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Anthony817 Mar 8 2015, 12:59pm replied:

Have you been able to burn this to your Dreamcast? I still am not able to even select the disc image in IMGBurn. Like the program doesn't even see it. I have all the Discjuggler files in IMGBurn as well and have always been able to burn CDI's.

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Anthony817 Mar 4 2015, 8:44am says:

Unfortunately I can not burn this image with IMGBurn and the Discjuggler files. I unpacked it and choose the image but it comes up as unknown and will not choose it.

+1 vote   download: Half-Life Redux DC Prototype
Anthony817 Mar 4 2015, 8:23am says:

Why was this canceled? Well thanks a TON for uploading this or I would never have seen this!

I was just browsing UT4 mods and decided to see if there was any new Dreamcast stuff and wow, it was uploaded the first and I am here on the 4th!

+1 vote   download: Half-Life Redux DC Prototype
Anthony817 Jan 3 2015, 5:06am says:

I am here to tell you that you have been featured on PC Gamer!


I am blown away by the scope of this game! The work you have put in over the past 3 years is impressive!

I look forward to the release of this game. Licensed music? Wow that would be really awesome! Imagine Ace of Base The Sign blowing up people in a tank! XD

Really great looking game and the graphics are going to be amazing with the UT4 engine!

Best of luck and I hope this project makes it to commercial success!

+3 votes   game: AQP City, the white city
Anthony817 Dec 8 2014, 12:27am says:

I just got Generations on Steam and it is time to check this awesome mod out! Thanks for all of your hard work!

+1 vote   mod: Sonic Generations - Unleashed Project
Anthony817 May 7 2014, 3:10pm replied:

Got it working and updating the game now! Thanks for your help! XD

+1 vote   mod: Project Reality: Battlefield 2
Anthony817 May 6 2014, 8:31pm says:

I can't seem to reach the PR website. It keeps timing out for me and I have no idea why. I am running Windows 8.1 and getting an error when I try to launch the game from the desktop shortcut. I have the Origin version of BF2. The game detected my instal directory however just fine.

"Required Dependancy missing visual c++ update 1 x64"

I have Visual Studios and it is fully updated. It has to be because I have Unreal 4 SDK installed and it was a prerequisite.

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Anthony817 May 4 2014, 10:44am replied:

Replied to wrong person somehow...

+1 vote   mod: S.T.A.L.K.E.R. - Lost Alpha
Anthony817 May 4 2014, 10:43am replied:

What I do, is lower the grass density and the view distance, as they are pretty big performance hogs. I have a lowly gtx 650 1gb here, and I get some performance drops, but I have pretty much everything maxed out in 1080p and not too bad. I do have vsync, motion blur and AA completely off. Also shadows on medium. Other than that, I have lighting distance and I think particle distance pretty low as well, but everything else maxed out in full dynamic DX10.1. It has not much effect on graphics with all that stuff lowered. Everything will still look as good. And it is not like you need to aim a mile away anyway.

+1 vote   mod: S.T.A.L.K.E.R. - Lost Alpha
Anthony817 Apr 29 2014, 12:12am replied:

It is when loading after a death, when it says press space to go to the main menu, I press f7 to load quick save.

+1 vote   mod: S.T.A.L.K.E.R. - Lost Alpha
Anthony817 Apr 28 2014, 8:00pm says:

Just reporting that I get CTD when loading quick saves.

+2 votes   mod: S.T.A.L.K.E.R. - Lost Alpha
Anthony817 Dec 4 2013, 10:59am replied:

The DC version was absolutely 100% finished. It was canceled a mere 2 weeks before going to retail. The Strategy guides even made it as far as retail and you can find the Prima Dreamcast strategy guides online on Ebay upwards of $75.

If you would like to see said PDF scan of the Strategy guide check out my upload here.


+1 vote   download: Half-Life: Dreamcast v1.1
Anthony817 Aug 11 2013, 8:16am replied:

I figured as much. Oh well thanks for the reply. It would be nice to see this on other systems than just PC, but I love my PC more than the Xbox so looks like I will just be happy with what I got lol.

+1 vote   mod: Duke Nukem Forever 2013
Anthony817 Aug 11 2013, 4:29am says:

Hey guys, I am trying to figure out how to run this on my modded Xbox Original. I got a 500gb hdd filled up with homebrew and emulators and want this to be in my collection of Duke Nukem mods I already have. On the Xbox all mods are in their own GRP files, so my question is how can I make this mod run from a modded Duke3D grp?

Please PM me the answer or come find me on Theisozone.

+1 vote   mod: Duke Nukem Forever 2013
Anthony817 Feb 10 2013, 5:01am says:

PLEASE finish this mod! I have the game emulated on my Sega Dreamcast via a little emulator called Bleem which emulated many PS1 games. Great game indeed, would be amazing to see the mod finished, then THAT mod ported to the Dreamcast version of Half-Life lol, so that system can do PC mods from the game.

+1 vote   mod: LSD Dream Emulator
Anthony817 Oct 27 2012, 12:37am says:

not working with GTA SAMP.

+2 votes   download: Real Cars 1.5 Final for GTA-SA
Anthony817 Apr 20 2012, 11:40pm says:

Hey Zefan, could you please release all your files to the public already old friend? I have people that are dying to play this with me.

+3 votes   member: Zefam
Anthony817 Mar 22 2012, 2:10am says:

Do you guys think you could port this to the Sega Dreamcast?

Before you laugh, know this. It is possible to use PC mods on the system, don't believe me? I posted the news update for the port that was done by my friend of the They Hunger Trilogy. Its now a stand alone game on a console it was never meant to be played on.

They Hunger Trilogy

Also, the amazing mod Paranoia was also ported to the Dreamcast using the unreleased Half-Life port on it.

Here is Paranoia for Dreamcast.


+1 vote   game: Cry of Fear
Anthony817 Mar 22 2012, 1:55am replied:

How about you get the download here.


looks like I saved the day again! Thank god for private servers and Theisozone! I also updated the news post to reflect the new link. I uploaded backups of all 10 Dreamcast mods to this site, there are more mods than just this and Paranoia!


Game on buddy!

+2 votes   mod: They Hunger
Anthony817 Jan 26 2012, 7:19pm says:

You guys should lso download this for your Dreamcast. We also have PORTED PC mods on the Dreamcast as stand-alone games!

We have Paranoia and They Hunger trilogy, among many other mods on the Dreamcast.


Thumbs up so others can see how awesome the Dreamcast version of Half-Life is!

+6 votes   mod: Half-Life: Dreamcast
Anthony817 Nov 17 2011, 7:53pm says:

Wow that video was amazing. I am downloading the 1935 build now and some mods to make it more stable to hold me over till you guys are finished with the game.

Keep up the great work guys I will be tracking this mod from now on!

+2 votes   mod: S.T.A.L.K.E.R. - Lost Alpha
Anthony817 Aug 24 2011, 11:44pm replied:

Sorry for the extremely late reply, if you want to get some of the awesome assets from this mod, I suggest you talk to the mod leader Zefan.


+1 vote   mod: Battlefield: Korea
Anthony817 Aug 24 2011, 10:48pm replied:

I am from Texas and was never taught French and I can clearly understand what this is saying. Let me translate. ;)

Décompréssez l'archive dans le repertoire "\steam\SteamApps\SourceMods". Lancez
Steam, écran "JOUER" et double cliquez sur Visitor Center: Structure pour lancer
la partie.

Decompress the archive and put it in the "\steam\SteamApps\SourceMods" directory.

In Steam under "Games" double click on "Visitor Center: Structure" after restarting Steam.

+3 votes   download: Visitor Center Structure.
Anthony817 Aug 24 2011, 10:39pm replied:

Team Fortress 2 is now free to play, and if you own that game, on steam, you can get all source mods for free now.

Just get Steam and go to the TF2 web page.

+1 vote   download: Visitor Center Structure.
Anthony817 Aug 24 2011, 9:49pm says:

This is so epic man, you bring new life to the HL2 engine!

+2 votes   media: Junly update
Anthony817 Aug 24 2011, 9:47pm says:

Watching Jurassic Park on AMC right now, this is going to rock when finished! Tracking!

+2 votes   mod: Jurassic Life
Anthony817 Jul 19 2011, 10:42pm says:

Great mod man, can't wait!

Did you guys also know about all the great Half-Life Dreamcast pc mods?



0 votes   news: Unsung Improvements + Dreamcast port
Anthony817 Jul 19 2011, 10:34pm says:

Dreamcast is an open system much like the PC is, and it has the oldest homebrew community still active on the net.

Get a Dreamcast, so you can play Half-Life mods Paranoia and They Hunger on it!



Paranoia pushes the Dreamcast to its limits, and many people say this mod is on par graphically with Half-Life 2 source engine mods.

+2 votes   media: Unsung on the Dreamcast
Anthony817 Jun 30 2011, 10:25pm says:

Wow nice work man.

+2 votes   media: Development Images
Anthony817 Jun 2 2011, 9:41am says:

I think that looks good in the picture. You want variety.

0 votes   media: Soldier Idea
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