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Part 19: Vegas

For a second time, I stepped through a door and became dazzled before the
tremendous display of lights. Through my still hazy eyes, I looked upon the
glamorous city of Vegas. Respectful, well dressed citizens sat and chatted
orderly, the security bots roamed the streets and kept the city incredibly
secure, but the almost sky-scraping sized casinos stood and stole the show. One
building called the Lucky 38 could be seen for miles, even from Goodsprings. It
wasn’t public though, only the security bots and Mr. House, the leader of the
city are allowed inside. After the amazing sight and sounds had settled in, my
enthusiasm went crazy, I could gamble, I could live in luxury, I could even get
a job in the casinos.

“Oh, my god.” Arcane mouthed, just as any visitor to Vegas does.

“I know. What should we do first?”

“I think we should check out the casinos. We’ve got The Tops, the Ultra-luxe and Gomorrah,
where you do want to go first?”

Looking in front of me, three giant casinos, covered in lights and paint dazzled the sky and streets. The closest was the Tops, so I decided that was the best idea. We stepped through the casino’s
colossal metal doors, and came face to face with a guard.

“Hey.” He said smoothly. “Sorry to bother you, but we’re going to need your weapons if
you want to enjoy our casino. Just hand them over, and we’ll get this over nice and easy.”

“Ok, but where are you taking them?”

“Don’t worry yourself; we keep them upstairs in our safe. They’re as safe as our
money, which is to say, very safe.” He explained.

“Oh, very well.” I said and handed over my weapons. I can understand why they don’t
want weapons inside their casinos. I took a good look around inside and saw
people laughing, gambling and drinking at a bar. Walking along the floor, I
noticed in the corner was a man dressed in a chequered suit. Where does that
ring a bell? I suddenly realised and my jaw none figuratively hit the floor. I
marched up to him, and saw him turn to me, with his face suddenly gaping wide.
His body was shaking by the time I got close, and four burly men in black suit
came from corners to stand aside him.

“y.yy.oou..” he muttered.

“Indeed, i'm alive.” I said smugly.

His face changed less from surprise into charismatic. “Well, interesting to see how
resilient you are.” He laughed.

“Give me one good reason not to kill you now.” I said sharply

“One reason?” he laughed “How about four. They’re called bodyguards, and every
single one of them in packing heat; five if you include me. And with what
little peashooter you might have smuggled past the guards over there, you stand
no chance.”

His convincing argument quickly made me reconsider my immediate rage to kill this
guy. I was going to finish him off some other way.

“So, how’d you find me?” he was very smug.

“Met one of your buddies, gave me this.” And handed him his lighter. He cracked up
and leaned against the wall behind him, examining the lighter.

“Ah shit. How could I forget this little thing? hope you murdered those bastards.

“Opposite, actually. They were completely surrounded by NCR troops, and I managed to get
the NCR to let them walk away.” I replied

His enthusiasm dropped. “Man, you don’t have to talk your way out of stuff; kill
people” he suggested.

“No. you just gave me a hell of a good reason not to” seeing through his subtle

“Son of a.... Well hey, no point in being angry at me any longer? How about you come
with me up to the presidential sweet and we relax in luxury?” he suggested.

It wasn’t my biggest hope to hang out with the guy that tried to kill me, but I
reluctantly agreed to see if I could kill him in his room privately. “Sure.” I
said as we took the most awkward elevator ever to his room.

Notice: The Content in this story (Characters, Locations and Objects) are copyright of Bethsada Softworks, Obsidian Entertainment, or their respective owners. This is just a fan story, with no copyright intented. So please Bethsada, don't sue me, I love your games :D

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