I am a 18 Year old guy, i like messing with the Source engine a lot. I also take great interest in video making and Unity. I usually just play games to pass the time. If you ever need something or want my participation in any of your mods i'd be happy to contribute to it.

0 comments by AncientT on Apr 17th, 2015

So i Decided to revamp an old map of mine, Ar_DA100, it was so shamefull and small. i Felt like i needed to make something of it, something a little more presentable. But not perfect.

You can take a look at it on the workshop:


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0 comments by AncientT on Apr 6th, 2015

A few weeks ago i started playing with hammer again. Since then i started making a new CSGO map, which i still intend to fully finish very soon. I also revisited some Old uncompleted maps from my old Hardrive which i also will be trying to finishing, or at-least, recuperate. (I will post em here once i feel like they presentable)

Now, maybe your wondering, sole reader, of my humble "blog", why post images of maps when they ain't even in or for any mods? To be honest, i am working on my own Hl2 Modification, alone, for now. Once i finish my CSGO map, (Which is basically practice) i shall dedicate my attention into building and eventually releasing a Hl2 modification.

I was working on the second level a week ago, the first was already done when my PC burned up way back in 2013, when i was determined to make a mod anyway. :P

Just gonna leave this here, without anything but my Nick on there. there is another Image on my Steam Profile. (Same name. same pic)

DOUBLE CLICK ON IMAGE For better RES (1776X1000) iF POSSIBLE. Or just open in new tab. (Will upload to images).
The image is also supposed to be a bit darker, dunno why it appears Brighter on here? :/ (W.I.P)

User Posted Image" alt="" />

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0 comments by AncientT on Apr 3rd, 2015

(Edit: Had to repost this a day after it was posted since i edited my last Blog instead of creating a new one. And i deleted the old one :I Oops)

Promised I'd do something, so here we go, i already drawn the hole map in my notebook, no just gotta put it together, which is always the boring part. But the result always gives a good feeling, even if no one plays it lol.

Anyway, i was planning to make some Custom Maps for Hl2:ep2, But hammer is Broken, and only Cs-go's worked, so ye haha.

By next week the map should already look half way. Because of life stuff.
I plan on making it a Arms_Race map. But i am considering Making it also a hostage and Defuse map. modified versions will be released of course if i decide to do it.

Looking at the picture, it is just scraps of beginnings, nothing to special.[ there ain't even doors yet lol ] will also work on optimizing it already once Half way.

But i just wanted to share! :)

Also consider Following me here on Moddb if my stuff interests you in any way. ^^
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