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Agret Dec 5 2014, 10:43pm says:

The old style looks better to me, seems all you did with the new style was put the brightness too high. Makes it less creepy because you can clearly see everything like it is daylight.

+1 vote   news: Big 2014 Update – Part 1!
Agret Dec 5 2014, 10:38pm says:


+1 vote   news: New gameplay video!
Agret Dec 5 2014, 10:37pm says:

So you want people to pay money to beta test a Free 2 Play title....right

Why would you only give back exactly what someone paid once the game launches? They are paying you to test the incomplete buggy version of a title. You should at least give back double the value in store credit once the game launches so there is some incentive to buy your beta.

Being a fast paced hack n slash title how is the multiplayer achieved? Is your game laggy peer2peer or can we expect lag free dedicated server experiences? If so, is it possible for just anyone to setup a dedicated server? I have access to a fast connection that I would ideally use to host a private dedicated server to play this title with friends, will this be possible? If not, can we expect dedicated servers provided in Australia?

+1 vote   news: New gameplay video!
Agret Sep 14 2013, 10:17am says:

Any idea how to switch to Polish language with the update?

+2 votes   news: 3089: Polish you've been waiting for & sale!
Agret Jun 30 2013, 12:19pm replied:

Yea, misleading group name.

+1 vote   group: Aliens vs Predator Source
Agret Jun 18 2013, 12:12am says:

That interface is awful, needs an overhaul

+1 vote   media: v0.49a Screenshots
Agret Jun 10 2013, 5:20am replied:

There will be no buying, it is a half-life 2 mod

+1 vote   game: Divinia Chronicles: Relics of Gan-Ti
Agret Jun 10 2013, 5:18am replied:

I think he was asking if the game supports stereoscopic 3D? It would be a great game to play in 3D, especially the first person view!

+2 votes   game: Futuridium EP
Agret Mar 30 2013, 1:09am replied:

Wish there was good co-op & competetive hunting games, majority of them focus on singleplayer only.

+2 votes   game: Hunter's Trophy 2
Agret Feb 11 2013, 6:38am replied:

Ehh I don't believe competition is too fierce, no reason you couldn't have multiplayer in your current game as it already has plenty of unique features. Owning land will be messy and make a lot of restriction in how you navigate the world and make it hard to scrap world and start over whenever you feel like it. I think there is a good reason why there is no MMO minecraft style games.

+2 votes   game: Block Story
Agret Feb 11 2013, 6:32am replied:

No, it's not minecraft. It is a completely different engine.

+2 votes   game: Block Story
Agret Feb 10 2013, 8:55pm replied:

Not possible to make it like Minecraft & Terraria with just own servers? Not interested in MMO, just want to play with 2 friends.

+2 votes   game: Block Story
Agret Feb 10 2013, 4:07am says:

How many players does this game go?

+1 vote   game: Block Story
Agret Feb 10 2013, 4:06am replied:

I don't have the game but I assume he means if you try and enter a teleporter when there is only one then the game will crash.

+1 vote   game: Block Story
Agret Feb 10 2013, 3:34am says:

Wow this game looks amazing, how many players does it go up to?

+1 vote   game: Darkout
Agret Jul 3 2012, 12:13pm replied:

See this post from further down below:

TX1138 Jun 19 2012, 6:58pm replied:

Try removing the Skirmish.ini file from Red Alert 3's App Data.

For example, on Windows Vista and 7 it is often located at:
C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\Red Alert 3\Profiles\<ProfileName>\skirmish.ini

+2 votes   news: Red Alert 3: Revolution v1.0 RELEASED!
Agret Dec 3 2011, 1:52am says:

Will you be spending the pre-order money on getting an artist or are these gfx final?

+1 vote   game: Towns
Agret Jul 23 2011, 2:32am says:

Interesting but the narration in the trailer had lots of background noise and wasn't well voiced I hope that isn't in the game.

0 votes   game: Al Emmo and the Lost Dutchman's Mine
Agret Jun 25 2011, 2:26am says:

Can you put up the files for the unfinished singleplayer would be good to let community mappers finish it it looks awesome :)

+1 vote   news: The lost single player
Agret Mar 27 2011, 10:18pm says:

lol you barely won

+1 vote   media: FUEL: REFUELED V15.4 [BETA5] - Gameplay Footage
Agret Jan 27 2010, 12:34am replied:

hud_fastswitch 0

+2 votes   media: Industrial
Agret Dec 22 2009, 3:16am says:

Cool can you give me ak ey

+1 vote   news: Introducing Desura
Agret Aug 31 2008, 6:51am says:

Sounds incredibly difficult, even with the physics engine of UT3.
I don't know how you'll manage this, good luck though.

+1 vote   mod: Quarantine *Currently on Permanent Hold*
Agret Aug 31 2008, 6:50am says:

Sounds cool, do you keep any weapons from the different worlds?

+1 vote   mod: Arcade Half-Life
Agret Aug 31 2008, 6:41am replied:

You should revisit Steam, although it sucked when it initially launched it has improved a hell of a lot over the years. Download some of the free games off it like Codename Gordon and Trackmania and you'll see it actually works now :P

+1 vote   mod: HaZardModding Coop Mod
Agret Nov 25 2005, 6:00am says:

How is the port to the source engine going?

+1 vote   mod: Resident Evil : Cold Blood
Agret Oct 22 2005, 8:23am says:

That is damn sexy :)

+1 vote   media: First Quake4 impression
Agret Oct 8 2005, 5:36am says:

We have an army? Haha, go us. Now you just gotta replace the army for the other force as well.

+1 vote   news: Version 0.2 Released
Agret Sep 3 2005, 9:28am says:

Ain't she a bit underdressed for combat ;)

I'm not complaining thogh!

+1 vote   media: Elven Society - Elf Archer (Offensive Class)
Agret Jul 31 2005, 12:52am says:

I was considering checking it out before you went off about your asian girlfriend. Now I just feel conflicted. Good work.

+1 vote   mod: Metal
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