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Architect3D Jun 6 2010 says:

Just finished it, great level design huge environments really make me feel out there in the Canadian mountains somewhere. Excellent lighting and rain effects. Basically everything graphically was great. Really enjoyed the few scripts in game too.

Only problem i have with it and every l4d campaign, the lack of cinematic's and story telling. Or way more objective's besides hitting a switch. Like gathering food,

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Architect3D May 30 2010 replied:

never could find a copy of hunted. What was wrong with that game in your overall opinion? anything great about it?

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Architect3D May 30 2010 replied:

It should be! By that i mean a realistic representation of these ancient animals.

0 votes   news: Meet the Support Class: The Dilo + Some News!
Architect3D Apr 13 2010 replied:

I'm about to upload the final walk through's for the alien campaign. Hope it helps and you can find the all the other walk through's in the videos section. Have fun!

+1 vote   mod: Survival
Architect3D Mar 27 2010 says:

Excellent progress, i think it's a great start... Did you guys re use some models from the first Jurassic park mod for this engine? if so you should use the guys models, they looked great. particularly Malcolm character. Keep it up!

+1 vote   news: big JP update! and regular updates starting now!
Architect3D Mar 10 2010 says:

looks promising for a start, don't forget you got primal carnage and lost world returns as expectations.

Still, looking forward to it. Keep it small. Release something eventually and get some attention. build your team. hopefully it don't die like Jurassic park mod.

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Architect3D Mar 7 2010 says:

Yeah id buy this too, there is no decent dinosaur game with modern tech.

Everything is amazing, but it seems like the human doesn't belong in this type of game. She needs to be more tougher, more badass, and more dirty if you know what i mean, to blend in with the perfect monsters you got there and overall atmosphere n theme of a terrifying dinosaur game.

she kinda looks like barbie with a gun hehe

+2 votes   game: Primal Carnage
Architect3D Mar 3 2010 says:

So anybody having problems getting through it? Do i need to upload the walkthrough's, seemed to be a bit of a challenge for my tester. Seems like we fixed that.

+1 vote   mod: Survival
Architect3D Mar 2 2010 says:

aww comon wake up, get back to work! hehe i was really looking forward to this, looked like a great high tech remake.

+1 vote   mod: CryRecon:NanoWarrior
Architect3D Mar 1 2010 says:

Good question, i noticed my discs are scratched really bad, its been years lol. Wonder if they sell on Steam for Download?

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Architect3D Feb 23 2010 replied:

Avp3 is a great game graphically, expected with new technology. But game play innovation its plain. Run and gunner! Wheres "different" scenarios such as Team Squads, Vehicle rides, Trapped N Holdout Action Scenes, A Full lengthy Story as in Avp2, Unique Levels for each campaign not reused backwards, Full rich Cinematic's. Ambushed by waves of aliens like in the trailers?

Because of the game's Controls and poor AI, its toned down to make it a challenge. Because of this everything seems like it doesnt work!

Its a downer for most hardcore fans of the series. AvP is a fast paced game or it takes everything away from the tension and horror that these creatures are capable of.

Note on Campaign, After drastic optimizations i couldnt improve performance on Win7 or Vista.

No official Patch for Avp2 supporting newer operating systems. Will have to use XP. The game runs smooth on Windows XP! Will be releasing this sooner then expected!

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Architect3D Feb 20 2010 replied:

Its Single Player with story, and all three species campaign ONLY. No Multiplayer option at all!

Your right avp2 is dead, got one mapper left from the looks of it, but the new game just came out, that ignited a bit of a spark in me. After playing it, its sure to fade out quickly.

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Architect3D Feb 16 2010 says:

Nice foundation for the visitors center, excellent job with the Malcolm character, jeep looks right on!, and the raptor pen looks great but seems a bit scaled small, maybe not! How come no dinosaur models? is this everything for the mod? well thanks for the release.

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Architect3D Feb 15 2010 replied:

i can make your trailer for you, i got all the necessary hardware to easily handle crysis maxed out in 1080p.

check my website for old trailers i produced for my campaign. if you want to get a feel for how it would look!

Architect3D Feb 15 2010 says:

Awe to bad, was looking forward to the demo, why not release what you have so to show us all the work you accomplished?

What's exactly the problem for cancellation? did you expect to make money off a million dollar franchise? or you realized how long it takes and you lost interests for all the reasons you mentioned above.

Either way, lesson learn, time to move on i guess, I'm sure you learned allot through the process, nothing's a waste, the experience will be useful if you choose to enter game development in school.

End it with a bang and release the demo :P and get started on your career path. hey good luck to you!

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Architect3D Feb 8 2010 says:

now thats a big improvement, NIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIICE! it was to dark before. that place should feel like home on the scary island, its more like home now, GREAT WORK!

where is the demo supposed to come out? so many dinosaur mods, cant wait... you guys see primal carnage? crazy!

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Architect3D Feb 2 2010 says:


+1 vote   media: Primal Carnage - Ingame Testing
Architect3D Jan 30 2010 says:

looks great, i like the labs sections, not really into the outdoor concrete block sections, but this looks professional, excellent work, have i not played a phobos map before? or am i missing something here?

still looking forward to it...

+1 vote   mod: Doom 3: Phobos
Architect3D Jul 5 2009 says:

how much work is it to convert Crysis version to Warhead version? whats has to be done, besides content obviously because both editors are the same right?

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