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Edain Mod

Mod review

Back in the good old 04's when the first Battle for middle earth game came out I was taken immediately. It consumed most of my days and nights,then the second part came out and the hype went on and on. Until one day I figured out all the tricks and traits of the game,and it slowly became dull.
Now,so many years later I decided to return to it,and discovered the Edain Mod,well let me just tell you it turned my experience inside out. The amount of work this team invested in a game (which is not easy to modify,let's be honest) is alone worth all the appreciation.
So much depth,and balance and shiny details that I just can't list them all here. You need to,YOU MUST try it. I have just spent my entire Saturday night trying out the different factions of the mod,and I still don't feel like I went deeper then the surface. You guys deserve a medal.


Nosferatu: The Wrath of Malachi

Game review

After 14 years,still manages to scare the crap out of me


Sands of Faith

Mod review

C&C: Generals Zero Hour

Game review

It's an alright game,I invested many hours on it,but mostly only on lan-parties.
The problem with the game,just like with Battle for Middle Earth is that EA games made it ;P seriously thought,it's as if they didn't even try..there is no real difference between Easy AI and Hard AI except that it's scripted that Hard AI gets more money at the start and it's buildings and units cost less and take less time to produce,and that's literally all. It uses the same tactics as easy would,it can just master more armies,so it can spam them at your base while you gather your ranks and destroy their command center. This is the point where you won the game,because no matter how much money the AI has it won't re-build it's command center,which means that they won't be able to build almost anything,so once you destroy their last few builders,you are done.
Other then that I would like to point out the obvious OP-ness of USA,but this game has been out for so long,everyone knows that. I'm not saying you can't defeat them but they have some units and abilities which are simply superior to anything the GLA or China can offer.

All in all,this game can provide you with many hours of fun if you are ready for some compromises around balance.


Battles of the Third Age

Mod review - 1 agree

This mod is something,and that is coming from a person who played the first and the second BFME since they were released. Never did I find a mod as complex as this one. There are modders out there who attempt fixing EA's laziness (and this should be appreciated) but no one succeeded as much as the team creating Battles of the Third Age.
I was delivered an overall better experience of the game I knew for years ,it almost felt as if I played a different,better version of it.
The way heroes are evolving and not just leveling,the way the building and technology mechanism is improved,the way mini factions are all fits so well. Also the AI is seen as more challenging then before,and the factions are much better balanced then in the vanilla game or other mods. To add up on all that,we have better textures for units and heroes and an improved sound system.

To conclude this,I would just like to thank the team for delivering this masterpiece!


Blood in The West

Mod review - 4 agree - 1 disagree

I just can't give it more then 2 and that is for the effort. But to be honest,and I see others mentioned this too,you need to scrap all this and start from 0
The idea is noble and I appreciate it but I just can't force myself to play this. Sorry...


The Last Days (of The Third Age of Middle Earth)

Mod review - 1 agree

Not sure if I need to write anything,if you played it you experienced it for yourself. If you love the LOTR saga and the MB game this is definitely the mod for you.

A truly enjoyable mod,it is obvious that great effort was put into this work,it even feels like a standalone game. Spent countless hours playing this mod,and it still never gets old. My compliments to the developers,please keep up your great work,and thank you for delivering this masterpiece!


Half-Life 2

Game review

The Sith Lords Restored Content Mod (TSLRCM)

Mod review - 1 agree

Something this game needed a long time ago. Excellent mod.

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