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Mod Review on Dec 11th, 2011 - 2 people agree 5 people don't

New Review:
Kokojo, I gave your mod a 9/10 to support it, even though it's only 50% complete and the other 50% is unplayable. And you return the favor by going to 1.3 and 4/10'ing it without even giving it a review? You sir, are full of contempt, and deserve the negativity headed your way.

My original review cuz I was being nice:
Great ideas in this mod showing that a storyline / event mod of FFT is possible! Some writing and event glitches here and there but that's to be expected from a work in progress. It's missing a great deal of the actual game content because it's incomplete, so I'm rating it 9/10 until then

Final Fantasy Tactics: Rebirth
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Mod Review on Dec 29th, 2010

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