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Amord Oct 18 2010, 2:10am says:

Woah woah, let's slow down for a second here. You mentioned "This was a team effort", and "Such will not be the case for 1.0". But the way it was said before, it sounded like we -had- to be a Hobbit in order to initiate anything remotely similar to a 'Main Quest'.

It sounded like: "In order to access Oblivion's main quest. To carry the Amulet of Kings to Jauffre and find Martin, etc. You must be a Wood Elf.", y'see my point here? I'm all for a TC that lets different races have varied stories -- If it actually happens. It doesn't seem much like a "team effort" if I'm working halfway across the world, performing random quests that Sauron probably isn't even all that concerned over.

If it's a temporary thing just for the first truely playable version. Then I have no problems. My problem was how it sounded like it would always be like this, no matter what.

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Amord Oct 17 2010, 11:31am replied:

That's somewhat disappointing. But yes, I was referring to the "Ringbearer" storyline. I suppose for lore reasons, it has to be a Hobbit. But it's somewhat irritating.

My reasoning is because the other races have less "incentive", you could say. You can only aim for sidequests and factions. Which tend to be less interesting than a focused main storyline as a whole. I suppose that if they do "seperate" sections. Or make the factions as (arguably) large as the Ringbearer storyline, then there's not much problem here.

I'm simply voicing my opinion here, but it seems like a poor choice to limit off an -entire- segment of the game to one race and one race alone. Especially when we are uncertain as to just -how much- the other races get. Different approaches don't account for much if we can't exactly put them into use in major things.

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Amord Oct 17 2010, 4:51am says:

Here is my question; It has been mentioned that while we can play as any race. To start the main quest, we -must- play as Hobbit? Is there any particular reason why this is so? I personally would prefer to play a character entirely of my own design.

I'm sure others would disagree with this, and I welcome it. Debates can lead to creative insights when kept civil. Regardless, it would be nice to have this confirmed. So in summary: In order to play the Main Quest, we have to be a Hobbit no matter what?

Thanks for taking the time to answer this, if you do so. Still looking forward to the mod. Even if my character might not have a main goal within the storyline.

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