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agentbj09 Jun 15 2013 replied:

That's the thing. There are too few games that allow that to make it a viable defense with Steam. Valve doesn't regulate DRM in the games they offer either, and as such, I've found Starforce/TAGES DRM in a few games they sell.

That's why I'm more of a Desura/GOG person, but when I see Steam keys being offered instead of DRM-free direct downloads from all these other services, which do offer DRM-free downloads, I have to call into question the dev team and why they're forcing this option.

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agentbj09 Jun 12 2013 replied:

You still have to have the client open to play your games though. That's the root problem there.

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agentbj09 Jun 12 2013 replied:

It's only trendy to hate Steam if you refuse to see any faults with it, or don't consider other circumstances that give people reason to not like Steam. I.E., if you have perception bias.

Desura lets you chose to update your games, while Steam makes you do it not only for games but mods as well. Desura also doesn't require the client to be running to run your games, while Steam does; during holiday sales, I've had Steam stop working on me and kill my game .exe when it did so.

Moreover, it's illegal for a distro client to interfere with your ability to play a game or use software you legally paid for. That's why these distros have 'Offline Modes', and why Gabe and Valve fans keeps claiming, with no physical or written proof, that Valve has a grand kill switch to remove Steamworks DRM if the service ever went under.

There's plenty of reasons to hate Steam, and the only reason they're hollow to some is PC gamers are far too willing to accept this kind of thing from game makers, instead of refusing to buy from them.

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agentbj09 Jun 6 2013 replied:

There isn't. The only filters are Theme, Indie/AAA, Release Date and ect. No filter for DRM-free stuff, since I guess most indie devs here don't use DRM.

GamersGate has that option, but good luck finding games without a Steam requirement.

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agentbj09 Jun 6 2013 says:

Requires Steam? No, thank you.

I come to Desura to buy Steam-free games, not have my purchases funnel me back to a service I don't want to use.

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agentbj09 Jun 3 2013 says:

I would buy this game if Steam wasn't required. We don't come to Desura to buy Steam-only games, Croteam.

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agentbj09 May 2 2013 replied:

Yep. That's why a lot of folks come to Desura: They want to use this client and not others.

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agentbj09 May 2 2013 replied:

I'm sure he also means, "Can you guys make it available here as well?"

I'd love to try it, but I have to echo the sentiment.

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agentbj09 Feb 17 2013 replied:

A hipster is someone who values independent thinking.

Depending on Steam, which games are attached and you're dependent on the client in order to make sure they run, versus installing your own software separate a client seems like the opposite of that to me.

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agentbj09 Dec 27 2012 says:

Thus far, I have not tried the magic or melee combat, but the smaller life pool at the start is a nice change versus other ARPGs. And it gave me a Dark Souls vibe when I was risking getting hit.

Playing as an archer feels smooth though, and the piercing attack at level 1 does offer a chance to herd/file enemies and risk hitting more than one versus run back and fill them all with shots.

Looking forward to seeing how this develops.

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