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High-Resolution Unreal Skins

Mod review

This mod is well worth the installation size. The individual effects are subtle but added together they make the game look ten years younger. You know how the world looks when you get fresh glasses or new contacts? Everything is crisper, fresher, more sharp and in focus? Well, that's what this mod duplicates.
Lightning Hunter was careful to preserve the look of the textures he updated. This is no reinterpretation of existing work, this is pure improvement and should quickly become a have-to-have mod in the Unreal world.


Nali Weapons 3

Mod review

A new standard of UT modding has now been established. And to think this wasn't done by a group but a single person...

Visually stunning, technically considered, balanced, and with a full suite of configurable values allowing for a range of setups, this UT modification should cause any serious player to simply whistle a soft "wow" as they watch the preview.

If you play one mod for UT it should be this one.

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