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antihax Dec 4 2008 says:

this game is fantastic fun!
i feel that for the game to be most fun for survivors, there should be far fewer of them than suiciders, but that means there needs to be a way to balance them out a little too

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antihax Sep 5 2008 says:

i want pink back!

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antihax May 21 2008 says:

lucky you. we're not allowed to make violent games for our HSC in Software Design

+1 vote   download: Buddhist Wars 1.0
antihax Apr 6 2008 says:

anyone ever played TimeSplitters 2?
that had ninja monkeys. that was so freaking awesome...

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antihax Apr 5 2008 says:

AV are the two most important things, and seeing as Audio is getting to the "close enough to perfect as perfect itself" stage, Video is far behind. we need to work on the sight part of videogames.

most of the other things on the list are just stupid gimmics that might be put in a shoddy game in the future, boxed as a tech-demo or something.What use could there be for touch? you want to feel what its like to get shot? join the army and run out on the live-fire range. probably the least nonsensical one of the lot (other than sight and hearing) is smell. The smells of war are something you wont experience in a training camp, and some soldiers even on active duty may never smell the real smell of war. blood, burning bodies and cordite. mind you, this smell would make most people sick, so thats not much good either. of course there are games other than violent games, but usually (usually, not always) people who play them arent after the immersive experience most gamers are looking for.
just my two cents. mind you looking back on the length of my rant, its about 25 cents.

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antihax Mar 29 2008 replied:

you could have said Other

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antihax Mar 27 2008 replied:

Source SDK is for making games
Source SDK Base is for running them
you only need SDK Base to play this.

+1 vote   mod: International Online Soccer Source
antihax Mar 26 2008 replied:

still out of action. i wonder when they're gonna get around to fixing it.

+1 vote   mod: Ballmen
antihax Mar 25 2008 replied:

me too, and it was working before. ><

+1 vote   mod: Ballmen
antihax Mar 23 2008 says:

haha, crazy fun
i love the new HUD.
also, falling up is cool.
great work!

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antihax Jan 31 2008 replied:

i dont have OB on PC either. it would be nice to know if this requirement is going to be removed, or if i should just stop watching this mod.
any news?

+1 vote   mod: Project Valkyrie
antihax Jan 1 2008 says:

that is really freaking cool

+3 votes   media: Glow Concept
antihax Nov 23 2007 says:

blew your originality out of the water. this better be worth the wait.
ah well. im done raging. hopefully you can release a stable mod on S2K7.
i'm looking forward to it, but it would have been nice for 3 month mod to be a 3 month mod.

+1 vote   news: Three Month Mod - A Delay and a Name Change
antihax Nov 12 2007 says:

woops. found a problem with it already >< i scrolled to the top of the page and clicked, and accidentaly clicked Report This Thread. to stop spam, maybe there should be made a "are you sure?" dialog box.

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antihax Nov 12 2007 says:

i like it, but there are no doubts it will take some time to get used to it.

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