My name is Sherrod Fletcher, I have been working on the Night Crisis Project for about 8 months now, and about 2 years of learning experince creating games, most of them were small prototypes of different features and mechanics that I just kept to myself. I built prototypes showcasing lighting, multiplayer, player mechanics, AI, level design, character design,animation, enviroment design, game design,GUI, game engineering,testing, sound, etc. I love shooter games, 3rd or first person I have pretty much played them all. Killzone series, Battlefield series, killing floor, left for dead, Resident Evil,Fear series,Halo series,Call of Duty series, Gears of War series the list goes on and on you name it, I have played it , so this is a passion project out of the desire to make a polished and unique experience to enjoy with your friends just like I would want.

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Prelude to Night Crisis

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Night Crisis is an ever evolving horror, tactical co-op FPS. This project will be a Battlefield type of game with a horror themed mix and and large maps.

Why was I invited?
You have been invited to try out a development version of The Night Crisis Project. By subscribing to the group, you get free access to in development versions of Night Crisis

Check out the Greenlight page here:

The Gameplay

The game will play like Battlefield 3 with creatures instead of other players.

The main idea is a modern military game with a slight futuristic touch (mostly in the weapons.) and you will be able to attack and defend cities, bases and other structures with your friends and/or other players against AI, militia, creatures like mutated rats, undead ghostly like creatures, etc.

Note: This is not a survival game, its more of a objective based game with modes like CTF against the zombies, attack/ defend scenarios, etc.

There will be features such as parkour, destructible environments, in- game weapon attachment customizations, vehicles, large maps, character customizations, etc.

TELL ME MORE! [The Prelude]
It's the year 2020, technology has made it's way into the world in the brightest ways. Everywhere in the world technology keeps advancing and internet, social media and data has grown at such a high peak to the point where the government can't keep their secrets behind closed doors anymore. Technology has allowed biotech companies to invest in evolutional and superhuman science, that caused those companies to become independent and gain more and more power as the years passed by.

Governments lost more and more power and control to the rapid spreading biotech corporations and laboratories as they spread across the globe with many labs in countries all over the world, they're all there from the smallest villages to the biggest cities. But one day something happened, in an agreement with the CEO's of all the biotech companies to test a new superserum in all of the biolabs something went horribly wrong. After the creatures got the superserum they became incredibly strong, mutated monsters and escaped out of the biolabs, killing everything and everyone on their path.

Creatures of every kind started to spawn out of the labs into the streets and riots and panic broke out soon afterwards. The governments across the globe tried everything they could to stop the infected but things only went worse ever since the outbreak. This restorted in many fleeing their homes and hiding in places like underground bunkers, tunnels and any type of fortified places wherever possible. Today many countries are full of infected of all kind, and it's your job to carry out mission tasks. Capturing military bases and looting stores in the process is always fun too.This is our story, what's yours soldier?

(Story written by Altered S)

Inventory and Pickups

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Hello all, here is the theory behind the inventory and item pickup system , enjoy:)
Inventory and Pickups
Increases health

Purchase Weapons from weapon terminals

shotguns, machine guns, sniper rifles

(Bio Energetic Augmented Synchronization Technique)
Increases sprint when bar is full

Hud location for your gadgets, mines, turrent,etc.

increases score / purchase weapons.

Batteries :
the flashlight

Player upgrade system

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You will be able to access player upgrades through the pause menu under upgrades.

"Confirmed Player Upgrades"

each upgrade has a level upgrade system that enhances or increases the upgrade's functionality.


Increase the size of your inventory 7/7


Increase your sprint speed 4/4


Modify your hud 2/2


Slow down time for precise shots 5/5

Jump Higher

Night Crisis Updates

The weapon Classes

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The weapon Classes are grouped into the usual:
Shotguns , Sub machine guns , Light machine guns , Rifles, Explosives, Melee weapons, and Pistols. Each
class has a large amount of weapons to choose from, you will be able to spend in-game credits to purchase them . You can find these weapons at terminals marked on your hub throughout the environment.
Weapon purchase classes

Night Crisis Beta Dev log 1.1

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Confirmed Beta Features (Night Crisis)
As the beta is nearing release, the dev log series (Road to Beta) will keep you updated on progress of the game.The beta is confirmed for pc, the webrowser version will be released at later date as a lite version.
Upcoming and Confirmed beta features:
Polished gameplay
Inventory system
Player upgrade system
New weapon buy system
finalized Environment audio systems
Bug fixes
New weapons ( saiga, ump45, ScarH)
The Night Crisis Project FPS (road to beta)

The Night Crisis Project FPS

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The Night Crisis Project FPS (road to beta)NIGHT CRISIS BETA
Everyone loves to be in a beta right? Well be sure stay update on the progress of the NIGHT CRISIS PROJECT in the form of videos and images. The great thing is that by joining the Night Crisis Project group, you are already to experience the beta.You will receive a email the beta released. Stay updated through the Youtube , Facebook, twitter.More information as these networks come online.

The Night Crisis Project FPS (road to beta) - Indie DB


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