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Yeah so. Waiting for Skyrim was getting hard and I started looking about for games that I might play in the meantime. I found several good gems that I've overlooked through the years and gave them a go. It includes this one. Saints Row 2. This was also one I should really not have missed.

I thought it was a cheap copy of GTA San Andreas (which I loved) and I thought Saints Row would take away a few hours at the most, but now I've been sitting here playing this gem several days because it's seriously addictive and it's a lot of fun. It plays on the same strings as GTA; with intense violence and destruction. There's never a dull moment in this game.

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Unlike GTA you build your own character in this one and dress him/her up to your heart's content. You then take on the city of Stilwater and try to make your gang ruler of it. Customization options are many and diverse; you customize everything from your own face to the gang style, vehicles, weapons and even the hangouts. It's highly recommended.

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Saints Row The Third is soon out, but will be released a few days after Skyrim. This means I won't have time to dive into that one as yet, but I'll take it on later. There's a great demo to play around with though, where you can already create your character for Saints Row 3.

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