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AlexanderTHEGreat93 Apr 18 2011, 6:37pm says:

Its supposed to be a full-body scale armor. Slavic origin i think. Its missing some ornaments but it seems real enough.

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AlexanderTHEGreat93 Feb 20 2011, 6:15pm says:

why havent you made version 1.0? do you really want us to kill you? fix the bugs, call it 1.0 and FINISH IT ALREADY!!!!!!!

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AlexanderTHEGreat93 Jan 28 2011, 10:02pm replied:

Hahahaha no one could conquer Serbia then! She had awesome armies of every sort. We even had elite mounted archers with heavy horse armor and lances. it was brilliant. There are over 120 forts castles and towns in central Serbia alone, not to mention Montenegro, Bosnia and Macedonia. The Serbian empire was undefeated until the Turks and the bloody pope attacked at the same time and until they blocked our trade routes from all sides. If they made Serbia as she was, the game would be boring. Only thing stopping us from conquering Europe was religion and love for other people. We are the ONLY country with a ruling dynasty of saints. Our soldiers and knights became Saints while the cant even make his holy water last a month without becoming stale.

P.S. piĊĦem na engleskom da im nabijam na nos :) majku li im varvarsku

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AlexanderTHEGreat93 Jan 28 2011, 9:45pm replied:

Me too. Nothing helps. Maybe the map is too large and has too many factions? Or some items, or triggers have a bug? The game is not the problem its the mod.

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AlexanderTHEGreat93 Oct 18 2010, 10:04pm replied:

It may be hard to swallow but it is the truth.

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AlexanderTHEGreat93 Oct 18 2010, 9:41pm replied:

Your stupidity is a lot larger then your ego it seems.

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AlexanderTHEGreat93 Oct 16 2010, 9:16am replied:

Sorry if you think I misspelled my name, but as it happens there is already an 'AlexanderTheGreat' and I dont like adding numbers to my user names.

Btw, the term 'Slav' or 'the Slavic people' was used the first time by the Germans in the sixth century. It was simply used to describe the Slavs because the word 'Slav' or 'Slavic' means 'Glory' or 'Glorified'.
Also, there is no 'Macedonia', or 'Trakia', 'Iliria' and etc. Those were just regions in the ancient empire of Serbia. If you dont understand, just imagine the people of Northern Wessex, for an example, and lets say that they are a new state, or better yet, a Nation!
Alexander Karanovic of Macedonia the Great(356-323 b.c.) is his full name, his mother is Greek and father a Serbian noble, Phillip as the Greeks named him, and he ruled Macedonia and Kosovo.
Serbs always lived here. In fact, we lived here since 7000 b.c. as the latest findings show us, and the Greeks settled in the south in 1500 b.c. when they came to Balkan from South Asia Minor.
Greeks were then a primitive tribe but they learned fast and took the Serbian culture from whom they learned to write too. And as the Serb Empire was torn to pieces from the inside, the Greeks too took their little pieces of land. And so began their great history of a few Town states fighting each other like idiots. Although, who could blame them they had a great example from us Serbs at the time....

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AlexanderTHEGreat93 Sep 12 2010, 8:31am replied:

I did it, took me an hour, but I found it! The mod is pretty accurate, and overall awesome, but it crashes a lot... hope they fix all the crashes and bugs....

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AlexanderTHEGreat93 Sep 11 2010, 4:21pm says:

Mod seems awesome but i seem to need 1.31 patch. Does anyone know where can I find it?

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AlexanderTHEGreat93 Aug 26 2010, 9:43am replied:

Bravo for all the history lessons! You and I think alike...anyway... current Macedonians are a mix of Bulgarians, Serbs and Greeks and are the work of Stefan Dushan. Also we Slavs (Serbs) were, at the time approximately 25 cm taller than Greeks and later Romans (as we were able to hold 30kg swords). Not to mention that our EMPIRE existed 6000 years ago! and that today`s Greeks just settled there after out fall (5508. bc the comet which sunk Atlantis also created the black sea, where was the center of the empire )and inherited our culture and writing. Oh and the vinca writings contain the oldest written language and the numerical tables known to man, of which no one talks about for some reason... I guess the Berlin Congress stitched a lot of mouths... Just continue the short history lessons and maybe we`ll both get shot one day! hahahahahaaaa :]

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AlexanderTHEGreat93 Aug 26 2010, 8:54am replied:

Simply amazing that someone didn't forget to put Serbia on a map! But, of course, they had to name it Raska, and make idiots of themselves, because, even in the "official" history Serbia is a kingdom since 1217.! Also, that year, Serbia was just acknowledged by the catholic church. Serbia was a kingdom loooong before that, but was not accepted by the western world because of its orthodox religion! I ******* hate the fact that the catholic church rebelled against the orthodox and is now making all the ******* rules. But... as they say ... "Winners write history"! I can just sit home and shut up about things that really happened.... Sigh.... Thanks for the mod, at least now i can conquer Raska and call my new nation Serbia!

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