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ahmedmed Mar 5 2015, 12:56pm says:

it is good to see some progress

keep it up

+3 votes   media: Kamioka Castle - Unity 5 (3)
ahmedmed Feb 9 2015, 6:54am says:

u have ur work cut out for u ,this mod may convince me to buy the game

keep it up ;)

+2 votes   article: Status Update #10
ahmedmed Jan 27 2015, 3:02pm says:

good mods take time ,the best of them takes forever :/

keep it alive.... please

+3 votes   article: GRIM AGE: Revived.
ahmedmed Jan 19 2015, 8:31am says:

i just want to ask u if gun powder will be in ur mod ,i dont know if it even possible

and btw nice work ,keep it up

+1 vote   media: Improved mechanics of polearm units
ahmedmed Jan 18 2015, 5:24am replied:

يالله عشانك استانس ;)

+1 vote   member: ahmedmed
ahmedmed Dec 29 2014, 10:14pm says:

i can be patient for years but this is torture

and btw ,thanks for all ur efforts

+6 votes   mod: L'Aigle
ahmedmed Dec 14 2014, 5:01am says:

nothing is more manly than a man with skirt

freedom in definition :)

+1 vote   media: prev_Etrusco_padded
ahmedmed Dec 11 2014, 4:13pm says:

congratulation on the top 100 mod

well deserved

+1 vote   download: Divide et Impera 0.96f for Patch 16 Black Sea DLC
ahmedmed Dec 4 2014, 11:59am says:

and of course i will vote for u ,there is no one else in my life

i swear it ;)

+2 votes   mod: Divide et Impera
ahmedmed Dec 1 2014, 4:14am replied:

it has been confirmed XD

+2 votes   mod: Divide et Impera
ahmedmed Nov 4 2014, 5:40pm says:

hi water this time

i like what u did with ur hair ;)

+1 vote   media: Isengard: Orc Bows of Isengard (updated)
ahmedmed Nov 2 2014, 9:47pm replied:

with that said they were the only way to fight the shia "iran" monsters who committed massacres in the iraqi sunni communities .
if your family were killed because of their beliefs then what will u do and how far u will go to revenge their death.

+1 vote   member: RighteousFighter
ahmedmed Nov 2 2014, 9:19pm replied:

my friend ISIS ideology are degenerate and barbaric and they r not the answer ,read their books they r full of misinterpretation and takfir to 99% muslims in the world.
ignorant ,evil doers and psychopaths are backbone of their armies ,i was wrong about them until i saw how corrupt they are.
dont get me wrong the arab govs are not good either they r stand side by side with israel which it is disgraceful.

+1 vote   member: RighteousFighter
ahmedmed Oct 31 2014, 11:37pm says:

the Golden Spurs!!!! why every thing to be in gold for the filthy rich nobles??

nice video by the way very interesting scenario

+3 votes   media: Battle of the Golden Spurs
ahmedmed Oct 25 2014, 11:24pm says:

if they make it then they own it, but on the other hand they dont have the right to give u their work then want it back because they didn't like some minor details, that is just childish

if they wasted their time and for free to make mods and be jerks about it then wtf they're modding for.
it is just a game u will not want ot write the name of your mod on tombstone
or will u :O

+5 votes   article: Allow me to set the record straight
ahmedmed Oct 25 2014, 12:48pm says:

i will wait for u right here

dont die on me now :|

+1 vote   media: Mamluk Sultan
ahmedmed Oct 11 2014, 12:24pm replied:

you guys are awesome and i think you all have unhealthy obsession in perfection.

this is my diagnosis XD

+12 votes   media: Napoleon in his office.
ahmedmed Oct 11 2014, 5:43am says:

yep... in his fabulous pose :)

+17 votes   media: Napoleon in his office.
ahmedmed Oct 6 2014, 3:28am says:

i like the art style, it looks fitting

keep it up

+3 votes   media: New Unit Cards
ahmedmed Oct 1 2014, 5:21pm replied:


little drama wont hurt anyone ;)

+1 vote   media: Mamluk Tabardariyah
ahmedmed Sep 30 2014, 12:25pm says:

when you think about it how could a slave to become a ruler of free born men, because we left the fighting to them which they excelled in it.

they were great sultans and fought aginst all and we hate them for it...

0 votes   media: Mamluk Tabardariyah
ahmedmed Sep 25 2014, 6:40pm says:

i think you are right , as was napoleon to empire so attila to rome 2...i hope

it will take like eternity to me ,thanks by the way :(

+2 votes   article: Total War: Attila and the Reality of the Situation
ahmedmed Sep 22 2014, 8:48pm replied:

yes,u r right

when some of our armies failed us our religion didn't

+1 vote   article: Faction Previews: Pagan States
ahmedmed Sep 18 2014, 10:36am says:

wow those mongols look amazing

keep it up

+5 votes   download: Medieval Kingdoms: Total War (Obsolete)
ahmedmed Sep 14 2014, 2:45pm says:

this is a paid game quality right here and for free!!!!

and the sounds are...perfectio

+6 votes   article: Europa Barbarorum 2.01 released!
ahmedmed Sep 6 2014, 9:52pm says: we come :p

good job,keep it up

+1 vote   media: Highlanders
ahmedmed Sep 4 2014, 9:46pm says:

how you know this is a happy world
when giant blue things poking each other

+1 vote   media: Really Heavy Warfare
ahmedmed Sep 1 2014, 3:45pm says:

niclly done, i am trully intrged :)

+1 vote   article: Faction Previews: Eastern Ummah
ahmedmed Sep 1 2014, 3:35pm says:

when they say dreadful knights...i think of them :|

+5 votes   media: Knights of the Teutonic Order
ahmedmed Aug 18 2014, 7:31pm replied:

and more more more


+1 vote   media: Sneak Peak 1 - Character movement
ahmedmed Aug 18 2014, 7:26pm says:

i thought you were going to make the the game more like cartoonish but i was wrong, thankfully !!

as for the animation"WIP i know",it looks good but u should make it more smooth if and possible to add variety :)

+1 vote   media: Sneak Peak 1 - Character movement
ahmedmed Aug 1 2014, 11:47am says:

didnt they use crossbows with that kind of shield for protection

and are there other factions who can recruit them

+1 vote   media: French Pavoisiers (WIP)
ahmedmed Jul 6 2014, 12:46pm says:

one small step for modder, one giant leap for mod community

keep it up ;)

+1 vote   mod: Medieval Kingdoms: Total War
ahmedmed Jun 29 2014, 3:35pm says:

a nice christian turk crusader

waiting to lose his head :\

+2 votes   media: Arsuf
ahmedmed Mar 16 2014, 1:10pm says:

can i kill it ,plz :D

+7 votes   media: Animated birds
ahmedmed Feb 24 2014, 12:25pm says:

i can see the npcs bubbling :P

nevertheless good job

+2 votes   media: Skavenblight
ahmedmed Feb 20 2014, 8:47pm says:

the mightiest of the mighty

add more feathers :D

+2 votes   media: Reiksguard
ahmedmed Jul 5 2013, 9:31pm says:

power rangers samurai :P

+1 vote   media: New Katana Examples
ahmedmed Jun 13 2013, 9:49am says:

u deserve it and we r waiting for RS for Rome 2 ;P

+1 vote   article: Over 2000 Followers on Facebook
ahmedmed May 26 2013, 6:53pm says:

a piece of art :O

+6 votes   media: Blue Samurai Mempo & Kabuto
ahmedmed May 21 2013, 2:50am says:

walks like a boss

+4 votes   media: Gondor rises again!
ahmedmed May 13 2013, 11:26pm says:

not in this way the hat will be ruined

+3 votes   media: Join to my horse, weakling!
ahmedmed May 10 2013, 10:34am replied:

chaos ,nurgle ,horn half naked big guy weird at all

+1 vote   article: GRIM AGE - SKIRMISH [What's new? #1] - ARRIVING AT MODDB
ahmedmed May 6 2013, 9:58pm replied:

not fan of Hitler, i see :}

+3 votes   media: samnite_shields
ahmedmed May 6 2013, 5:02am buried:


Hail Hitler

-15 votes   media: samnite_shields
ahmedmed Apr 18 2013, 4:38pm replied:

very deep

in my ear i mean

+6 votes   media: Helms Deep! "The Hornburg"
ahmedmed Apr 9 2013, 7:32am says:

this is another game ,this isn't mountbalde any more

+4 votes   media: Gestirlen
ahmedmed Mar 30 2013, 6:12pm says:

yea very smart move the first line shall take the fall

+1 vote   media: Clone formation
ahmedmed Mar 6 2013, 8:57pm replied:

they just bomb "100,000 die and more" them then set them free

+1 vote   media: Liberation of countries by West
ahmedmed Feb 28 2013, 4:38am says:

highly detailed the best resurrection of apulo-corinthian helmet i ever seen

+2 votes   media: apulo-corinthian helmet type A
ahmedmed Feb 26 2013, 7:07pm replied:

the successor of king Abdul-allah prince Sultan die with 358.000.000.000 dollar without counting the land or the palaces that he own,but i see ur point
the thing that u must keep it in ur mind that he go to his the grave with nothing but his shroud ,that should tell us something :)

+1 vote   media: Meet the Rotschild family
ahmedmed Feb 26 2013, 7:55am replied:

dont fear them ,if gonna fear someone fear the ruler family of Saudi Arabia they have money that could feed the entire muslim nations for a whole year and they will be rich after that and the sad part that there are people in capital(Riyadh) that cant feed them self and wouldn't dream of getting their basic need :(
bad English i know ,very sorry

+2 votes   media: Meet the Rotschild family
ahmedmed Feb 26 2013, 7:43am replied:

no it not the same words feared and respect ,i presume u speak of (اتقوا) which means fear and get a way form thing that u think that could be wrong
the arabic language is more fixable and comprehensive than english ,read poetry or looks at the Quran which it self eloquent even to ancient arabic people and they where good at it
i don't mean to spam but if gonna learn a language study Arabic ,i know it gonna be hard but if sincere faith to Allah it will be easier :)

+2 votes   media: Meet the Rotschild family
ahmedmed Feb 20 2013, 2:44pm says:

i think its getting crowded in the hole

+2 votes   media: Lightsabers
ahmedmed Feb 8 2013, 1:28pm replied:

that's what i hear when i saw this :)

+1 vote   media: Scottish Highland noble
ahmedmed Jan 31 2013, 2:46pm says:

if u done the animation right i will ......

i just deleted because it will be inappropriate ,nice work by the way it looks really real ;p

+2 votes   media: Yumi
ahmedmed Jan 31 2013, 2:14am says:

iron instead of Linen, truly revolutionary!!!

+1 vote   media: thorax type armor
ahmedmed Jan 29 2013, 12:34am replied:

and his horse said "don't ask me ,i am eating"

+8 votes   media: Hessian Chevaulegers
ahmedmed Jan 28 2013, 1:20pm replied:

no of course i just view it from above.

+2 votes   media: The Crossing
ahmedmed Jan 28 2013, 8:43am replied:

hmmm and ur country are the best athletes in the world

+1 vote   media: Ottoman Empire
ahmedmed Jan 25 2013, 7:29pm says:

i don't think that i am ready for this(KILLING beautiful ladies)

there should be a line that never be crossed :)

+2 votes   media: New Faces
ahmedmed Jan 20 2013, 10:50pm says:

nice story :)

to be continua....

+2 votes   mod: Vildrheim RolePlay
ahmedmed Jan 16 2013, 11:59pm says:

the skeleton with brown hair looks creepy.

he can see through ur soul =(

+2 votes   media: Factions
ahmedmed Jan 7 2013, 8:20pm replied:

who will not trade kids(little monsters) with elegant, tell me?!!

if it up to me i will trade them with proper tv:)

+1 vote   media: Empress' Dragoon
ahmedmed Jan 2 2013, 10:50am says:

back from the dead ,is it? never mind, it nice to see some rise from the dead and not stay dead!!!

good luck to u and i hope that u complete it :)

+5 votes   mod: Star Wars - Bear Force II
ahmedmed Jan 1 2013, 6:38pm says:

i think the helmets and the armors are the best i have ever seen

good luck with ur new mod :)

+3 votes   member: rgcotl
ahmedmed Dec 27 2012, 4:47am says:

to much ice hmmm

+1 vote   media: pew pew
ahmedmed Dec 27 2012, 4:38am says:

i will track this one :)

+4 votes   mod: The Legend of Zelda Project
ahmedmed Dec 27 2012, 4:34am says:

triple nice

+3 votes   media: Kakariko
ahmedmed Dec 15 2012, 11:23am replied:

looking forward to play it ,good luck :)

+1 vote   media: Warrior Monk Concept Art
ahmedmed Dec 14 2012, 10:53pm says:

and i think u know how i get level 7

+2 votes   member: ahmedmed
ahmedmed Dec 14 2012, 12:37pm says:

how said that monks couldn't fight WITH NOT SHOES AT ALL:)

what i am saying is looks promising ,keep it up.

+1 vote   media: Warrior Monk Concept Art
ahmedmed Dec 13 2012, 3:40pm replied:

may be because i didn't have breakfast in the morning and i think i had too much excitement last night :)

u should be happy that u have a full conversation by on guy only so what will u think happen if it done by 2!!!! amazing i know

+1 vote   media: image
ahmedmed Dec 6 2012, 9:51pm says:

now all chaos gods is pleased

plz keep it coming

+1 vote   media: Chaos Knight WIP
ahmedmed Nov 27 2012, 11:45pm says:

is that u leonidas are u hiding

+3 votes   media: Barbuta with hood
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