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Last time I wrote a devlog, I had decided to throw all my old prototypes away and start with a new concept that properly managed to follow the theme I had for the game. And that's what I've been doing since, and what I'll be talking about this devlog.

The concept

In essence, my game is about not wasting time, and that's what I tried to make this next prototype about. I didn't want throw away the concept of souls and such because everything else so far is based around it. I was kinda stuck at the beginning, but then looking at old games I got an idea: how about a Pacman-style role reversal?
In Pacman, you have enemies who you cannot hurt and must run from during most of the game. But, you can pickup powerups that'll reverse the roles; now, the enemies have to run and you have to chase them. The final concept isn't exactly similar to this, but it's my inspiration. Here are the main points:

  • The game is divided into two phases, a weak phase and a power phase.
  • There will be a few "boss" monsters wandering around the map, who you can only hurt during the power phase. You goal is to gather strength during the weak phase and defeat the boss mosnters during the power phase.
  • You can only activate the power phase a certain number of times. Once they've run out, it's game over.
  • In the weak phase, you have a certain amount of seconds to collect a set amount of souls. If you fail to do that, it's also game over.
  • People will die at random around the map, and to collect their souls you'll have to defeat their "guardian".
  • In the weak phase, you can also face normal monsters. Once defeated, these monsters will give you two corrupted souls. You can use corrupted souls for powerful attacks and techniques.
  • Once you've collected enough normal souls, you can enter the power phase when you please by returning to the Fountain of Life. The length of the power phase is determined by how many normal souls you collected.
  • During the power phase, you can damage the boss monsters as much as you want. Once the timer reaches 0, you enter the weak phase again.

Also, last thing: starting from now, I'll be posting at least one devlog each month. It's not that much, but I think it's important to be regular.

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