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There is a kiith Liir-Hra, actually, one of the fatefull kiith in kushani hiistory )
As was told in HW1 manual & HWC apocryphas (stories about Liir-Hra & Kaalel kiithid), Liir-Hra was the vassal of the Hraal, industrial kiith. Arban Liir-Hra, the first kiith-sa of the separated Liir-Hra, managed to get his kiith freedom only by a miracle. And by the money of Manaani-sa.
They became space exploration kiith. Probably because of them the cosmic era started on Kharak, the MS launch, the destruction of Kharak and so on and so on...
HW2 gave us the new Liir-Hra name - Malketh Liir-Hra, which said some epic speech before going into 1,5k+ year hegira ("The Hegira: There and Back Again"; "Lord of the Cores: The Trinity of the Cores"; "LotC: The Two Flagships"; "LotC: Return of the Sajuuk").

Hearing the name Malketh LiirHra at first time is quite surprising. That's because of the fact, that we've learned about the LiirHra kiith only from the HW1-HWC manual: they've came from Hraali people. And as we know, the kiithid came out of the hegira: the devision to the kiithid happened there (the word itself is taken from Poul Anderson book, where was the Kith, a persecuted starfaring civilization; the "HOMEWORLD" itself is a collection of science fiction stories: "Hyperion", "Dune", "BSG" etc + Moses story, going from the Egypt). So it's hard to understand why the Liir-Hra kiith representative was before the exile.

But let's look at the situation from the other sight. Was it possible to move all the billion people from the planet? I think - NO. If we look at the situation from the real world examples, we can see that always been that the government, dissidents flee off the country, the usuall people remain where they are. Even the big emigration is far lesser than the people remaining.

So, when the taiidani came to hiigara with ultimatum to move away that was referring to the people who was guilty in Taii Emperor's death. They were given a chance to move away. And these were the goverment, their families, aristokracy: being shorter, all the people who felt that they would be killed in Taii Order, and all the people who felt that they won't be able to live under Taii dictatorship, to give the oath to the new Emperor; and the supporters: like religious people (btw, it gives a good explanation, why taiidani could also believe in Sajuuk: like greek teachers learned roman children olympic gods, the Stayers learned the taii Sajuuk - and Hiigara was a capitol of Taiidani Empire now).

We can see, that the exiles were tempted in politics. So was no surprise that they started dividing even in such harsh conditions. The LiirHra family supporters, the Gaalsi famiily... As the son is not always the good continuer of the father doings (or the daughter - mothers? btw this feature was also taken from the jews, as by their tradition the groom goes to the brides house, and the nationality is given by mother; I don't know whether matriarchy is basic Hiigarian feature, or it's grown in the prison ships, or was some kind Kharak developed - like dark matriarchy times were enlighted with unwaited tech growth from Nabaali so the matriarchy left, and the men were fighting for their rights :) ) the fraction were floating in popularity chart :), slowly forming the existing kiithid system.

This continued on the Kharak, when the harsh exsistance forced the family to play bigger role then it was before, thus making the knowledge to be saved, controlling the population growth, and saving the power of "chosen" centuries back...

But let's return to the Liir-Hra kiith.
The HW1 manual told that the mainly all the kiithid believed in Sajuuk. Just every - in special way. With additional gods or special conditions.
I don't know how is spelled this word - Hra - but it could be reference to the Amun-Ra religion (like "Kharak" - to Kharak city; Tiir - to Tir etc) and other heliocentric religions, believing that the sun is God. The sun plays very big role in creating life, especially in conditions of the Kharak, with it's boiling water equator.

Usually pagans don't like when their gods get checked or doubted (like the greek philosof Anaxagor in 5 century BC was exiled because he told that the sun is not Helios but the fireball), but in the technical revolution age, started by Nabaali winning over Gaalsi, Liir-Hra could wanted to understand what are believing in, to get closer to their God, to get some proof.

Of course, the astronomical researches forced them to change the paradigm of their belief: some became atheists, some joined the other "professional" confession with much better elaborated construction of the world...

The Liir-Hra logo could be the sun drawing.

PS: ...or satellite dish...

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