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adv0 Jun 27 2012, 6:14pm replied:

I should think that skyrim would be very suited to recreating Rohan! Can't wait.

+3 votes   media: Do not follow the light!
adv0 Jun 12 2012, 10:43pm says:

It's just a tad too loose. Try getting a slightly stronger sense of a sudden jerk backwards, and resistance that overcomes it quickly to snap back into position. The slide should move back visibly (barely) before anything else does. And maybe make the hands rock a little less afterwards. Otherwise great start.

+1 vote   media: Glock 34 Firing and Reload Test Rig
adv0 Jun 7 2012, 4:07am says:

Are you working on this fairly consistently? If so it would be cool if you could update a little more frequently on moddb.

Keep it going!

+1 vote   mod: Jurassic Life
adv0 Jun 7 2012, 3:55am says:

I really don't like the transition to cryengine. It's a great engine, but it sucks for total conversions. Not that I understand the technical reason why, but I think its well indicated by fact that total conversions never actually come out on cryengine. I really hope you break that trend.

It's just such a damn shame that you get this far on source and just ditch all that progress and incredible engine work now. BTW at least make a new moddb page, so we can follow you.

+7 votes   game: Ivan's Secrets
adv0 Jun 3 2012, 7:46am says:


+1 vote   media: FINALLY...
adv0 May 5 2012, 2:49am says:


+1 vote   media: Stormwind [Melee Map]
adv0 May 5 2012, 2:46am says:

Dat atmosphere.
head explodes*

+1 vote   media: Street Diner Revisited
adv0 Apr 30 2012, 8:34pm says:

Really nice, but are there really such significant amounts of snow in Rohan? Great work anyway!

+1 vote   media: Hornburg map overview
adv0 Apr 30 2012, 8:26pm says:

Yeah, the biggest environmental boner killer is when the forests have a few sparse trees and you can see further than 50 feet ahead of you. Nice to have a real forest for once.

+2 votes   media: Firien Wood Canopy WIP
adv0 Apr 25 2012, 11:34pm says:

It would be sick if this had a 3d effect. Big 2d sun images always look nice in stills, but when you start moving it can really ruin it. Good job though!

+1 vote   media: Rohan/White Mountains screenshots
adv0 Apr 25 2012, 11:32pm says:

Scenic as hell.

+1 vote   media: Rohan/White Mountains screenshots
adv0 Apr 23 2012, 6:49pm says:


+1 vote   media: Keypad Model
adv0 Apr 22 2012, 9:56pm says:

Good to hear!

+1 vote   news: Final testing commenced
adv0 Apr 12 2012, 8:51am says:

This is incredibly photorealistic and the brick wall texture is absolutely PERFECT. The overall cohesion of the lighting is just insane. Maybe the red toolbox on the left could cast a stronger shadow; apart from that the scene is just phenomenal.

+4 votes   media: OF2 - Urban Chaos
adv0 Mar 30 2012, 9:08pm says:

Thought all that was barnacles for a second, lol.

Still looks great when you zoom though!

+1 vote   media: The Paths of the Dead WIP
adv0 Mar 16 2012, 12:15am says:

Nice! So this will still be third person?

0 votes   media: Front Yard Warehouse INCOMPLETE view
adv0 Mar 10 2012, 3:22am says:

Love the gun on the wall. Maybe a little office trash bin in the right corner? A few medals/ribbons in an open display case would nicely complement that picture perhaps.

Great work!

+1 vote   media: Military Office
adv0 Mar 10 2012, 3:15am says:

Lol you guys actually added the ashtray! :D

+1 vote   media: Office Clean
adv0 Mar 10 2012, 3:11am says:

Nice. I believe Skyrim already deeply resembles Rohan, so I imagine this will look great when we play.

+1 vote   media: Gap of Rohan
adv0 Mar 4 2012, 6:00pm says:

Not very white XD

lol jk nice.

+1 vote   media: [WIP] White Mountains by noirdesir
adv0 Mar 4 2012, 5:57pm says:

Very nice! But i'd add a crack or two in concrete, from plant roots or continuous sun exposure, and a bit more dirt spilling on to the path.

+2 votes   media: Visitor Centre
adv0 Feb 14 2012, 9:29pm says:

Cool. I quite like the map on the right, and I can totally envision a smoking ashtray at the end of the desk there.

+1 vote   media: Office 1
adv0 Feb 14 2012, 9:27pm says:

Nice. Looks like a very security oriented booth. I half expect to see some sort of sport channel playing on one of those screens and a half eaten donought on the desk.
I think the atmosphere in this particular section will rely alot on the light cast from the screen.

+1 vote   media: Posible counter area in a building
adv0 Jan 27 2012, 12:09am says:

Cool. Can't wait for a sunken spanish galleon :D

+3 votes   media: A preview ...
adv0 Jan 25 2012, 5:06pm says:

I'm hoping either for tucans or jaguars. Or maybe a cassowary to replace chickens in the jungle :D

+3 votes   media: Teaser of the new jungle mob
adv0 Jan 25 2012, 4:58pm replied:

I thought it was pret good...

+2 votes   media: Detail of the normal map
adv0 Jan 5 2012, 5:45pm says:

Lol @ alyx

+1 vote   media: Gate II Area 51 S4 complex
adv0 Jan 1 2012, 4:44pm says:

This has probably been asked before, really sorry if it has, but are you going to stick with cryengine 2 or 3?

+1 vote   game: Project Crynosaurs | Return to Jurassic Park
adv0 Jan 1 2012, 4:41pm replied:

Ya in order to balance the gameplay it looks like the snipers should have to go fixed, the RPG's should be either slightly less accurate/greater cooldown or maybe even a max killcap per shot, striders should only take rpg damage, and grenade damage/spread needs a bit of toning down. That, and resources should come slower. But its looking great so far. Oh and the hunters and vortigaunts could be a little more powerful, maybe?

+3 votes   news: New Years Progress Report & Video
adv0 Jan 1 2012, 3:31am says:

LOL and I thought you only had a few dinosaur models. Did something kick in all of a sudden? Where did this mapping and animation come from all of a sudden?

+1 vote   game: Project Crynosaurs | Return to Jurassic Park
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