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Magic_Nipples Jan 25 2015, 5:47pm replied:

Half-Life Preliminary was my own little project. Parts of it are used in Shaft. Mostly code, and a few models.

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Magic_Nipples Jan 22 2015, 1:07am replied:

Well you need to have content ready to show before you make a page. Making a page with no content is against the rules.

+1 vote   mod: Half-Life: Lost
Magic_Nipples Jan 20 2015, 2:45pm replied:

umm no? Shaft blends alpha, beta, and concepts together.

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Magic_Nipples Jan 14 2015, 4:48pm replied:

My current setup will go to 1080 resolution, and I can run 1360x768 as well. As long as Xash isn't having any issues displaying on your graphics card then you should be fine.

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Magic_Nipples Jan 14 2015, 4:47pm replied:

Not 100% sure. We can try to aim for a 2015 release, but I will say 2016 just to be safe if some disaster comes along that will halt any progress.

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Magic_Nipples Jan 8 2015, 7:52pm replied:


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Magic_Nipples Jan 4 2015, 8:19pm replied:

Now that's just redundant.

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Magic_Nipples Jan 4 2015, 8:14pm says:

This was an old video from Barnz:

+1 vote   media: lady scientist
Magic_Nipples Jan 3 2015, 11:03pm says:

Thanks a bunch for the 200 followers!! We should have another update coming up in a week or two. Maybe even another video!

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Magic_Nipples Dec 26 2014, 11:49am replied:

It wont in the sense of being able to play this as a Half-Life mod. This mod will run using Xash, and you will just need to copy the valve folder into the Xash directory to play the game.

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Magic_Nipples Dec 23 2014, 4:09pm replied:

We have a model based on the concept art for the Gargantua. It would have to be reanimated before we could use it though. We might just include the concept, and retail garg as two enemy types!

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Magic_Nipples Dec 22 2014, 1:58pm replied:

It's still a work in progress. I'm still trying to shape the model to look more like that image.

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Magic_Nipples Dec 22 2014, 10:57am replied:

I'll make skin groups for the a grunt so you will see concept green, alpha blue, and retail purple.

+4 votes   media: Concept Hornet Gun [WIP]
Magic_Nipples Dec 22 2014, 1:11am replied:

Besides the one found in the day one release. The skyboxes will be edited to resemble the beta (like in this photo), or we will try to make our own in 3ds or something.

+3 votes   media: Concept Hornet Gun [WIP]
Magic_Nipples Dec 21 2014, 10:47pm replied:

You mean like how Gordon pulls the slide back when he reloads? Because that animation only plays when you run out of bullets. It reloads normally if you have some bullets in the clip.

+1 vote   media: Office Warrens Gameplay
Magic_Nipples Dec 13 2014, 7:51pm replied:

We are using Xash, so it will run in open gl. You can turn off all the filters to give the feel of playing on software.
And no. I never found a way to get the battery to draw that way.

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Magic_Nipples Dec 13 2014, 1:12pm replied:

Xen is still a long ways off. We also have a pretty big lack in photos of that area other than those 2 maps found in the hls leak.

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Magic_Nipples Dec 12 2014, 12:10am replied:

We know. That's why we posted it.

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Magic_Nipples Dec 10 2014, 12:18pm replied:

Mostly likely in the middle to stay with the 1998 demos. We still can release them with different origins, alpha weapons, and other little packs like that.

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Magic_Nipples Dec 8 2014, 11:44am says:

Looks really impressive! Can't wait to play this! I'm also curious if a developer kit will also be released much like with the original Paranoia.

+2 votes   article: Paranoia 2: Savior is closer than you think!
Magic_Nipples Dec 7 2014, 9:56pm says:

Gonna give ya a vote after that media update!!

+2 votes   mod: Wilson Chronicles
Magic_Nipples Dec 4 2014, 9:21pm replied:

Let's see if I can answer all these.
1.Bullet tracers are on all guns now. The glock is still a bit on the wonky side so bullets holes on entities, and tracers, and muzzleflash don't work still.

2.We are using our own maps that mix the alpha areas in with beta areas in with ones we don't have imformation on other than concepts.

3. Not certain what you are asking. Anyway to clarify it?

4. Never thought about it, but we very well could :)

5. Yes to all of those listed.

6. Well of course haha!!

Thanks for the comment! Always happy to answer questions within reason.

+3 votes   media: Office Warrens Gameplay
Magic_Nipples Dec 2 2014, 6:53pm says:

Should have new news up tonight or tomorrow!

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Magic_Nipples Nov 18 2014, 2:23pm replied:

Not a bad idea at all! I might get to that soon.

+4 votes   media: We've Got Some Hostiles
Magic_Nipples Nov 17 2014, 10:47pm says:

all of mah damns. 10/10

+4 votes   media: National Assembly main corridors WIP
Magic_Nipples Nov 16 2014, 12:04am replied:

If you take a look at some decompiled HL:S map, you can find quite a few left over bits and pieces from Half-Life's earlier years. I say look at HL:S maps because those can decompile much better than goldsrc maps.

+4 votes   media: E3 1998 On a Rail Train
Magic_Nipples Nov 15 2014, 7:54pm replied:

Hopefully soon. Since we moved over to Xash, I had to implement all of the weapon code it uses since the one in Spirit has issues with the egon, pistol, and a few others.

+5 votes   mod: SHλFT
Magic_Nipples Nov 11 2014, 5:26pm replied:

This is not a realism mod though.

+5 votes   media: We've Got Some Hostiles
Magic_Nipples Nov 10 2014, 10:00pm replied:

I would say its exactly like the beta photos I referenced.

+5 votes   media: We've Got Some Hostiles
Magic_Nipples Oct 21 2014, 7:45pm replied:

We haven't done anything to the model (besides make his walking a bit faster). I hope people aren't assuming we added features to the monster because I have no idea how to program in a 'rape' feature.

+5 votes   media: Friendly
Magic_Nipples Sep 7 2014, 3:14pm says:

"A scientists job is to try and make sense of the world around them, but this whole building is just crazy." -Ross Scott
I think he does a good job of pointing out all the architecture in Black Mesa that makes no sense.

+2 votes   media: Detail - mod progress
Magic_Nipples Sep 7 2014, 10:37am replied:

You can't. [WIP] means something.

+2 votes   media: Uplink [WIP]
Magic_Nipples Jun 8 2014, 1:50pm replied:

IGN in a nutshell. Pretty sure you know that quote I posted at the top isn't real. I just remember another mod posting that thinking people would believe that nonsense.

+1 vote   media: Test Chamber Before/After
Magic_Nipples May 20 2014, 10:34am replied:

Are you a wizard?

+1 vote   media: Sup
Magic_Nipples Mar 26 2014, 8:06pm says:

I always liked the atmosphere in these screenshots. You guys just nail it every time!

+3 votes   media: Glimpse [WIP]
Magic_Nipples Dec 1 2012, 6:50pm says:

good job! *claps softly

+2 votes   download: HA RRON's Beta Scientists
Magic_Nipples Aug 18 2012, 2:42pm says:

I am ok with this. It would be cool if this still was on it's own engine, but whatever is better for the team to work is fine with me.

+2 votes   article: Pre-update news, please read!
Magic_Nipples Mar 5 2012, 4:07pm says:

Glad to read this. Good luck to you, and see ya when this is released!

+1 vote   article: Introduction and upcoming features
Magic_Nipples Feb 19 2012, 4:45pm replied:

older images, not using same render...

+1 vote   media: Test Chamber Logo
Magic_Nipples Jan 16 2012, 2:05pm replied:

Aww, ok. thanks anyways.

0 votes   mod: Half-Life: Dreamcast
Magic_Nipples Jan 15 2012, 11:51pm says:

Nice, but my only question is how did you edit the GFX.wad to make the DC loading screen appear between maps. Cause I want to be able to edit this.

+1 vote   mod: Half-Life: Dreamcast
Magic_Nipples Jan 5 2012, 10:29pm says:

whats up

+3 votes   member: Khilev
Magic_Nipples Jan 4 2012, 5:22pm says:

its so cute! "Ahhh! it bit me!"

+2 votes   media: Snark
Magic_Nipples Jan 3 2012, 5:50pm replied:

It's a gun. They arn't supposed to be covered in colors (unless its in camo) or attachments. This isnt COD.

+1 vote   media: Opinion on RPG color???
Magic_Nipples Dec 25 2011, 8:13pm says:

looking sexy fine ;)

+1 vote   media: subtransit
Magic_Nipples Oct 27 2011, 8:36pm says:

Not many people read the BETA PART of the description...

+1 vote   media: I think i'm off task a bit :3
Magic_Nipples Aug 23 2011, 5:50pm says:

I like a lot, and the sky is fine, but it looks very low resolution, and you can see how it looks like a cube.

+2 votes   media: Surface Area
Magic_Nipples Jul 25 2011, 7:39pm says:

I found a few videos of this on youtube from your account rite? So you've been working on this a bit longer than I thought, anyways downloading, and I hope it works!

+1 vote   download: Unbelievable Graphic 0.5
Magic_Nipples Jul 24 2011, 3:52pm says:

This looks pretty good! But people might complain about the released status if there is no download, even to the older verion.

0 votes   mod: Unbelievable Graphic
Magic_Nipples Jul 3 2011, 8:49pm says:

Wow XD the shot gun does look off. The hand it too small.

+3 votes   media: Snark's Shotgun w/ the HL:R hand.
Magic_Nipples Jun 26 2011, 4:22pm replied:

I meant the corner to the left, you can't see it, cause it's around the corner -_-

+1 vote   media: Using Ripent (WIP)
Magic_Nipples Jun 22 2011, 3:16pm says:

that be nice.

+1 vote   media: Xen Textures and Skybox
Magic_Nipples Jun 17 2011, 11:45am says:

yea going back in time. Screw you people that think time travel is a myth!

+1 vote   article: If anybody would like to help
Magic_Nipples Nov 29 2010, 8:54pm replied:

Constructive Criticism: Criticism performed with a compassionate attitude towards the person qualified for criticism.

so much for the compassionate attitude.

-2 votes   media: Canal type of Thing.
Magic_Nipples Nov 9 2010, 4:12pm says:

I like orange better. Just seems to fit with the Goldsrc engine. In my opinion.

+4 votes   media: Later Demonstration
Magic_Nipples Aug 27 2010, 8:57pm replied:


+1 vote   mod: Half-Life: Redux
Magic_Nipples Jul 27 2010, 8:58pm says:


+1 vote   media: When its done...
Magic_Nipples Feb 14 2010, 11:30pm says:

aare you still working on Beyond Half life/invasion 106 mod? will you release the models?

+1 vote   member: Ag3nt-X
Magic_Nipples Aug 11 2009, 11:29am says:

nice model. but the feet look a little big.

+1 vote   media: Sergeant comparison
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