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Algara91 Jan 20 2006 says:

This game was AMAZING i never really liked game where you shot monsters and crap but Half Life 2 got me into it, Far Cry has amazing graphics and the scenery is great ide like there to be a mod that allows you to just rome around the islands, its coll cause you can find a bunch of coll (Mini Easter eggs) like downed japenise 0 planes and old tanks and bunkers, Great game. Your Grand ma is right second best next to HL2.

0 votes   game: Far Cry
Algara91 Jan 20 2006 says:

This game was alright i found that it was enjoyable the first time you play it, i dont like the sand box effect you HAVE to stick too the objective and you HAVE to go the main path to do so. Opress and Flank every time repetative at some times, and the whole team ordering thing good consept but DUMB AI. You tell them too get over here or go over there and then they run in your line of fire and there dead.

+2 votes   game: Brothers in Arms: Road to Hill 30
Algara91 Jan 20 2006 says:

In COD 2 you play as the brits the rusians and the americans ( I might Add that you play the americans LAST in the game too) besides canada SUCKS!! LOL kidding. The 360 sucks though ******* guys at microsift made a crappy system, you have too be rich just to enjoy your gaming experience, and what the hell is with all the problems with it, Overheating, Xbox live crashes, Frame rate issues. The PS3 will be 10 times better than the 360, and 15 times better than the PS2. Microsift ****** on us ALL!!!!

0 votes   game: Call of Duty 2
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