I am wolfmap.ru forum resident. Always i playing RtCW game, because in my opinion this is a great game. Sometimes i making a new textures for this one. My old projects: antiRAD mod for STALKER - SoC and ARM v2.1 for STALKER - CoP. Now i trying to make RtCW Hi-Res textures.

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0 comments by AidanDemon on Jul 13th, 2012

Yesterday i buy the Quake collection in Steam. awesome. I played it two hours, nostalgia :3
And i think i can make some levels with Quake III textures and models, but i need to know what i want to see in the level and feel the setting and atmosphere of my map. Fantasy, where're you?
So, i need 2-3 days to rest and i'll come back to make the levels. Now i almost complete two levels (80% done in my opinion).

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0 comments by AidanDemon on Jul 6th, 2012

Week ago i starting to learning to create the levels in Gtk Radiant, this is my second work (and work still in progress), level design look nice, but i need more sources for inspiration, and now i playing the Clive Barker's Undying :) Creepy and awesome game! Check it:
I hope i can build in same level design. Now, my level look like that:

I will add more details, but Gtk Radiant don't want to compile the level in my laptop >_< Bastard!!! Thanks to Volfshantse forum comrades, they're really help me, thanks a lot!

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0 comments by AidanDemon on Jun 26th, 2012

Hi there people. Now my buddy InterruptoR fix his problem with weapon models. You can check it out here:

Work in progress guys. I hope you all like this work and want to play it, we want to make you understad - RTCW IS STILL ALIVE!!!

So, about RtCW Hi-Res - we still working and making new textures. But we haven't much time and we need more people. 2000 textures minimum must be changed, and this is not ready yet. If you RtCW lover, you can help us - donate or make an few textures for this game, or change world models (med kits, meal, some weapons). Now we have more new textures, and you can check out it in my images.
And yeah, check out our forum - volfshantse.netorn.ru

Report abuse Problem with weapon models in RtCW.

0 comments by AidanDemon on Jun 23rd, 2012

Hey people, we have a problem. My buddy InterruptoR made two models of MP40 and Thompson, but in game it looks so

We dont know what is this and what to do. Who knew, please help us, it inhibits his work :(
Program - LightRay3D, model from Call of Duty. Format - md3.

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0 comments by AidanDemon on Jun 22nd, 2012

Yesterday i with my comrade Wolfenstein found a lot sources for props textures. It was a big archive of Nazi art, Himmler and Hitler pictures, it all can be useful for me, and i already made few textures for RtCW. Today i wanna re-texture my old props and add new hi-res details. So i still waiting my comrade Eugeny, he's very good designer, screenshots of his RtCW re-texture you can find in Volfshantse forum.

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