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This is the list I’d like to see in some Doom3 mod.
General idea appeared when I was playing D3 at Nightmare skill with NoHUD mod (which is removing HUD, your C.O.).

The first part of the game, while I got a shotgun, was very challenging: pistol does very low damage, shoots rarely, so you can’t just correct your fire by decols. Also with 25 health allowed for Nightmare every miss is quite deadly. So here I lacked for laser aim. Or/And for close sight of weapons target point (this idea appeared while playing QW:ET).
The same stuff with machinegun: it got no tracing fire bullets, so if you see no marks on walls of your shooting, then it’s problematic to correct line of fire.

Then, it’s simply is not understandable, why marine cannot hold one-hand pistol and one-hand flashlight simultaneously? It’s understandable for other weapon that are hold with both hands, but pistol? So, thus pistol would become the “dark corner weapon”.

Next, double pistols: at the beginning of the game while you don’t have shotgun or machine gun, double pistols would be very appreciated. Even if you have these weapons, you can lack for ammo which never happens for pistol. In dual version it would be not so precise, slow reload but fast fast answers for unexpected threads.

Then, it would be really fun to take zombie-solders shield for having super-defence while shooting with simple pistol.

So, these are the way of how pistol could have improved the original game switching from “just another starting weapon” to one of the game features.

Talking about other ingame stuff: marine could have kicked some ass not with uncovered fists but with wrench - it’s heavier and fits more for a cold weapon that the flashlight. And talking about flashlight - if we hit enemies with it, why can’t we do it with other weapons thus pushing away the guys that have come too close to you (and this happens quite often)? At least, with leg )

Continuing talk about weapons I need to mention grenades: grens are usually needed to make enemies whether to stop following you or to stop hiding from you. And sometimes you don’t have time to press 5 (or what button it was) hold LMB and throw grenade. Sometimes you need just to throw it. So it would be great to have some button that will automatically switch to grenade, drop it and switch back to whatever you’ve been using.

So if we are talking of realism, like you cannot hold flashlight and rocketlauncher simultaneously, or removing medkits at nighmare skill, or no HUD in real life, or possibility of holding pistol and flashlight at one time, then we must admit that no men can hold so much weapons and ammo as the DoomGuy did. So we must limit weapons that he can carry.

That’s why I’m talking of three type weapon system: light, normal and heavy weapons.

  • Light weapons: pipe wrench, second pistol;
  • Normal weapons: shotgun, machinegun, plasmagun and ;
  • Heavy weapons: rocket launcher, chaingun, BFG9k, chainsaw, grabber and droid;
  • Grenades - counted separatedly;

So, you have three slots for everything (except for 1st pistol, flashlight and Soul Cube can’t be dropped). Light weapons can be put to the all slots, Normal - to Normal/Heavy, and Heavy only to their own. That would make player think of the battle strategy and planning if he think he will get enough ammo for selected type of weapon in nearest future. Also it would make class-based game possible.

Here problem can appear that at one point player would need to face enemy with only wrench because of the ammo depleated. So, I suppose it needs to be thought of increasing the damage done at nightmare skill, because you would be wasting too much ammo on one enemy as it is - first; second, with no HUD it makes ammo waste more “succesful”; third, sometimes it becomes way too survivalistic to kill zombie-soldiers. Even demons are less living. Headshots must be deadlier. )

Talking about zombies, I think, it was a great idea that zombie, after been killed, have got up and kept wondering further. Playing some levels you need to return back to some points and these guys could become quite annoying - and you will have to act carefully. The same is about soldiers.
To make ashes of them you will need some heavy weaponry: like chainsaw or RL, otherwise...

Also, some scripts at D3 are creating human soldies appear from nowhere, just because of the “magic”. Let hell’s wizardy be left for demons and let zombie patrule around from the very start of the level...

As I said at some point nightmare game becomes very challenging and then you die not just often but very often (for example in the pool with headspiders): no UI, no possibility see for ammo left, only 25 HP - and very long loading. It sucks very much, so I propose player respawing at last used medicomp after he dies to not reload map.

Machinegun bot
We should use it better. It has to have improved AI, more advanced controlling system and be used as a heavy weapon: deploy and control. Also in TDM it could be served as an interesting tactical option - that’s why I located it in the Heavy Weaponry.

Other stuff
Well, I don’t know about other stuff. I like the blur system of HD2012 mod (and it’s graphics of course); I’d like to see modern graphics, ioDoom3 etc... Btw, there is no liquid walking sounds - no water, but there’s blood.
Also I was thinking about System Shock alike hacking to get hidden stuff (“Lllok at youu, haakka...”), but probably it would be too much, as marine is not hacker. Or not? Who knows what hobbies did he have - and if we make classical pipe game like wire connections as he cuts and reconnectes wires, probably, it would look natural.

And surely game should be replayed to get the picture if gameplay is not broken smwhere.
It’s pity I have no knowledge of how these things could be changed to get this game renovated in upmantioned manner )


  1. Zoom for weapons QW:ET alike;
  2. Laser aim point for pistol and machinegun ();
  3. Pipe Wrench as a weapon;
  4. Grenades can be fast thrown w/o switching to them (like pressing "g" throws granade and returns to previous weapon);
  5. Double pistols;
  6. Weapon limitation: 1 heavy weapon (chainsaw, RL, Plasmagun, BFG or Chainsaw), 1 standard weapon (shotgun/double shotgun or machinegun), 2 pistols and 1 melee weapon (except for torchlight);
  7. Pushing kick with weapon (usefull when cornered or reloading);
  8. Possibility to take shield of dead marines with you;
  9. Spider bot as a heavy weapon (deactivated while carrying);
  10. Flashlight and pistol holding simultaneusly

Spider Bots

  1. Upgraded Spider Bot AI: don't shoot while player at path, try to find new location for shooting;
  2. Spider bot advanced control;

Difficulty Level

  1. Medkits removal on Veteran skill (it’s easy anyway);
  2. "Nightmare" skill goes with no HUD;
  3. "Nightmare" skill goes with "Novice" skill damage (mb, even more, powerfull headshots);


  1. Undying zombies and soldiers (reviving after some time, except for overkill - would be pain in the ass till RL or Chainsaw);
  2. Zombies and soldiers are walking/patrulling at level from very beginning (for not appear by shitty scripting);


  1. Different DM types: King of the Cube; Cooperative; Demon Attack; Assault and so on;
  2. Class-based game (when you choose your weapon set at very beginning);


  1. Sounds of stepping at liquid and short life decals of bootprints (there is no sound as there is no water, but developers forgot about blood filled corridors);
  2. Respawn after death at Medicomp location, System Shock alike, (for faster revival, w/o reload - or just need quick load or checkpoints);

It could be nice hardcore modification :) Some parts are not fine for me, but others one are perfect.

Zombies should have random chance to return back to life if there is still body at map (and some weapons can remove that body). Also it would be awesome if normal zombies can use chainsaw (think about this weapon as a bonus item with limit ammo, after there is no fuel player will toss it out). Zombies could act like those in Quake 4 - some could split acid and player could remove zombie legs by good shoot. Some zombies could act like zombies from Prey - slaves caring different stuff/tanks from one machine to other one keeping place running fine. Dead could also have option to attack player by tossing different small stuff they can find on their way like red barrels or small boxes, pipes, tools, computer parts.

Male attacks - I would remove hand attack, make additional male attack for animation for every gun and button like in FEAR

Flash-light - should be attached to player armour like shoulder lamp and have limited battery (but not too much limited) or simple only some guns should have attached flash-light like pistol, shotgun, smg.

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PDA - make it transparent so player won't switch to other screen, simple stop at that animation when player holding pda in his hands and put everything on that screen (or scale it to bigger transparent window), keep D3 BFG style, it was more readable and easy to navigation.

Level design - avoid player to look in his PDA every-time he need to enter some codes to lockers/doors - write some codes near locks on computer monitors or on computers that plays audio logs, write them on small stickers or write them on wall with blood near dead body.

Granades - remove from weapon select, bind one button for tossing them.

Weapon limit system - depends on difficulty level, on easy player can have 6 guns, on normal 5 and on hard 4. This will require careful level design and placing many different guns on map so player will always have some gun to choose.

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AmDDRed Author

In S.T.A.R.1088 mod (downloadable Chimuelos Asset Pack - you can find it here, on ModDB), there is new animations for weapons with ironsights: so, actually, there is no need fo laseraim. It also includes several shooting modes of weapons and redefined damage, which makes game more challenging but more interesting.

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