I'm a grown up kid, although they say. I'm from The Netherlands, making games for some years now and still learning like always. Play'in blues on my harmonica, I write stories (in Dutch).

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Anyone knows about the lego-Bionicle? Those toys were my childhood, all day long, all years. I quited playing with them when I was 13. I was to old, I became a teenager. A half year past, and I was boring myself until I came on the idea to make websites. I sucked really, but I learned quick. Soon, I started with game-design. I thought it was easy, but it wasn't. I started with 2D games, but continued with 3D. The quality of my games became better, but not perfect. I decided to use an engine even more powerfull. Now, I know how to make good quality 3D games. But, some minds where keeping me thinking. I missed my old childhood fantasies, so I came up with an idea.

I decided to make a game, based on Bionicle. It's about biomechanical robots on a desert planet. My favourite Bionicle that time was Pohatu, the Toa of stone. I based lots of stuff on him in this game. This game goes about robots living in the desert, having their enemies, allies and stories. I really want to finish it. This game will be called Bio-Jaga. I already did some stuff like the textures, models and menu screen in the beginning. But real life also is important, so I don't work always.

Bio-Jaga will be a kind of RPG. You're playing a small robot, who's on his way to become a giant robot to kill the evil source behind the attacks on his people. However, that task is not easy. He needs to find a magic rock inside an ancient library underground, finding the entrance is difficult, but succeeding in his mission is even more difficult. The character you play is Bali. You are assisted by Dali, who also was chosen to be a giant robot called an Oax. Bali en Dali are both Jaga (that explains the name of the game, it means: Small robot). Enemies can be Vati (scorpions-liked robots), Sani (normal enemie robots like bugs, animals). But there are also big enemies like Sani-Turu (Kind of spiked small demons) and Sani-Veru (a huge scorpion with two tails and ten legs). The biggest enemy around isn't the one who Bali is hunting. The one who they're hunting is Mortar (I'm really happy with his model I made, I will upload screenshots). But the biggest enemy is an ancient powerfull mechanic demon called a Sani-Balthazar, or Balthazar for short. The question will they succeed in their mission?

The game will have default controls, non-editable except if there could be an important reason. You're using the arrow keys together with all large buttons on your keyboard and ASWD (QSZD for people who uses an AZERTY). You can win each level by completing your objectives.

I will tell more soon!


Dutchman! :D

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