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Clearing It Up

3 years ago by AgentE382 0 comments

Okay, I realized my last post wasn't all that clear.

Go ahead and post about whatever engine you think I should check out, or whichever engine you like the most. I do have one small request: Could you guys include what platform it supports?

I know that at least for me, platform is a major factor. Don't worry, I've got Windows, Linux, and a ton of other stuff. I just need to know which platforms I can publish to!

Just post whatever you like. I'd love to hear it!

Game Engines

3 years ago by AgentE382 0 comments

So, I've been wondering: What's the best game engine out there for a beginning developer to use?

Before you bash me for asking this question, I have one more thing to say: Yes, I have checked them out for myself. Yes, I have Googled my brains out. Yes, I know it's a personal choice. And yes, I do know that what's best for me is not best for you.

Wow, that was four things. Go figure.

Anyway, I just want to know what you think. I've got some experience with C, C++, C#, and Lua. (Can you tell what kind of languages I like?)

I really want an engine that has an editor of some sort, but I've tried some without one, too. It just makes some of the tasks easier, and anything that speeds up development is fine by me.

So, thoughts? Questions? Answers? Random rants that are way off topic?

Go ahead and let the rest of us know.

Comment if you please!

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