvehq.com

Click on the red button that says, "Start Playing with Evolve!". That will have you set up an account. From there, you'll be transported to your profile. Near the top right is a download button. Get that download running and so long as you've confirmed your registration, you're good to go. Seriously, that's all there is.

Add me as a friend and you can join my server by simply jumping into the party I created. Saber, Cork and I already tested it out and it works well, better than Tunngle due to the fact that we could actually connect with one another.

Hope to see the ModDB Mercenaries building some pretty epic stuff soon!


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So I didn't expect that type of a response when I posted my picture "Secret Project"! I'm quite glad it did get that response though. Gaming is always more fun when you have friends to play with. Saber and I have been using Hamachi which works well (Tunngle doesn't) and we've had 5 people including me work on that map. It's coming along well and having more people would definitely speed up the process.

So there's that and there is also survival mode. I've already played through it with friends during a marathon so I'm kinda survivaled out, if you will, so that's why I'm playing in Creative. I wouldn't mind setting up a server however (because anyone can host one if they have the .exe) which we could all play on.

Just some thoughts. If you have ideas, leave 'em down below so we can discuss times to play and what we want to do :)

EDIT *IMPORTANT*: I found a service that allows pretty much an unlimited amount of players. Also, the UI is very clean and the whole app is easy to navigate. www.evolvehq.com

Cork and I have already tried it and it works really well. Currently I have the party open for up to 15 people. If you have time right now and want to join, either respond here or send me a PM with your username for Evolve. I'll add you to the party and you can Minecraft :D

Well it's been quite a while since I managed to post one of these things. A lot of that has been due to the fact that life got busy, really fast, and the other part is my patent laziness. Now that I am actually sitting down to write this however, I always wonder why I'm so reluctant to write.

First off, I just want to say that my family and I moved two weeks ago almost on the day. It's was an incredibly busy time be we've managed to get settled in. It's roughly 30-45 minutes from our old home, but it varies depending on traffic. I enjoy it and here's a pic of my and my brother's workspace:

So we are up and running for sure now and on top of that I've managed to start my own Twitch.tv account with a friends assistance. This means I'll be streaming whatever games I'm playing, when I'm playing for longer than ten minutes (sarcasm, don't worry, I'll probably end up playing for a while). If you want, take a few seconds and follow me so that you can be notified if I stream! I'd greatly appreciate it and would love to interact with you guys an a more personal basis!

Also, this Friday starting early in the morning (probably UTC - 5) myeslf and several friends are going to be attempting to beat Minecraft in one day and streaming the attempt (I may do a personal stream of what my screen is and there might be one of the entire room, not sure), so it'll be 9 A.M. when we start. We plan on going the entire day if it takes us that long so you can come by and check us out! It'll be on my stream and in my Friends section on Twitch you can find where the other stream will be.

As for the rest, it's really all a bunch of wip's. School is going well, the house is looking good and the holidays are coming up. For those of us in the U.S. who celebrate Thanksgiving, enjoy your time off! For the rest of you all, happy holidays (they are coming quite quickly aren't they?).

Arcones the Pear

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Chapter One - Strange Beginnings

It seemed like a typical tavern, not much rowdier than the majority of taverns I had stayed at in the past. Drunken commoners and not so drunk merchants mostly filled the room, barmaids whisking between tables, catering to the needs of the customers. It was loud too, but even that would have been tolerable if not for the pair of distressingly horrendous guitar players near the fireplace. It was worse than a baby crying. All in all, it would have been a typical tavern.
What made this one different however, was the woman in the corner trying hard not to be noticed while she peeked carefully from beneath her cloak’s hood. I grunted. Unless I missed my guess entirely, she was young and trying hard to remain incognito. And she was failing completely. For starters, sitting alone in the darkest part of the room usually made people believe you meant business, not that you didn’t want any. Second, she had her hood up. Inside, in a bright room. I sighed. You couldn’t get much more obvious than that. He was wrong.
The cloaked woman stood and trying to look innocent as could be with a hood that screamed, “I don’t want anyone to know I’m here!”, she walked over to my table and sat down. I took a drink from my mug before acknowledging her with a hard glance. The woman merely stared at me. Despite my desire to be alone that evening, I was impressed. Usually that glance galvanized even the most desperate cutpurse to avoid me. I took another drink, but didn’t glance at the lady again. If she wanted my attention, she would have to gain it. Taking another long draw from my mug, I leaned back into my chair. Despite myself, I could not help thinking about what she wanted. True, I was a mercenary for hire, evident by the badge I wore and the sword at my left hip, but usually it was men who required my services in protecting their traveling goods. And I had done a good job of it until my last employer. I winced inwardly. Reputation was a large part of being a successful mercenary and I had built a very credible one, but having the goods you were supposed to guard be stolen from under your nose (at an inn of all places!) was quite a blow, no matter your prestige.
Which explains why I was attempting to ignore the woman who was still staring at me. All that I wanted was some peace in quiet while I drowned my failure in my drink. Something told me that I wouldn’t get rid of her until I heard her out. I sighed irritably before turning to my table’s other occupant. From long experience I knew that she would speak first. Any mercenary worth their salt never spoke first; it meant you were desperate.
Several long minutes stretched on before the woman opposite of me stirred, as if from thought and spoke quietly. “I have need of your services.” She paused momentarily before continuing. “I need protection from... some unsavory characters. All that I require is your security from here to the capital.” Up until that point, I had appreciated her bluntness. Now I was wondering whether I should walk away immediately or hear her out. The capital? Fate! Who was she running from that she needed protection in the capital?
The woman continued just as softly as before. “I have the coin to pay well, and can deliver more upon arrival at the capital. If you have any questions, ask now so that you know what you are stepping into.” Fate, the woman was acting as if this was already a done deal! To gain a few more seconds, I chugged the last of my ale. Placing my mug down, I peered towards the darkness of the hood. “What makes you think I’m going to go so willingly when you haven’t told me your name, who you’re running from, what I’m up against nor how much you’ll pay me?” I inquired, acting bored as though I had done this dozens of times. Truthfully though, I had.
For a moment I thought I saw a flicker of a smile but that could have been the ale. “I have heard from a reliable source that you recently lost a shipment of goods you were hired to guard. Reputation is lost so easily in the mercenary business, so I hear. An easy job might just do the trick to boost your standing once more.” Inwardly I seethed angrily while outside I maintained a calm facade. How in all of Correndor did she know that? To be sure, word of my failure would eventually get out and I would be avoided like a leper until I fixed my reputation, but I had only lost that cargo yesterday! On the other hand, the woman was right, I did need a soft job to get me back on my feet.
The lady smiled for sure this time and answered, “I have three hundred golden marks before we start and twice that if you get me safely to the capital.” I was suddenly glad for the many years of practice of schooling my face to show no emotion whatsoever. Inside I mentally calculated the amount of gold she would be handing to me. My average employer usually paid over fifty golden marks depending on how much cargo he required watching. Several of my wealthier clients had sometimes paid one hundred and fifty marks for personally delivering a package, but I had never received any payment over two hundred marks. Yet even if I had enough money to live well enough for a while before getting another job, this woman had maneuvered me exactly where she needed me.
I gave my mug to a passing barmaid and flipped her a silver coin. She smiled quickly before moving on, but my attention was on my companion once more. The woman retained her little, knowing smile and inwardly I growled at being so deftly manipulated to do exactly what she wanted. Outwardly I nodded, saying, “I accept your offer. Do you wish to leave in the morning?”
“Before dawn preferably. I am anxious to maintain a steady lead on my pursuers.”
“Of course,” I replied, frowning at the table top. “You still have not told me who is pursuing you.”
“Suffice to say, I angered some powerful people who are now avidly looking for my head on a pike.”
Fate, the way she said that made it sound commonplace. This time I didn’t hide my growl in answering as I stood. “You may not think it prudent to tell your guard who is after you, but I shall know, sooner or later. You would be incredibly foolish to not inform me of everything I may need to know. It may save your life one of these days.” The woman merely looked at me. “I am going to pack and ready for tomorrow, I would suggest you do the same.” Suiting my words, I turned to leave, but the cloaked woman’s voice stopped me, making her next words sound like a favor. “You may call me Ada.” At least she had the decency to tell me her name, no matter how arrogant she sounded. “Jacob,” I replied through gritted teeth and wound my way to the stairs before I exploded. Somehow she had managed to wedge herself so deeply beneath my skin in so short a time that I did not know whether to be angry or impressed.

I had conditioned myself over the years to awaken at whatever time I set my mind on, allowing me to be down in the stables the next morning, an hour before dawn. I stiffened however, as I saw Ada calming saddling her black horse. Somehow she had managed to be completely ready and in the stable while I had only just brought my saddlebags down from my room. Her face was calm except for a small upturn of her lips. Fate she was smug! Unfortunately that did nothing for my already weary mood. I had spent most of the night packing and puzzling over my employer’s unique request and situation. Rare was it that anyone hired a mercenary for personal protection. Despite our skills, most mercenaries were rarely seen much better than hired toughs. That was why reputation was important in our trade. Respect brought you employment, and employment brought you the coin you needed to live until the next job. Most mercenaries did not accept personal assignments mainly because of the opportunity of failure. Not meeting an employer’s expectations was bad enough with it being a personal protection assignment where your employer gets killed or wounded badly enough to utterly ruin your livelihood. No, mercenaries generally stayed as far away from personal jobs as possible, unless they were desperate. Which sadly I was.
I moved forward from where I had stopped in the doorway and did my best not to look too peeved at being showed up as the tardy one. I didn’t manage that as well as I would have like, judging by the way I roughly saddled my own brown horse.
Swinging into the saddle, I joined my employer at the entrance to the stable. Saddled as well, Ada pointed to the east. “I know very well in which direction Idonia capital of Correndor lies,” I growled savagely. “Let us stop wasting time and move before your precious hunters come asking for you.” That focused her, if only slightly.
“Very well,” murmured Ada, “Let us be going then.”
In answer I slapped my reins, my brown mare Rearth surging forward, hoofs clapping loudly on the paved road. From the sound behind me, Ada had started as well. She would keep up if she knew what was good for her.
Very few people were about this morning, yet two riders riding fast through the town was not noticed as much as might be expected. People did odd things for odd reasons all the time. Most people just never pay attention long enough to ask why.
Darkness swiftly became grey as Ada and I left the town behind, her black horse keeping pace with my mare as we left the cobblestone streets behind and rode onto the solid dirt roads that pervaded much of Correndor. The open fields on either side of us held farmers land, and breeding ground for many of the common meats. Ahead of us, the sun rose, gloriously golden in it’s blazing light. A rooster crowed somewhere near as we sped over the land. It was roughly one hundred and ten leagues to Idonia from the town where I had been staying. Inside however, I knew it was going to feel much longer than one hundred and ten leagues.

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It feels like forever since I posted a regular blog (*looks back* Go figure! Over a month ago!), so I decided to write one up, no matter what I am supposed to be doing right now. Yeah.

I've been enjoying a lot of good music, which sadly hasn't made it to my profile page and from there to your ears, due to the fact that Google changed some part of the code required for uploading videos here, which didn't allow me to post music for quite a while. Fortunately, I wasn't the only one experiencing it, so I believe that as of right now, the ModDB staff has fixed it. Despite that, I have mah annoying website blocker back, which I'm working vigorously to remove (okay, well maybe not). So to make it up to you, here:

Project 46 has always been one of my favorite artists, and the track above shows why.

Another thing I've been slacking on is pictures. Several people have requested stuff from me and I haven't delivered. I'm truly sorry, but you aren't forgotten! As my latest image shows, I'm trying to get back into the swing of making pics.


And, I also managed to take a shot today from my window, which I stated I'd do sometime during the summer. Yes, I'm a slacker :P

View from my window\

Aside from that, I've been enjoying life and working on school, whilst also worrying about moving. Life's busy, but good. I hope yours is as well!


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He felt the ground with his boot. Small ridges formed the uppermost layer of the plateau. It would be perfect for fighting. Stepping forward, he surveyed the man in front of him. His enemy, his friend, his companion, his brother. The man opposite was adorned in a black, mail shirt but helmetless, leaving his vividly green eyes blazing forth beneath two stern eyebrows. His silver gauntlets and bracers had a unique black trim, showing him to be a Ravellion and a favored servant of the Evil One. Brandon drew his sword; there would be no discussion this time. On the other side of the plateau his opponent mirrored Brandon. Ross’ sword was sheer black, so dark there was not a hint of a reflection of the setting sun. Brandon raised his ever-present shield, sword at the ready and marched forward. Ross smiled ironically and jumped. The moment Ross’ feet hit the ground, Brandon’s world flipped.
With dizzying speed he was flipped up, and reaching the apex of his rotation, remained suspended for a moment before crashing to the ground with a disconcerting thud. Blackness filled his vision and oxygen would not reach his lungs. Ears ringing, body hurting, Brandon rolled over and pushed himself up. Had he been wearing armor, Brandon knew he would not have been able to stand.
Ross stood in the exact same spot as before, grinning like a skull. Brandon knew he was being mocked, toyed with, that he had no other option but death. Yet death was the cowards road and to Brandon that was no option; he would fight on. He stood resolutely and faced Ross once more. His opponent initiated the fight this time, left arm raised as a bolt crackled from his hand towards Brandon. The soldier spun gracefully to the side despite his pain. And into the oncoming blade of Ross. Brandon swing his shield instinctively into position while simultaneously hacking down towards Ross’ shoulder with his own blade. Ross’ sword bit deeply into Brandon’s shield with wrenching power as a crystalline shield appeared the moment before Brandon cleaved his body from shoulder to hip, blocking the attack. With a malicious grin Ross kicked Brandon in the midsection with unnatural strength. As brandon was lifted upwards yet again, Ross raised a clenched fist and brought it down viciously. Brandon slammed into the ground, sword dancing away because of the impact and his shield was halfway crushed by the fall.
For a long time Brandon did not stir, until at last, as his chaotic thoughts swirled around in his head, he remembered why he was fighting: Hope. With an effort and to the sadistic amusement of Ross, Brandon lifted himself up. And threw his sword at Ross. As the brilliantly silver weapon rotated, Ross’ expression remained amused. A split second later fear galvanized Ross to action, a dark shield appearing right in front of his torso. The blade tore through the hastily constructed defense, causing a minor explosion to throw Ross off his feet. Through the dispersing crystals leapt Brandon, flying towards his rising opponent, shield in hand.
Thrusting forward, Brandon slammed into Ross’ face, snapping the Ravellion’s head backwards. Brandon raised the shield once more, but a bolt from Ross sent the shield spinning out of Brandon’s hands. Ignoring his loss, Brandon threw his elbow down into Ross’ face. He buckled for a moment, the jerked upwards, flipping Brandon off of him. Using his hands, Ross vaulted into a standing position and approached Brandon, sword in hand. Brandon saw his own blade far behind Ross. He would never reach it in time.
Ross raised his weapon and swung. Brandon caught the flat of the blade between his palms, fingers tightening around the edges, causing blood to spurt from them. Against his opponents strength, Brandon pushed, the blade digging deeper into his flesh. Ross’ shock was apparent but his strength had not diminished. Brandon twisted, wrenching the blade until he held the hilt. With a single motion he pushed it through Ross’ mail clad torso and let go. Ross’ vivid green eyes slowly glazed over as he sank to the ground. His body twitched one final time, a spasm that shook his entire body. Then he stilled.
Brandon bowed his head and walked away from the plateau. And the plateau collapsed. Brandon whipped around as the ground beneath him gave away. Ross’ body still lay there as the rocks slid away in an ever growing avalanche. Brandon sighed and closed his eyes as the tumultuous rock slide overtook him.

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Seriously. Short. Snappy. Superfluous. Sammy sauce. No wait. Don't leave yet! Anyway, I got my new comp up and running, and I can provide specs if you want 'em :D

Was able to do a few matches of BF3 today and I'll be installing a few other games (Arma 2/DayZ, SW BF2, L4D2, TF2, etc (wow, lots of 2's there don't you think?)). If you guys wanna play sometime, let me know. Usually school will prohibit me from gaming during the week and starting this Friday I have Ultimate Frisbee until sometime in November. But Saturdays work for sure, and who knows? Maybe the occasional weekday :)

See you on the battlefield (whichever one we choose :D)!

So it's been a while since my last regular blog (I did write another Game Center blog if you want to check it out: Team Fortress 2 (Mann vs. Machine)), but several noteworthy things happened in between then and now.

First of all, school started. Well, maybe that's not too noteworthy, but it may explain my less-than-activeness on ModDB. However in addition to that, ModDB has had the derps. And the herps. But mostly the derps. I can't post music anymore (sad day, I know :\ ) for some weird reason. It's happened before, but usually goes away after a few days. The last song I posted was on August 22, so if you're a calender person you know it's been a while (we're in September now lol). Consistently ModDB has rejected every single url I've thrown at it. This is the exact error:

ModDB wrote: Your upload request has failed. Please check the URL is correct and links directly to the file you want to upload. Links to webpages or redirects will NOT work. This is the exact error:

The upload from the URL specified could not be started.

Interesting eh? That's why you get two videos in this blog :D

Sultan & Ned Shepard feat. Taryn Manning - Send Me Your Love (Original Mix)

Deniz Koyu feat. Wynter Gordon - Follow You (Original Mix)

Love both of those. Anyway, exciting news for me on the computer front. My dad and I finally got a CPU for the new beast. Currently whenever I'm sitting at my computer, all the other computer parts had been laying a foot behind my chair, neatly stacked on top of the case (one or two pieces on the ground). However, Newegg finally came through with a better deal on a better CPU than the one we had been looking at. I'm excited!

In addition to that, Origin had a 50% off sale on a lot of their games (don't know if it was the whole catalog or what), so I ended up getting Battlefield 3 with the Back to Karkand DLC for under 30$. I'm pretty pumped as you can probably imagine.

Also, I know I'm hitting more into the Game Center area, but I have two Smite beta keys if anyone wants one. Smite is a third person RPG (probably the simplest way of putting it). I don't know if you have heard of League of Legends (LoL, lol) but if you have, then imagine that, but without the annoying top-down isometric pov and the click rapidly to walk. Smite has your atypical WASD format with a simple left click to fire, right click to cancel setup. In addition, it allows each player four unique abilities which you access through the numbers, 1, 2, 3, 4. Pretty straight forward. Like I said, if you want a key, let me know, and I'll send you one. Also, I'll add you as a friend in-game so it'll be easy to play together.

I guess that's all for now. Thanks for reading.
Arcones (AKA FreestyleDonuts)

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