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The Last Days (of The Third Age of Middle Earth)

Mod review - 1 agree

The best Mount and Blade LOTR based as off today :)


Edain Mod

Mod review

Argeably one of the best BFME mods ever! However, I won't give it a 10 because that's being a fanboy in 90% of cases.
I love this mod because it has a deep, strong Tolkien respect and awesome skins and models! :) Every new version brings many news surprises and great stuff! :) One of the very few mods with an all new campaign, this definitely should raise news players' attention.


Battles of the Third Age

Mod review - 10 agree - 3 disagree

Excellent mod! Awesome balance and tons of reskins, models, news untis and heroes! I love the news sounds and particles effects, the gamepley mechanics are well rounded it is really one of the most polished mods so far I've ever found.

I also appreciate the mini faction system it adds to the realism and immersion to the game and force the player to spare money rather then rushing.

Finally a really good balance between Evil and Good factions, no advantages or ridiculous buffs to some factions, with somelimited batallions it is worth playing it and it makes the game more exciting than ever!

In a word, your mod is the way BFME2 should have been with more attention and time. Congrats to you because you are alone. There are whole teams who failed by trying to create more factions in the same time.


The Last Hope of the Third Age

Mod review - 1 agree - 4 disagree

A good mod so far , the news anims are very good , but somemùodels and units are abit strange (aka CAH for Gondor :s ) . Overall it's a good mod , above all you're alone so it's really good start for now . Hope you'll have more members and voluntariees .

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