I am a Software Engineer from R.H Inst. of Tech. I have been interested in EF1 mapping since I was a Freshman in High School, and have a continued interest in the mapping scene. I am not the greatest at brush work, but entity work is one of my stronger points. I have also attempted to expand outward, and have succeeded in most cases. Currently doing Skyrim modding via the Creation Kit.

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Part 2 To Skyrim Modding

AJDominion Blog

Last I updated this, I just created a player owned iron mine. There have been a few mods since then.

First, the LoEH mod has not been updated much, been focused on other projects mainly.

The first thing I have done since the last post were two different mods to expand the possible marriage candidates. The first one added around 38 NPCs that were now able to marry the PC, including some guards, khajiit, argonians, wood elves, high elves, etc. The second one was on the same lines of the previous, but it was based on the Dawnguard content, which means vampires are in the mix.

The next mod I created was in the wake of Hearthfire, which adds new followers which can become a steward for one of your houses. There are 9 in total, adding one of each race as a possibility.

Tried my first stab at a housing mod, adding a house to the Soul Cairn. The manor is named Pneuma Manor, and offers many of your normal house functions. It also has several quests/books involving the back story of the house, the former inhabitants, and an alternate version of the Skyrim realm.

My most recent project is Dominion's Adoption Expansion. Originally the mod set out to provide children from non-standard child races, including the elven races, orc children, khajiit children, and argonian children. From request, the mod is expanding the gifts that can be given, expanding the number of children that are adoptable, number of pets that can be received, and anything else revolving around the system. The unfortunate thing is the limit is not going to be eliminated for the number of children, but that is ok, it will be up to a different mod to set up custom housing support. Still a work in progress.

A quick request I got was to make the lightning in the Soul Cairn quieter, so I did that.

And that is all for this post, have fun all.

Skyrim Modding Update

AJDominion Blog

I am still in the Skyrim modding scene. Working on my faction mod, League of Extraordinary Heroes, more details when more of that is complete.

I just released a player owned iron mine through Skyrim Nexus and Steam Workshop, check that out if you are interested in acquiring an iron mine which can give you iron ore and some profits.

As a side venture from the LoEH, working a small mod to add more options in the realm of marriageable npcs, nothing big, but it can be done within a relatively small period of time.

That is it for this small update, until next time.

Been Awhile Since I Have Posted

AJDominion Blog

So I took a break from modding and school got in the way, but I have posted my mod projects I have completed. They are all plugins for Skyrim.

The first one is Skooma Bear. Skooma Bear is a voice-acted moon sugar addicted bear. In this mod you will go on a quest to get Sniffs his 'skooma' back. Once this quest is completed, Sniffs is unlocked as a companion. Reverse engineering the marriage system in Skyrim has resulted in a companion system which allows you to have your normal companion traveling as well. This is a great mod if you are looking for some comedy relief, not so much for sneaking around. There is a killable and non-killable version of Sniffs.

The next mod is Skyrim Pizza. Skyrim Pizza takes your pie model and adds several recipes that would make sense for creating pizza and different varieties of pizza. There is a Chef that knows this art, his name is Chef Turtle and is located in Riverwood. Have fun creating and consuming pizza!

My last major mod is Skyrim Book Stores. This mod adds a bookstore to each of the major towns, along with skill books sold at the bookstores. These skill books give a 4 hour boost to the skill associated with the book. The location and setting for the bookstores and the owners were made in most lore-friendly way possible. Enjoy!

I have released a few others on Steam, each more of a joke created for some of my Steam friends. My current Skyrim project is The League of Extraordinary Heroes. In this mod, a faction containing all of the derptastic hero combinations is united under one roof. The Dovakhin has been invited into this League, and will be performing heroic duties under the League. New companions using a system similar to Skooma Bear, new merchants, new quests, and more are added in this mod. Currently in stage of creating the interior locations.

That is it from me, until next time.
-Arron Dominion

My view on the new replay in TF2

AJDominion Blog

Valve just released their new replay feature in TF2, so I decided to go check it out. Turns out the server needs to have the replay ability enabled. Also, it only works while you are alive, so timing issues are bound to prop up. Also, QuickTime is required before using it.

When you are finished, head over to the replay section and decide what takes you want and your render settings. On my 3.4 GHz i7, 3x nVidia GeForce 580 GTX 1.5 TB, 1 TB SSD hard disk, and 24 GB memory, it took ~19 min to complete the render.

Once done, you have option to submit it to youtube if you wish. Here is what I submitted as a test of this:

Bad News

AJDominion Blog

It has been awhile, and I have no good updates. This update is only to say my desktop with the files I was developing are currently on a desktop that is not working. Depending on that outcome, I may or may not have the mod files. If I do, then at some point I might start finishing some of them. Otherwise, that is probably the end of those projects and any future ones for a bit.

TF2 Propoganda Poster Entry

AJDominion Blog

I am going to start development of some of these projects over the break coming up in a few days. I have some entity work on Federation Colony. Need to do the rest of the jumps on the jump map. And I have some other projects to wrap up.

My next set of projects to do at some point are some conversions of my Elite Force maps over to Team Fortress 2. The ones that I will convert will be all of my CTF maps that I have created. Since the process of converting the actual .map (not the entities or textures) is really easy, might expect more EF1 maps that are not RPG oriented.

I have not posted in awhile. I really got caught up with college and TF2. Speaking of which...look in images for a look at my Pro-Demoman poster that I made for the contest.

Project Updates #2

AJDominion Blog

Here I go again, probably won't be a massive update though.

So the only one I have worked on is Federation Colony. Screenshots of what has been changed will be uploaded soon. Anyway, there is a power generation building now (with your typical core-ish setup) and that is the last building addition for the map, might decide on adding on to the quarter's buildings but not sure yet. There is a fountain right outside of the Colony HQ and the sign has been recreated for that building. The entrance area now has a stream, bridge to go over the stream. A few more trees were added in that area. Two of the quarters buildings have been moved to other areas of the compound, one being closer to the armory and one being in front of the holodeck.

If I was to add onto the quarters building, it would be a community bathroom for the set of 5 quarters. What would be included would be 5 toilets, 5 sinks, and 5 showers. Hope this keeps you informed on the progress.
-Arron Dominion

Project Updates

AJDominion Blog

Hello again, felt like giving an update on the projects I am working on for Elite Force. So here we go:

-Federation Colony: All of the models are in place, all of the brushes are in place at the moment, and a giant portion of the entities are in place. Still will need to work on lighting for the map and possibly what the front entrance to the colony will look like. Will try to get some screenshots of W.I.P once I get lighting in place.

-Jump_Dom_Training: This is the name I am going to stick with for this map. I have also started mapping, as the 2 screenshots I uploaded recently show. I have the main lobby and the tower climb portion done of the map. Still have a bit to go though, before this is ready.

-RPG CTF Battletactic2: No update here, still waiting on the patch to fix the alert entities.

-Spade: Everything is done except for the alert, they aren't working for some reason. Will fiddle with this at some point.

-RPG Lava Planet: No work has been done on this project.

Hope that updates everyone since the last blog entry. I will try to record some videos at some point for some of the maps I have uploaded on here so that people can preview the maps. Until next time.
-Arron Dominion

Good to go - Now a brief history and possible future

AJDominion Blog

I believe all of my non-beta modifications are now here on ModDB, with exception of one I decided to release just a little bit ago. As you can see, most of the files are maps for EF1.

CTF CRP 1 was my first test of creating a CTF map in EF1, which I think went well, and showed me where I need to go with designing one. The middle was blocked, so two paths were created. First path goes down low then rises back up on the other side, and the other one goes up to a central platform, then goes back down. This caused a cramped battle settings. Also, it was possible to jump on top of the lower path, so you could travel it quickly, a design flaw on my part. Having a jetpack made it ridiculously easy to capture the flag, so a non-jetpack version was made later.

The first serious CTF map, besides the one I just mentioned, was CTF Battletactic. It provided a tactical setup which quite a few maps lack, cover and points of interest. There are wall barricades with ports to shoot out of, the bunker as seen in ctf voy2(or was it voy1 o.O), and large main bases where the flag was at.

The next one in the mix became CTF Battletactic2, which provided a different atmosphere. It was nature based, so had to have nature elements integrated. The trees are climbable, sniper houses were put in place, the main camp was surrounded by walls and visibility was blocked on one side of it, secret ramp entrances within the view blocked side, and pill boxes were the main features of this map. This map also gave rise to development of a boot camp-ish rpg map. That project has evolved more since the thought of it though.

The next CTF map became CTF Battlesiege. This map I think was the best out of my work. There are two corners, Blue and Red obviously. They must rush up this long corridor, with various towers and barricades to weave through, until they reach the city. At this point, there are road barricades and pill boxes to deter the movement of the other side. All of the buildings in the city can be entered, most containing useful items. There is also a central building, that contains the heavy weapons and everything. At top of this building, there are bunkers to help defend the structure. The main objective though resides in the enemy corner, the flag. So while holding the city, the other team also needs to get the flag and weave it back to their side.

The last CTF map that I have made, at this point, is CTF Battletactic3. It is not really on the same caliber as the others with the similar name. The main point of this map was to test out the concept of a rocket jump, and applications in EF1. Saying such, one side has platforms that can only be reached with successful photon burst/grenade launcher/scavenger rifle alt fire jumps. The other side is a platform that leads to a water tank, which one can either jump off the side and take the fall damage or go to the bottom of the tank to the ground level. There is always the option of going up the middle and going down the middle. The flag is within the core room, which is the center building.

Saying all of this, I think I need to move into my Morrowind mods. I will start off with Solstheim Abandoned Shack. I was curious in how the Elder Scrolls Construction Set worked, so I started fiddling around in it. I quickly learned that models were easy to copy and an interior cell. The item placement was a bit of a pain, but I figured it out and rotate them to attempt to give the interior an abandoned feel. The doors was the challenging part, but that was resolved. This also tested out my ability to create a note from scratch.

The next mod (which is not here yet, or anyone else) is She Sells Potions (Gnisis Potion Seller). The story of why I would "waste" my time on making a potion seller standing next to the silt strider starts with a night after homework here on campus. After I was finished, I was playing Morrowind and ran into a quest requiring potent potions and a certain amount of them. I could not find any in any of the shops. I decided to make my own solution, while testing out my ability on creating a saleswoman(in this case) in Morrowind. It was a success and there is a traveling potion saleswoman now in Gnisis, while this mod is active.

Going back to the EF1 scene, I want to discuss some of the releases I have done here for RPG maps. RPG maps are usually used with RPG-X2 mod (used to be the ERPG mod, but that is a different story). The objectives of these maps are to provide environments where someone can roleplay as a member in the Star Trek universe. To start out, I am going with my recent release (not recent development) of Underground Intel Post. This map started out as an idea back in 2006 about making an underground base to roleplay in. I fully mapped it out back then to include a mini holodeck, armory, entrance, OPS, upper bathroom, cargobay, science lab, sickbay, mess hall, general quarters, lower level bathrooms, and the CO's quarters. The only issue was my inability to be creative with stock textures and the like to provide a quality map. Recently I looked back at it, turned everything into stock textures/stock textures I modified to provide useful features and started integrating entities that show up in RPG-X2.2beta6. The map saw its first set of alerts, usable showers/toilets/sinks, and other neat features. After this redoing of everything, I released it on EFFiles, and now here.

My last final version RPG map is Temple. One day two years ago, I wanted to roleplay in a temple environment, so I made a simple temple with a shrine/sleeping area/entrance/shuttle landing area. I finished it pretty quick, but I was not creative enough, at the time, to decide to use one of the stock models and call it a statue at the shrine. I did so recently, and raised the level of the fog before the recent release.

Now that I have placed all of my projects that I have completed out here, I have to set out the ones I am working on currently or will be working on in the future. So here is a list of those projects:
Elite Force 1:
-RPG CTF Battletactic2:
>This is the RPG-ization of CTF Battletactic2. This started out as a basic training Starbase map, but it turned out into a full blown starbase with the training areas. Currently there is a beta2 that is public on EFFiles, although some changes have happened since then (including the complete reconstruction of the bridge). The included areas are Transporter Room/Dean's Office/Lounge(Hand to Hand training area)/Obstacle Course/Sickbay(Counsellor Office and CMO Office included)/Mess Hall/General Quarters/Officer Quarters(one of them is CO)/Armory(with target range)/Science Lab/Fighter Bay/Shuttlebay/Bridge(OPS)/Ready Room/Conference Room. All features are not completed and won't be until the target_alert is fixed. The map is fully mapped, might do texture changes here and there though.
-RPG Snow Town:
>Name is not final, so bear with it. I decided to make a Federation town on some planet while there is snow on the ground. Currently, there are a few family houses on the outside and on the inside are town hall/community pool/science lab/cafeteria/classrooms/workout room. There are plans to place an armory and some sort of engineering facilities into the map. Other than that, who knows o.O.
-Federation Colony:
>This is one of my older projects, that I abandoned for a period of time. It consisted of housing/science lab/armory/sickbay/landing pad/wall battlements/main gate/holodeck/town operations/sports arena/merchant stands/exterior of a mine shaft. I have been updating the existing areas, and will be adding more areas possibly.
-Jump Dom Training:
>Not started yet, but will discuss the concepts going to be implemented. So this map is going to consists of teleporters to different areas to train you in different skills. In these areas, there will be numerous health and armor packs, and at some points there will be heal/armor pads. Current concepts that I envision being tested are jumps to higher platforms, jumps to platforms between gaps, jump by firing into side of wall. There might be more, I don't know. This is probably not going to be in development until some of the other current projects are done.
-RPG Lava Planet:
>This is one of my ancient, massive rpg map projects. This is a planet which contains a federation base within an environment filled with lava. Currently it is fully mapped out. There is the landing pad/Planet Shuttle to native area(native area is having to be cut out I believe, not doing it yet though)/Entrance/Main OPS/Messhall(auditorium)/Science Lab/Geological Lab/Sickbay/Officer Quarters/General Quarters/Racquetball Quart/Holodeck/Hydroponics/Ambi-Jujitsu(taken from a TNG episode, so forget if I butchered the spelling at all) Arena/Engineering(using Lava power!?). Currently updating the textures and such within the map.
>Another map that Shadow gave to me when he lost interest. It was his first shuttle map that he created. Only thing the map needs is entities and a few additional consoles then it will be good to go. Will get this out as soon as I can.

That is all for now.
-Arron Dominion

I decided to start uploading here

AJDominion Blog

I went through some of my Elite Force multiplayer maps that I have created and start to upload them here. So far I have uploaded CTF CRP 1, CTF Battletactic, CTF Battletactic2, CTF Basesiege, CTF Battletactic3, Underground Intel Post, and Temple. In the future RPG CTF Battletactic2 will be uploaded. I also have a plugin for Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind that I need to upload.

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