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It's like this website had some kind of "Lack of trolls" so they started making advertisements to get some or they had some kind of "troll shortage" so they brought in a new shipment. Yes I know these aren't even cheap laughs but I care not for your amusement.

Some people come here and to many places like here to develop and be recognized for your hard work, while others come to see whats new and try out what these people have spent thousands of hours of their lives working towards, but then there are that select few that come to complain about every stupid act of theirs that is challenged and decide that trolling is the answer to keep their e-peen above 1 pixel in size. They demoralize others for thinking for themselves instead of following senseless biasms and trends as directed by "The Community". Is there a lack of testicular droppage in the vicinity? or did someone just skip the stage of maturity. What does someone who throws their opinions at you want more then anything? Respect. Respect that they can express themselves without penalty or destructive feedback. Respect that someone will read and THINK before they reply with nothing more then a waste and a mockery of our reading abilities.

Away from individuals there are also groups that because someone has an issue with any small thing with or around it, they think it is their job to attempt to destroy it.

As if a modders life isn't hard enough trying to finish their moddb legacy to need YOUR help in order to kill their hopes and dreams and send them into the deep void of modding depression along with every other hard working modder who got slapped in the face for their hard labour. People that work hard for nothing more then OUR amusement don't deserve your scrutiny. If you are one of these so-called plagues of the internet and destroyers of all that this website stands for next time you step up on the high ground I'll be there to kick it out from under you.

Have a nice day, eh?



Reading the comments on that page was only a good 30 minute waste of my life. Having 25% of the comments buried and bias American nationalism it got beyond out of hand, and really should have been locked before it got this far.

Why would anyone make a big deal out of the Airforce supporting the MOTY awards? It isn't just looking for recruits, they are supporting the awards for hard working computer game technicians who are making the games, animations, and computing technology of tomorrow.

I personally dislike the US as much as the next Canadian but I understand how they relate to the rest of the world and I respect them as people. How Politicians run the country has nothing to do with me personally although their dicisions can effect the way we live the rest of our lives. I only really dislike the biasm of "The United States AND the rest of the world" that I've heard far too many times.

Seriously, grow up and look at the world around you WITHOUT the aid of your TV and internet.

For all you Canucks out there I leave you with a good 'ol high five, eh?



I am definitely not a source fan or valve fan but I am a mod whore and therefore play alot of sourcemods. If anyone has interests in playing sourcemods and other such valve supported games check out the steam group The Sinister Urge. We may recruit if we see potential in a good team gamer.


First off, Gears of War and God of War mods.

Gears is for PC and a basic TCM of UT3 that is both as moddable and playable. Modding Xbox version would be a garbage waste of time considering you have to watch your frames 10X more because YOU CANT LEGALLY UPGRADE YOUR XBOX HARDWARE. Also I believe Xbox is a garbage system and a very unoriginal waste of time and money profiting the monster that is Microsoft.

God of War. If it could be modded... What usefulness could be added? What does it need? Nothing. The only mods that would be brought to light would be useless skins and variant weaponry that is worse then those currently present. Its all sequenced so all that could really be done is mapping, but even then the time it would take to use a custom engine that really didn't have a map editor would probably end in horrid maps that just look bad and are made either far too easy or far too hard for any God of War player. Its a good game but lets leave it as a game and not a mod-able interface kthxbai.

I love how half the voters for Modding Consoles just reply with, "It would be cool" and such. Then you check their profiles AND NONE OF THEM ARE MODDERS. WTF is up with that?! People don't realize that systems like the Xbox (Sorry for bashing it to hell and back but I just can't stand its overrated-ness) have limited hardware and are basically mediocre computers jam-packed into a fat box that has nothing more to offer you then a ring of death. The PS3 actually came up with custom hardware that even PCs don't use and also has free internet, as well as modding capability via the PC as well as CUSTOM games that don't make it to any other system. Every shooter that makes it on the Xbox makes it on the PC, oh boy. The Wii is at least original and can be very good but for FPS the makers need to rethink a little. It needs a GoldenEye style play where you don't default-ly strafe and need to hold a button to do so, that would at least make the shooters playable.

Lastly, consoles were made to be played the way the makers wanted them too. PC's were made to advanced technology (not ironic at all). Lets try not to kill our warranties by befuddling our consoles hardware then hmm? Its surprising to see a modding website filled with unexplained comments by underaged console gamers instead of at least a notion to why.

As a Great North-Eastern Canadian once said. Eh?

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