I am a 19 Year old guy, i like messing with the Source engine a lot. I also take great interest in video making and Unity. I usually just play games to pass the time. If you ever need something or want my participation in any of your mods i'd be happy to contribute to it.

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Transmissions - Element 120

Mod review

It was a Great experience!

I totally loved the new Zero point gravity gun thingy :P
Very fun to play with, who didn't destroy that lab yo? haha

It looks amazing, the shaders where awesome. I was totally awed when i went out of the train card. looked around like a dog saying "WOW" a couple times lol

On medium performance PC's ( lets say semi new 2012-2013 ) It could drop your frame-rate a little bit. But don't worry, didn't effect gameplay in any way. The lel with the striders, i thought to myself, How did this dev, make everything so destructible in this level, with all the enemies?!!! in the source engine, and not crash my machine?!! lol

But the loading screens where kind long, 3-5 min. for a short Mod.

U did great on this mate. Concrats! there where sometimes though where i was kinda stuck for a half hour. but hey. ^^ 9/10


Stronghold 2

Game review - 1 agrees

very cool game



Mod review

The Citizen Part II

Mod review

Its good!. but not a 10 it misses some Action at times and Could added more details.

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